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Posted Saturday, March 29, 2014 08:04 PM

Baseball Winning 2014

All right fellow wagerers , there is no reason to make this sports
more difficult to win at when it isn't.

Run Line Dogs is the way to go as taking the run and a half will
get you an overall win percentage of about 60 percent.

If you look at the lines of the favorites and then cut those number
at any fav of minus of -169 and less and then take the RUN LINE of the DOG
your win percentage will go up to 67 percent.

Look if your laying the run and half your a dope and deserve to lose, and don't give me
any nonsense of the odds on plus the run and half because you should be making straight
bets at minus -300 even though the odds wont be that high.

The lower the lines the better chance the DOG will cover.

Learn to WIN not maybe WIN.

Posted Sunday, August 25, 2013 11:51 PM

Winning the Right Way

Are you ever surprised when you see the same individuals in the sportsbooks cashing tickets
on a consistent basis.
Do you wonder why is that him not me?

Well as one of the most consistent winners in the history of las vegas sports wagering I can give
you the secrets of our success.

You have to put yourself in position to win not maybe win, this means taking DOGS on the runline
in MLB , taking the points in the NFL, NCAAFB, etc.

Stay away from the dogs on the money line , you only have a 30 % chance to win , which is the
average win percentage of dogs su outright.

Other terms that come out of the mouths of UN-Successful sports wagerers are :
FAVS Against the Spread.

Remember when taking the points you always have a 70 percent chance of success!!

Posted Monday, May 14, 2012 05:43 PM

Playing on the Best of the Best

Went in the the logs of the MLB top win percentage teams and the worst win percentages and wanted to see
what the win percentage would be if I took the top 5 and VS the bottom 5 on a daily basis as long as the line was
never more than -170 or more on any favorite if the team in this price range.

If you played on the DODGERS, RANGERS, BRAVES, ORIOLES and NATIONALS and against the TWINS, PADRES,
ROYALS, ROCKIES and CUBS when the "price was right " you would have amassed a  record of 206-118 for 64%

If we used the price for any game of -165 to win 100 you would be up over 1100, and thats using -165!!

Teams who win find ways to win and teams who lose usually will find ways to lose and wont seem to string too many
victories together.

Since I use the overnight lines for Monday May 14, 2012 the games that come up using the best 5 teams on and against
are the following:


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