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Posted Tuesday, October 04, 2011 12:58 AM

AZ vs. OSU

I'm giving you the goods on this one.  AZ (1-4) has bad defense and no FG kicker. And I mean no FG kicker. They will not even try a FG that is more than 25 yards. AZ has just got pounded by OK ST, Stanford, Oregon, and one close game with USC.

OSU (0-4) can not score points. They average about 16 points/game. The key to this game is the quarterbacks. The OSU QB is a freshman. All OSU QBs have throw for 2 total TD and 6 total Int this year. The AZ QB is a senior and is the 4th highest rated QB in draft projections. He has thrown 14 TDs this season and 2 ints.  AZ has a great quarterback and the last two games AZ have put up points.  The four AZ losses to good/great teams has created this unique opportunity to pound AZ at -1.


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