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Posted Tuesday, December 27, 2011 04:47 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Calgary @ Columbus --  Calgary a road favourite against the poor Jackets. The BJs do surprise me, they aren't THAT bad of a team. Prospal. Nash. Carter. Wizzer.  I think they catch Calgary off a long xmas break at home, and they might come out a big sluggish tonite. Tanguay is a huge loss of course.  Sandford in net tonite, not that brutal sieve Mason.  TAKE: BJS +115

Posted Tuesday, December 13, 2011 06:44 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day - 50-37 ytd

No write up today, but my plays of the day are Vancouver (reg) -110 and Car/Tor over 5.5   

Good luck, eh

YTD  50-37 

Posted Thursday, December 08, 2011 05:47 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- ANAHEIM @ ST. LOUIS -- Anaheim is turning around (2-1-1) with Boudreau, and confidence is high. They now get to get out of Anaheim and gel on the road. As Big Bad Bobby Ryan says: “It’s been missing in this room for a little while,” Bobby Ryan said. “The belief hasn’t been there. We’ve been waiting for something bad to happen game in and game out. You can already see the morale starting to turn. You can see the confidence boost in things we do in practice. Things are starting to catch on.” The Blues are averaging 2.1 goals in their past 10 games, which aint much. Their PP and PK are bottomfeeders. Halak in net. HUGE tag +160 taking the Ducks, pumping with confidence and Ryan, Perry, Getlzaf, Koivu, Selanne and Fowler. TAKE: ANAHEIM

Play of the Day -- Chicago @ NY Islanders -- These two teams can score in bunches as of late, and when I see that Emery is in net (i used to think he was good, but this year's stats blow that up), Im thinking goals galore. Montoya not a bad keeper, but look who he has to face: Towes, Kane, Hossa, Sharp. Yikes. Together, these teams a 6.80 Goals For and a 5.20 GAA (again, just averages). That interests me. I wouldnt be surprised if the suddenly hot Islanders win this pop, they can score in bunches and Tavares seems to be off the schneid. TAKE: CHICAGO/NEW YORK OVER

Posted Wednesday, December 07, 2011 05:38 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- Washington @ Ottawa -- Okay, Im pissed off. Does Vegas think we are morons? We see "OVECHKIN" on Washington's lineup and we're supposed to wet our pants and think this team should be favoured? On the road no less? Please. It's insulting. Dont be fooled by this idiotic line. Washington has three wins in its past 14 games. New coach Hunter off to great morale start, benching his starter during his return trip to Florida, all his family there and everything. This guy Hunter was a cock when he played, and it seems he still is one as a coach. Ovi struggling like crazy, and the Caps scoring 13 goals in their past 6. Hell, they were down 5-1 to Florida before they got a bunch of 3rd period goals when the Panthers decided to have a cat nap (get the pun?). The Caps are a team in disarray, and now the team is pissed at the coach. Not a good recipe for success. They beat Ottawa last week but need OT to do it in their home barn. The Senators were picked by many to be at or near the bottom of the standings. But this team is showing them wrong. Funny, Anderson is 4-1 against the Caps, going back to his Avs days. Anyways, the Sens are playing solid hockey, and guys like Spezza, Alfie, Michalek and my man Karlsson are lighting the lamp for more than the guys they are playing against (the exception is Backstrom, also on my FL team :) . Throw in a very raucous ScotiaBank fan base in Ottawa (Nepean, actually), and im all over the home dog. Caps shouldnt be favoured over a bee... [More]

Posted Tuesday, December 06, 2011 05:37 PM

18-4 run, 46-31 YTD - Yukon Trav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- TB @ NEW YORK -- TB has lost 4 in a row, three in a row by 4-2 interestingly enough. The Isles have won 3 of 4. But let's take a closer look. The Isles lost 3 games before they won in NJ - lost to NJ, and got shut out by Pit and Bos 11-0. TB, before last nite's game, lost to DET, NYR and MIN, all quality teams. So, dont get too bent out of shape by the streaks. I LOVE that Garon is in net, the team will respond knowing they dont have to support that CLOWN Roloson the whole game. The Bolts can score, and are ranked 13th in the League. The Isles are DEAD LAST in the League. And now Grabner is out, a key forward. I dont trust either team, but I trust the Isles less. I think the Bolts respond, they are a maddenly inconsistent team, but that loss last nite in our Nation's Capital actually helps me with this play. Getting a tag on the visitor in a game against the lowest scoring team in the League. Sure, I'll bite. TAKE: TAMPA BAY
Play of the Day -- Carolina @ Calgary -- Like Hunter, Muller is a new coach looking for his first victory as a head coach. The Canes are off on a western canada road swing, and this is the first game. I think this helps them, getting out of that dead building and their media, and playing a game in Canada. It's a home game for Cam Ward of sorts, he played for the Red Deer Rebels in the WHL for like four years. He might show up. Statistically, the Canes are terrible on all fronts, but surprise, Calgary is hardly better; they are both i... [More]

Posted Monday, December 05, 2011 10:21 PM

18-4 run, a 46-31 YTD and up 19.10 units = sweeet!

Play of the Day posted tomorrow afternoon, as always ...

Posted Monday, December 05, 2011 09:52 PM


Goodbye two conferences, welcome to four.  The makeup of the yet-to-be-named four conferences is as follows:

* New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Washington and Carolina

* Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Buffalo, Florida and Tampa Bay

* Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas and Winnipeg

* Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix, San Jose, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado

Posted Monday, December 05, 2011 02:49 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- Boston @ Pittsburgh -- This is probably the game of the week, and the type of tilt us hockey lovers drool over. Let's throw the stats out the window - will all due respect to the Wild, these are the top two teams in the NHL, so comparing stats is not overly relevant as both teams are near the top in every category. And even personnel-wise, these teams are loaded at every level: wing, centre, D and G. Both teams will be UP for this tilt, perhaps even more so for the Bruins to go into Sid's House and show the hockey world what time it is. However, there is one thing separating these two teams: injuries. Boston has none (dont count Savard, he's out for the whole year and is not a factor) and Pittsburgh is drowning in them. None more significant than their blueline captain, Letang. His loss, like the loss of Green (Caps) and Pronger (Flyers) and Markov (Montreal), are huge, given how these D stars can move the puck and direct the special teams. Michalek and Engellund are also likely out (two more Ds), though Staal is likely to play. I think the seriousness of losing Letang and the recent struggles of the Pens (winning, but barely), and getting the best team in the NHL (certainly the most hottest) at even money dictates the play. TAKE: BOSTON

Posted Monday, December 05, 2011 02:30 PM

16-4 Past 20 (44-31 YTD) - Yukon Trav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- Tampa Bay @ Ottawa OVER -- Readers of my posts will know that i very rarely if ever play an over/under, and that's because there are so many unknown factors going into the decision (# of powerplays, empty net situations, etc.). But that being said, and I almost expect a comment by LeeK lol, i think this is one of the situations where the OVER is the prudent play. Both keepers have GAA over 3, and save percentages in the .800s (for those new to hockey, this is near brutal for an NHL keeper). They are ranked 45 (Roloson) and 43 (Anderson) among 47 goalies with enough starts to be counted as a 'regular' goalie. But that is the D. Look at the scorers: Tampa Bay = Lecavalier, Stamkos, St. Louis, Bergeron. Ottawa = Alfreddson, Spezza, Karlsson, Michalek ... these players are at or near the top of the NHL's scoring (points and goals) leaders. Snipers against dreadful goaltending = lots of goals. TAKE: OVER 5.5

Posted Saturday, December 03, 2011 05:11 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- New York @ Tampa Bay -- i believe Lee and others are already on this play. I will add that I never play the Bolts, but tonite I will for the purely situational play of Torts going back to where he cut his teeth coaching. I think the boys will be up for him tonite. Lundquist is in net, and he's a major advantage for the Rags over what the Bolts can put in between the poles. Rangers have lost only five games in reg all year, and I can get them as a monster value play as a road dog. You guys KNOW i love getting my money on a vicious road doggie, so I dont have to pay juice and even get a little bonus. Hate to play a Bolts game, but ... TAKE: NEW YORK

Posted on Ice Picks this morning -- Play of the Day -- Montreal @ LA -- This game is about to start, so I'll keep this brief. Richards is gone for LA, but Penner is back. This is a huge loss for the Kings. And Willie Mitchell is out too, not good. Bernier in net too, he's pretty good but no Quick. Not that this matters, but Montreal has won the past 9 against the Kings :) Spacek and Gomez back in for the Habs. Im getting +117 taking a road dog who has lost 2 of it's 3 Cali games. They dont go home empty handed. TAKE: MONTREAL 4-2

Posted Wednesday, November 30, 2011 04:52 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Year -- Montreal @ Anaheim -- he he, pulling out the play of the YEAR card are we, YukonTrav? Okay, Im being a little melodramatic here, so we'll keep it as play of the day. Fact is, a review of the sked reveals a huge number, eight. What does it mean? Well, 8 is the franchise losing streak for the Anaheim Mallards, and it happened twice, in 1996 and 2005. The Ducks have lost 8 in a row. Let me tell you, no professional hockey team ever ever wants to have their name associated in the record books with having the longest losing streak in their franchise's history. Lose tonite and they will have that albatross around their neck for a decade or more. So, i think they throw caution to the wind tonite and do whatever they can to avoid it. They have some good things going in their favour - Montreal will be without my favourite hypocrite Pacioretty and Gomez, and three key D may be out tonite (Markov might make his return tonite, Spacek is a gametime decision and Campoli is out). Budaj is in net, and while he's likely decent, he's no Carey Price. I love that the Ducks have been off for two days, stewing about this mess they are in. Koivu is playing his former team, Selanne, if you've read the news, is SUPER-PISSED, and trade rumours are swirling about Bobby Ryan (which should piss him off). Getzlaf is a proud Canadian lad and wont want to be part of history. Statistically, Montreal has the slight advantage and the Mallards 29th ranking of 2.1 goals for is pretty dreadful... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 29, 2011 05:31 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- Nashville @ Calgary -- Readers of my PotD's know that I love finding value plays (essentially, a Vegas dog that I dont think is a dog whatsoever, cos this means I get my money on a nice tag instead of paying juice. Even if I lose, I believe these are the 'correct' plays going in (of course, hindsight is 20-20) and that lets me sleep at night (or at the least, not through a stuffed dog toy at the flatscreen lol). Nashville is a strong team, and a strong road team at that. They play a system that can wear you down, and last nite they grinded the high-flying Oilers down to a 2-1 vic. Rinne is a Vezina-quality keeper, and Kiprusoff is reminding us more and more of Brodeur (ie. past their prime). The Flames simply do not score many goals (2.1 average per game is lousy, good for 28th in the League), and against the tight-playing Preds with Rinne in net, this does not bode well. Shut down Iggy and Tangy, and they are in real trouble. One of the dumbest plays in hockey in MY view is relying on B2B trends or days off trends for that matter. I couldnt give a fig that the Preds played last nite, these are professional athletes that recover quickly. I could also show you the 3-0 record they have on 0 day's off, but again, I couldnt care less when capping a match. The only exception would be a team coming off a long roadie (like the Hawks tonite, for example). Anyways, Nashville has the slight edge in PK and PP abilities, and I like the scoring abilities of Legwand, Era... [More]

Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 07:53 PM


HOT OFF THE WIRE - that little prick gets THREE GAMES! LOL Right on Shanny. What a PR mess for the Habs. Hopefully the lame ass Montreal police that wanted to arrest Chara will now put out an arrest warrant (yeah, right). LOVE IT when the hypocrites take it up the tailpipe!!

Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 04:19 PM

The Hypocrisy of Max Pacioretty

This is a guy who cried and whined like a little girl about the headshot hit that Chara gave him last year. Even the Montreal police were getting involved (case was just dismissed last week). Then on Saturday nite, this hypocrite launched his shoulder into the face of Kris Letang on an obvious blindside hit on a defenseless player. Letang broke his nose and bled like a stuck pig.  Are you kidding me?  This hypocrisy by this little runt is one reason why fighting must stay in the NHL. The players have to police themselves cos a $10,000 fine, for example, dont mean shit to these millionaires. Lil Maxy is seeing Shanahan right now as I write this, so we will have to see what is done.  Interestingly, Letang ended up scoring the winning goal in OT, so there is some poetic justice.  Ultimately, Max Pacioretty is a scumbag for doing the very same thing he railed against, show that he has no class, or intelligence, and the NHL better pony up and show that the rules apply to all.

  ... [More]

Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 03:53 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- Dallas @ Colorado -- Colorado is riding high after a 3rd period explosion of the Oilers' defense. For Dallas, everything that can go wrong has for tonite's tilt: they lose basically their only G in Lehtonen. They got shut out last week, IN COLORADO, 3-0. They've been held to under 1 goal 5 times in the past 10, including three shutouts. Factor in the Av's killer PP, and the answer is obvious. But is it? The Avs are not a good home team, and they've announced the struggling Varlymov in net. His GAA is 3.13 and a save percentage of .890. Raycroft awful, but he's not that far behind Varlymov, so that advantage is neutralized. Plus, the team WILL rally around him to protect him. The Stars have some snipers in Ribeiro, Benn and Ericksson, and they wont be held scoreless forever. The Avs are 26th on the PK, and giving up 3 goals a game. The Avs are favoured -143? This is a complete over-reaction to the loss of Lehtonen, the Stars are still a very solid road dog. And getting +125, this is a classic value play. TAKE: DALLAS
CAVEAT - watch out for the Preds, they are in a terrible funk and I wouldnt trust them. Sure, Hall is out, but ... and TB is the most inconsistent team on the planet. Wild looked brutal last nite, so are they brutal or will they bounce back tonite? Interesting they stuck with Backstrom, i think he bounces back big time. But I wont pay juice on em ... see LeeK below about the SJ/LA game, this reeks of a 1 goal game and Kings were initially fav... [More]

Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 02:53 PM

Black Monday for NHL Coaches

Holy Shit, Boudreau fired as Caps head coach ... wow, crazy.  On a high last year, to a boot in the arse this year.  And Maurice fired today too as Canes heady.   Black Monday for coaches!

Posted Sunday, November 27, 2011 06:21 PM


NHL' SCUMBAG OF THE MONTH AWARD goes to Max Pacioretty, that little piece of shit from Montreal. Whined like a BITCH about how Chara hurt em, and spending days afterword in front of the microphone decrying the NHL's lack of a headshot policy. So what does this clown do last nite? Gives an across the ice head shot to Letang, breaking his nose. What a fucking hypocrite. Hope Shanahan suspends this loser on Monday.  

Posted Saturday, November 26, 2011 06:59 PM

Yukon Trav's Record YTD

Some of you have been asking, and yes I have faithfully tracked it since the start of the season (all on IcePicks) ... On a 12-3 record the last 15 games, for a year total of 38 and 27, up 13.98 units ... for those that were interested ...

Posted Saturday, November 26, 2011 06:04 PM

SamDude are we on today?

I havent seen your post yet, so I will leave my pick just in case,  EDMONTON +110     Cheers

Posted Saturday, November 26, 2011 05:01 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- Pittsburgh @ Montreal -- Another game on the border of the value play, but the DDH technique (laying 1+x unit to win a unit) makes it worthwhile. Fact is, this is Canada's first 'welcome back, buddy!' to Sid the Kid, and I think he has a whale of a game. And when he does, the Pens all get elevated. And besides, the Pens are an elite team, and quite frankly, the Habs are not. BJ is in net, looks like, so that is a bit of a worry (but it got the line down, ie., with MAF in net, this is a -160 game), but the Habs will be without Spacek on D and Kostityn on O. I think a big case could be made on taking the Over 5 (?), but that also is a juicey wager and besides, im rarely a fan of O.U bets. I am a fan of Sid returning to the Canada spotlight (the Leafs are off, so this is THE game tonite on HNIC) against an average team. TAKE: PITTSBURGH
Random Thoughts for Saturday -- Im staying away from the Bolts/Panthers game (the Bolts are pure evil to my bankroll), and my spidey sense says they take it tonite. Hard to beat a team twice on back to back nites at any rate. Caps and Sabres also a no-touch, these teams are playing very inconsistent hockey and cant be trusted. Caps were a slight fave, but now I see Vegas has em about even. Funny, both teams have pretty good records, but Caps terrible on the road and the Sabres terrible at home. A matchup of a poor road team vs a poor home team, lol. Lee mentioned the Kings game was juicey, but I see now the Kings are only -1... [More]

Posted Friday, November 25, 2011 04:51 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- Winnipeg @ Carolina -- Im noting a nice trend here today, that, with the exception of the Ducks, the visitors have won or are winning. As noted before, there can be a bit of bag-dragging coming off a at-home holiday. Winny has been winning of late, and this used to be a rivalry game sorts given the geography (Atlanta and Raleigh). Both goalies are bottom-dwellers in all goalie categories, so no advantage there for either team. Jets been on a goal scoring tear of late, and the PP is clicking as well. Neither aspects should be affected much by the D of the Canes, though their main dude Pitkanen is expected back tonite. Basically, these are two below average teams, but I like the energy I've been seeing from the Jets - this is a team playing with enthusiasm. The Canes looked horrific against the Habs, they gave up, and I cant shake that. Value tag on the road dog, fresh. Silly stat I know, but the Jets are 12-2 ATS on 1 game rest. This is 1 game rest for them. TAKE: JETS
LEAN OF THE DAY -- some of you might want to consider the Flames against the Blues. Blues at home after Turkey Day, but more importantly, could be a let-down spot after their incredible Pitt win in the glare of the big stage (a la Crosby). Eliot in net, so that is a work, as is the Blues HR. Still, getting a big tag for a team that might be able to come in and steal a vic ...... [More]

Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2011 05:46 PM

Yukon Trav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- Nashville @ Minnesota -- to be honest, i've been staring at the board for the past hour scratching my nuts. Nothing is really staring out at me (though that Pitt Over 5.0 looks curiously tempting), and im like "this cant be, there's like 50 games tonite?!?". For each matchup, I could talk myself into each side. Boston SHOULD win, but Buffalo will be a tough out. Dallas should win, but LA is hot right now and Quick is a Monster. Nucks should cruise, but those pesky Avs really hate the Nucks (Bertuzzi, anyone?) and might rise up to the challenge. Flyers should be a cakewalk, but the Isles have REALLY heard it in the media that they are a disgrace and might be saying 'oh fucking yeah?'. The BJs getting hot. Etc etc. See what I mean? Nothing really clearcut. Which brings me to the Preds/Wild. I think the Wild, behind Koivu, are as confident a team as they have ever been. Two losses in their past 10. Both goalies are Vezina worthy. Both teams play the same style, both have top tier keepers. Wild 26 goals, 17 against P10. Preds 31 goals 27 against P10. My book now has both teams at even money. I'll go with the rested home cookin ... TAKE: WILD, 2-1

Posted Tuesday, November 22, 2011 04:33 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- LA Kings @ St. Louis Blues -- Hmmm. Guess who the Blues are playing tomorrow? That's right, the Pittsburgh Crosbies. Think they are trying desperately trying to keep their focus on tonite's tilt? You bet. Halak, the 2nd best, is in the net tonite, meaning #1 Eliot is in net tomorrow. See? Even Hitchcock is saving the best for tomorrow nite lol ... However, Bernier is in net for the Kings so that is cause for some concern. But LA playing much better of late, 3 wins in the past 4, and their special teams are becoming special again. Kopitar and Richards are allstars, and are total scoring threats. LA Kings getting a +118 tag, and I think these are two teams at the same level in the NHL. One is playing the Superbowl tomorrow, so I'll be taking the roadie to come in and steal one. TAKE: LA KINGS, tentatively 

Posted Sunday, November 20, 2011 03:00 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day -- Detroit @ Anaheim -- Anaheim needs to win a game. These two teams have a long playoff history (back when Kariya was flying around), meaning the Ducks and their fans will be up for this opponent. We've talked earlier in the week about backups, and yes, DDH, this is one of those exceptions - Ty Conklin does not inspire confidence, with his moribund .880 save percentage. Ducks have a pretty cool PK percentage, but a brutal GF average (2.0), good for the worst in the league. Detroit at the end of their long-distance 4 game roadie, Anaheim on terrible losing streak. Conky in net. Anaheim getting a nice tag as a home dog. A home dog with teeth. Purely a situational play, with value. TAKE: DUCKS 5-3 YTD 33-26, 8.93 units

Posted Saturday, November 19, 2011 05:17 PM

YukonTrav's Play of the Day

Play of the Day - St. Louis @ Minnesota - Surveying the sked, i almost fell out of my chair when I saw that the Wild were underdogs in their home barn. Oh, are they playing Pittsburgh? Nope, they are playing the Blues. Sure, st loo has been on fire since the coaching change, winning 4 out of 5. Halak off to a horrific start to the season, but sorry, not about to hand him the Vezina yet. Statistically, this team is not exactly a star, deadlast on the PP at a 10% clip and second from deadlast on the PK at 76%. They get to face a very tough foe in the Wild, who are tied for first for the best defensive team in the league. Backstrom and Harding are statistical forces in the goalie community (Harding in net, with is horrible 1.78 GAA and .948 SP. Yes, horrible ha ha). This line is a complete over-reaction to the Blues little coaching change bump, and they will return to a good but not great baseline soon. Like, WTF, the Wild are 11-5-2-1 fer crissakes! Only two losses in the past 10. And they are +115 home dogs??? Can the Wild find a way to lose? Of course. Anything is possible (as I write this, the Jets are creaming the Flyers). But you gotta go with the numbers here. Im all over one this like a fatman on a smartie. TAKE: WILD 3-1

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