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Posted Monday, December 10, 2012 06:43 PM

Experimental System plays thread

I know what your thinking... not someone making one of these again.....

But since my normal capping skills have been horrid, losing 5 in a row, I'm gonna take a break from my normal POD thread and write ups. One part of this system is not really possible for me to back test...

Like most systems that seem to just come and go, I'm not expecting this to be a godsend or even work out...but I put work into it and I want to give it shot here and put it to practice. Only tries to find "against the spread" plays. For now I'm sure these should do better than what I have been picking the last couple weeks anyways!

It tries to find when teams get value on their spreads basically. Has extra filter though to filter out unreliable teams (well no promises on this part to be perfect...)

Tonight's Plays ytd 0-0-0 0u

2 units Sixers -6

1 unit Mavericks -6

then see what happens...

Posted Sunday, December 09, 2012 07:06 AM

Do or die time for me.. POD ytd 18-13-0 ( Lost last 4 )

Four very torturous and humiliating defeats for me the last 2 days. This time going with one pick only, as it should be for a POD thread anyway...

Trying something new to help a bit.... to help filter the picks a bit more for me. Only back tested it for this season, but really can potentially work well for finding a bit of extra value in the spreads. If anyone has info about where to find spreads of games for any past season's games, I'd appreciate it so I can back test it more.

Now should I stop NBA capping if I lose this one? I think for my own sake I will. Or take a long needed vacation from it...

Well here goes..:

Ok, this Phoenix Suns team tortured me yesterday, but I put it more on how well the Clippers still showed up for that game and didn't look past it one bit, rather than how bad the Suns are playing. Yes they are bad, but this has not been an easy stretch of games. But now... they have a chance to play another bad team, that struggles on the road, back at home in Phoenix. Phoenix had to travel from LA yesterday, and it was an early game. Not the worst.

Magic have been wearing down during this west coast road trip, so they won't lack fatigue either, that started with such a high by beating down the Lakers and getting revenge on Dwight. I see the Magic not having motivation lately, and I don't think I see reason for it to be revived against the Suns, especially since they already embarrassed them in their own house earlier... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 08, 2012 07:37 AM

Suns +10.5 POD ytd 18-11-0

Went 0-2 yesterday with Thunder and Celtics.... very frustrating trying to get back on track again! I'm liking some of the night games as well, and will post the night game pick here later.

I don't want to seem too cocky on this forecast of these games, but I think the whole card has some easy gems here, and these games shouldn't be too over-thought. Hawks ML could be a nice little bonus play tonight too...but for sure... I would at least recommend staying the heck away from that Hornets @ Heat game.

I want this POD record to end finishing at least 65% for the season, that is my main goal. If it looks like at any point I'm pulling away and don't have a shot to do for this NBA season, my capping will stop. Maybe it's too daunting a goal for me....but I need reason to keep the pressure up and not slack off.. Having the goal at only 60% will not keep me disciplined enough.

Ok, enough ranting...

Suns +10.5

Early games seemingly tend to not be blow outs as often as they might be planned or expected to be, and this should be no exception. The number one goal the Suns have had set on their mind lately, is to play better on the road. Despite still losing road game after road game, they've been playing in tough places and looking better over time. I think too, certain teams have a certain tolerance level for how long they let losing streaks last, and the Suns aren't THAT bad that getting 6 losses in a row isn't a big deal for them.
... [More]

Posted Friday, December 07, 2012 02:09 AM

Celtics -1 Thunder -7.5 PODs ytd 18-9-0

Really thought about putting a bit on the Knicks ML for kicks last night, and passed on it.Oh well....

But I've taken some good time to look at the Friday card, and I like the Celtics, Nets and Thunder. But the Celtics and Thunder really seem to stand out from the pack.

Celtics are playing well and should continue that on this home and home against the Sixers. They will strive to get both of these, but I think the first game is even more winnable for them, as they got some revenge on their mind.

After they lost at home against the Sixers early in the season, that was a moderate turning point to their somewhat struggling start of the season, partly due to the fact that they had Sullinger in the starting lineup over Bass, as the rook is way too inexperienced to be quite ready for that just yet.... And basically the Celtics just seemed to get their asses in gear from that point.

Though as of now both teams do have the same record, Boston should win this game to show that they are a solid team, and the better team. And they want to erase that slightly ugly past from a month back. Of course I maybe looking too much into this revenge angle, as Boston is just a better team and playing better ball right now, but it's a good bonus for them.

Another big one is the fact Rondo has just came back recently and they feel more positive, and want to get a bit rolli... [More]

Posted Wednesday, December 05, 2012 01:44 AM

Pacers -4 POD ytd 17-9-0

I like the Hawks, Magic, Spurs, and probably the Hornets, depending on what the spread will be on that one... But I'm picking the Pacers as the main play right now.

Paul George seems to be listening to his coach challenging him to stop playing so soft, and he's responded with a big game against the Bulls. The Pacers in general, have been getting back on track to where they should be, at least a "good" but not "great" team. They are on a back to back, but with momentum going their way lately and 2 days of rest before, this won't be too much of a problem.

Blazers could actually be the more tired team in this one, as their big road trip is just coming to a close here. And their last 2 went to overtime (one to double OT) against "not so good" teams. Barely coming away with wins in those games might leave them kind of satisfied on this road trip. They are easily among the bottom 5-6 worst road teams in this league. And I could be being nice here....

We haven't seen this improved Pacer team play much at home lately, so we don't know for sure how much better they'll play on their homecourt now. But they are for sure, a much better team than earlier in the year, when they were struggling to beat poor teams at home. I think for the Blazers to have a chance at playing any good on the road, they have to play cold teams... but this Pacer team is more hot than cold right now.

I also think the Pacers match up well... they can defend Aldridge and defend the 3pter... [More]

Posted Tuesday, December 04, 2012 03:10 AM

Rockets +2 POD ytd 16-9-0 (I'm cold)

Should've took off last nights card.... it was not easy, for me at least... Tonight though I really feel confident in quite a few, 3 in fact. The Rockets, Pacers, and...yes... the Nets going against the Thunder.

Really like all 3, but if I had to pick one, it's got to be the Rockets. Lakers really in a bit of turmoil now, and they eventually are gonna have to learn how to play defense. Under coach Mike D'antoni, I don't expect this to happen anytime soon, maybe never.. I think Orlando scouted the Lakers well and exposed them pretty clearly, and I think it's a good Laker fade time now.

Rockets will be able to keep up with the Lakers running style, maybe even execute it better! Lakers have been facing a somewhat easy schedule lately, and still are barely managing to get wins. Rockets also lost to the Lakers 7 games ago, great revenge angle here with them bringing them to their house now... and the Rockets had to play the best version of the Lakers this season for that time around....the Bickerstaff Lakers

Rockets +2

Any good luck charms would be greatly appreciated! I really want to get this win here, and I'm gonna probably put a bit extra on it. If it misses..... I'd probably think of quitting NBA capping. But that'd probably be for the best anyways.

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Monday, December 03, 2012 06:58 PM

Warriors -9.5 POD ytd 16-8-0

Seems like a risky choice from this card don't it? I mean, the Warriors aren't a double digit spread level team are they?

But this team is quietly one of the few hottest teams in the NBA right now, and with their high energy players such as Lee and Landry, along with shooters like Curry and Thompson....it's a horrible type of team to be facing after getting such a big upset win the previous night, while also only having  one night off before their last game as well (3 games in 4 nights).

It seems the Magic really marked that game against their former teammate on their calender, and they laid it all out on the floor last night. Basically, it was like the championship game for them for their season..... So a huge letdown game should follow tonight for them. So yes, this is mostly a fade on the Magic.

Warriors -9.5

My leans are Clippers and Bobcats.

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Saturday, December 01, 2012 11:53 PM

Knicks -10 POD ytd 16-7-0

Sixers covered a close one for me

Since I can't trust which Laker team I'd see on the later game, I'm gonna pass on that one. I've been chomping at the bit to play this one days ago.

The Knicks just have all the New York fans at MSG under their worship, with their consistently dominant play at home. Suns just can't defend well enough and are also never able to settle down their own team whenever the home teams go on big runs.....and this will be a MAJOR problem for them this game.

Glad the Knicks have Bobcats next on their schedule before they face the Heat, so I don't see this as a look ahead scenario here for them either. And I'm glad it's Sunday, as the linemakers don't care too much about letting the public have this day of the week because of the NFL, so they might just keep this line at -10, but I'd take it before it could possibly go up, but I'd even take it at -15 probably too.

And to those who think this might seem too easy, I'd say....why not keep rolling with the Knicks till let stop covering?

Knicks -10

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Saturday, December 01, 2012 05:32 AM

Sixers +6 POD ytd 15-7-0

Sixers had 2 days off before Friday, so I think they'll be just fine on this 2nd night of this back to back. Two low tempo / low scoring teams, that like to keep games close, with the Bulls probably feeling a bit overconfident coming off that blowout of the Mavs. Bulls are good, but they rarely blow out teams like that, its not them...at least this years team without Rose.

Not like the Bulls get the biggest boost from homecourt, and it's not like the Sixers never show up on road games, this season and last, for both of these teams. Spread is just a bit too high here. Bulls need to put up fight for this one.

Sixers +6

With leans on the Clippers, Pistons, and Thunder.

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Friday, November 30, 2012 12:20 AM

Knicks -13.5 ytd 14-7-0

In a slight cold slump, and I had to take off Thursday's card, and I did not even bother looking at it beforehand (after looking at it just now, no way I would've played on either game anyways). Now I'm gonna be making a bit of a few changes to my NBA handicapping for the better, and all in all, the changes will mean that I'll end up being more selective. For example, I will probably have weeks I'll play only 3-4 sides and weeks I'll play up to 6-7 sides.

The Knicks have yet to walk through a game at home, no matter how weak or strong their visiting victim has been. Wizards, now are a bit of a better team with Nene back, but lets not kid ourselves....they still can't score enough to warrant being an NBA level team, not until at least John Wall comes back. Now that they got their W, they will get to relax, which this sorry team can't afford to do.... and it won't be quite as humiliating for them to get killed here.

This spread may look scary compared to the rest on the card, but it's one of those plays you end up passing up on and then think after the blowout "jeez....I should've took that number even at -20!".

This probably won't end up just like the Bobcats @ Thunder blowout on Monday, but it could easily end up being somewhere between that and a 14 point difference, surely. Have to take this, especially anywhere -15 or lower. If this isn't one of the Knicks top 3 blowout wins so far this season, it'll be shocking.

Knicks -13.5

Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2012 06:48 PM

Breaking the rules of POD yet again ytd 13-5-0

This card to me tonight deserves 3 dog plays, it's a high volume card, and this is just when I just have to play more than one. Would be nice to hit all 3 after that pathetic pick on my Cavs, think I should stay away from picks involving my team

Don't get me wrong, I call my threads POD for a reason, want to limit to one play a day, but sometimes on nights with a lot of games, have to have 1 or two more since some lines seem flawed. Excuse me for breaking the rules here, but I've done it at least a couple times before already

And sorry if the write-ups are a bit shorter this time, wanted to take extra time thinking about plays than making write-ups. I really can use some winners now!

I love the Mavs coming off a close road loss the previous night, makes them hungry to try to make up for it. Not the best road team, but I think they are actually a better team than the Bulls, when you consider Rose and Dirk out. Bulls hungry too for a win, but their home-court advantage here is overrated, Mavs can easily cover this number.
Mavs +6

The young Rockets needed those three wins at home to build some confidence. They've lost a lot of tough road games in a row, they are gonna strive for one. I think Harden, just like right after he was traded, seems to like to play better when he wants to make a statement, like he did right after he got traded. Not sure Martin will care as much to make a statement against Houston. But ignoring this si... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 02:25 AM

Cavs +2.5 POD ytd 13-4-0

You should probably wait on this to see if you can get a better number on the spread, as the Suns will probably be the public pick. But I'm posting the pick and the write up on it early.

10 of the last 12 games for the Cavs have been on the road. Not only that, but they've been playing some tough teams. Also like that this is just one home game, rather than multiple in a row..... then they are back on the road to Atlanta, so this stands out a bit for them as a great chance to break out a rare W, and not continue to lose and create yet another long losing streak. They've been fighting.

The Cavs are fine with Pargo for now. If anything, Pargo in some ways has been allowing teammates to get more involved offensively, as he doesn't overdo forcing himself to be too involved with the ball every play. Still, they no doubt want Kyrie back for his star power, but they do have underrated talent to get by with and play with enough heart to play just as well in home games, as role and support players get a boost at home court, and it's why teams such as the Magic...and guess who....the Suns.... play so much better at home.

Suns don't want to completely lose out on this road trip, but with Detroit and Toronto the next 2 games on the schedule, they could still not feel too much urgency here yet. Cavs have more urgency here I'd say by far, and its evident by the fact that they've been trying harder and harder to get that W they want, even as the competition has been get... [More]

Posted Monday, November 26, 2012 06:52 PM

Bucks +4.5 POD ytd 12-4-0

I apologize for even posting a pick last time on Friday... I've been spending the holiday and weekend with family and relatives, so I really didn't have time to cap properly. I disrespected sports handicapping by even trying, without being sure I had enough time to research. I even botched and completely mistyped what spread my selection was on the topic heading. It deserved to lose. Back on track on a normal routine, I've decided to go with the Bucks tonight.

Now I think Chicago feels too comfortable here coming off a long road trip, and finishing it with a win against this home and home opponent. Bucks want to prove they are on level with a team like the Bulls, and failed last game, and these home and home revenge games work out well for the team that lost first, especially if there is at least a day inbetween games. Plus I really don't think Chicago plays that much better at home than on the road, and the same could be said for the Bucks on the road compared to at home.

Jennings being out is the reason for the line being crazy here, and despite that, the other Bucks players will step up. If anything, Ellis will have more room to work with the ball, as I don't think Jennings and Ellis gel that great on the court anyways.

Bucks +4.5

I also like the Clippers ATS if I did make another pick, but going with a single one tonight.

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Friday, November 23, 2012 06:53 PM

Clippers +4.5 POD ytd 12-3-0

Sorry, no time for write-up, just too many points for an elite team against a above average team.

Also like Warriors, Blazers, Spurs, Pistons...but like Clippers the most.

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 04:14 AM

Hornets +7 POD ytd 11-2-0

Just went against them last night, now going on them......Wow what a crazy line. The Knicks made the Hornets look worse then they are last night, even if Davis is still out, which is probably why the line is this high, they still have more than a few talented guys. Believe it or not, Davis's on court +\- isn't that good compared to most of his teammates!

Pacers, heck they just let the Wizards hang around in Indiana. Seems that even when Pacers play against even the worst of teams, even on their own homecourt....first off they are lucky to even win the games. And if they do win, it's not from a huge margin. I can see the Hornets even winning this game, might even put a bit on the ML.

I MIGHT have another play on the Suns for a dual POD night on this mammoth sized card, but.....might just settle for this Hornets play.

Hornets +7

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2012 11:09 AM

Knicks -6 POD ytd 10-2-0

Knicks are a team that have high goals, they want to win the top seed in the East, judging by the way they've been playing so far this year. If they were on a 3+ winning streak, I could fade them here or no-play with this line, but they are only coming off of one win, against a Pacer team that was actually trying for once! And the Knicks took care of them.

Hornets, don't get me wrong....they are underrated. Hence their good season so far ATS. But they aren't one of those teams that will all of sudden wake up and play more determined against the elite teams.... they are just a young and disciplined team that is trying to find their way game by game. They may have a chance to keep the game under double digits...but this number..+6, no way I could trust a young team to cover here.

Hornets have great interior defense, but they will have to defend against the 3pt line this game. Chandler should cancel out Davis pretty well. I see the Knicks will get to have their fun with them I think. Memphis was a big public play that backfired, but tonight.. the public dines here! Knicks are still a very new addition to what is considered the "elite teams" group, so the lines will take a bit to catch up over time, time earns respect.

Knicks -6

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Monday, November 19, 2012 01:50 AM

Grizzlies -6.5 POD ytd 9-1-0

Grizz can't stop BALLIN! Their chance to blow a game was last game against the Bobcats, and they didn't let down. Now for this game at home, and knowing they won't have to play for the next 3 days, they will look to whoop some *** here. Remember, this team just recently beat the Heat, Thunder, and Knicks all by double digits....in consecutive games!!! Thinking they will cool down immediately, I think I WON"T be bettin on that!

Nuggets, they seem to be really struggling on the road. I think one reason is because their best scorers are shooting cold to start the season. At least the Nuggets know they will have a chance to break their losing streak the next couple games. So I think they won't go all out to the death in this game, which should help the Grizz cover the spread, if it ends up the Grizz needs any help to begin with.

Grizzlies -6.5

Might post another play on the Magic, as I'd like a play on Magic +9.5 probably just as much as this Griz play. Just need to know if Redick will play. So maybe another double POD..er..day for me...

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Sunday, November 18, 2012 04:43 AM

Knicks -6.5 POD ytd 8-1-0

Scary public play here, but I think Vegas has it wrong on the Knicks. Knicks might not be ready to beat all of the elite teams, but as we know, the Pacers aren't elite... But when the Knicks do play the lesser teams, it simply has been double digit win after double digit win. They might not rebound well, but they don't go cold and they can D up most teams very well.

Pacers might have gained a good amount of confidence after their last win, but I also think they really wanted to get their win there before this game shows up. The Knicks being angry after their loss to the Grizzlies should more than cancel out the Pacer confidence.

So maybe the Knicks somewhat flawed rebounding could be taken advantage of by Roy Hibbert, but he has yet to take advantage of anything so far this season. It's too bad, as Hibbert was looking great last season....

Knicks -6.5

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Saturday, November 17, 2012 04:06 AM

Hornets +7.5 POD ytd 7-1-0

This seems almost too easy, yet the public is on the other side??? Look at the strength of schedule difference of these two teams so far this year, and consider too when the Hornets lost to the Sixers, the Sixers were SUPER PISSED off that game, with them coming off back to back loses to a divisional team. This Hornets team is not the same as last year, this looks more like a line for last season's Hornets. The opposition in this game for them this game, will not feel too overly tough for them, especially coming off a game against the Thunder. The Bucks...coming off a game against the....drumroll..... so far, very pathetic Pacers...

Grizzlies are tempting.....Cavs are, even the Wizards all ATS...but this Hornets play is by far and away the best play on the board, in my view. I promise too I won't cheat like I did yesterday and post 2 "Pick of the Days"

Hornets +7.5

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Friday, November 16, 2012 03:15 AM

Magic +5 POD ytd 5-1-0

This maybe a public play, but I'm more ok with these in a situation where 2 crappy or non-public teams are playing.

The Pistons FINALLY break their streak and get their first win. Now they can relax a bit, but face a Magic team at home that is on a 5 game losing streak of their own right now. Magic see this as a winnable game to snap this streak, before having to play 2 really tough road games. The right time for Jameer Nelson to come back, in a rare winnable road game, he and his team will work hard to get a W here.

I'll take some numbers out of my *** and say, that maybe only about a 40% chance, at best, that Orlando wins this game, and at least a 75% chance this game is a close one. I like these imaginary numbers just enough. Another thing, just because the Pistons just blew out a team by double digits, doesn't mean all of a sudden they deserve -5 or higher spreads suddenly!

Magic +5

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Thursday, November 15, 2012 07:44 PM

Knicks +5.5 POD ytd 4-1-0

Look I'm not one to back public teams normally, but in reality... in this situation with this small card tonight.....  with people having a small amount of games to chose from, there are still more Knick non-believers than Knick fanatics (at least in sports betting..), so Spurs is an attractive choice in this small card for these types of people. This is why this spread can be put this high.

While the Knicks are a public team, there is enough people to believe they haven't gotten what it takes to be a great team, but I beg to differ. This 2012 Knick team has a perfect point guard to lead the talent they have. And throughout their roster... it has shooters and defenders from top to bottom. Whether at home or on the road, they just keep blowing teams out. They can't go cold from 3pt land, too many shooters would have to go cold! And Carmelo has not been playing with his head up his ***, and seems to buy into a "team" approach, finally!

While I'm not sure I'd back them tomorrow in Memphis... they will not look past this game! Maybe they are not ready to win this type of game, but they are solid and for real... they make this a close game, they have a game now which they can show where they stand.

Knicks +5.5

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2012 04:43 PM

Pistons +8 POD ytd 3-1-0

Gonna just post my single pick of the day for now. Limiting volume is never a bad decision

Pistons +8

Generally, in sports...when a team is on a 7+ loss streak....this means they are probably a crappy team. Which the Pistons are, I won't deny this. But another thing is that even though these teams may keep losing, they sure will fight harder and harder and TRY to do anything to get that W to stop the streak. Especially if it means getting the first win of the season. Look though how I said "TRY"!

Sixers are an above average team at best, at this rate, and I think the Pistons will elevate themselves to make it a somewhat even contest. Still the advantage will clearly go to the Sixers since they're at home, but I see the Pistons making this a close game, just like most NBA games end up as anyway. Surprise, Surprise.

One added bonus, Stucky won't be putting up any of his bricks in this game, which means who probably is the coldest player in the NBA right now (and probably the main reason the Pistons have no wins) will not be suiting up tonight. NICE.

Good luck to everyone else on their plays

Posted Tuesday, November 13, 2012 06:29 PM

Tuesday YTD 24-20-2 +18.4

Went 2-2 last night, can't believe Portland isn't decent enough to protect their excellent homecourt advantage. They need more production from their bench it seems...

Here is tonight:

Actual Plays 5 units to win (Pick Of Day 7 units to win )

Raptors +9 POD ( I dare this Pacer team to beat anyone by double digits, they have been playing lazy... they won't even out energize a team coming off a 3OT game. This line should not be THIS high. These young and pesky Raptors will still put up a fight till the end. )

Knicks -7 ( I never thought I would side with the Knicks to cover a number on the road like this....seems like a public trap. But they are playing OUTSTANDING, and this team's roster was built well and they are contenders for sure. Again, I rarely trust the Knicks and never cared for them personally, but I can't deny them being a great team right now. They will be tested next game against the Spurs, but until then...I'm riding them. They have so many good scores AND defenders on their roster, they can cover spreads like this with ease against most teams. )

Kings -3 ( Kings got some players coming back, and they should get a boost and take this Blazer team that seems like they can't trust anyone on their bench to play 15+ minutes, especially since they are playing on the road and the 2nd night of a back-to-back )

No leans this time, most of those other game lines are right on the mark to me. To hard to make a lea... [More]

Posted Monday, November 12, 2012 05:39 PM

Monday's sides YTD 22-18-2 +21.6u

Been doing great since narrowing down my plays and raising the stake on my plays from 1 unit to 5 units per play. Here is what I like tonight.

Actual Plays 5 units to win (Pick Of Day 7 units to win )

Blazers -2.5 POD ( Ok, this spread is ridiculous, and the public STILL won't eat all over this? Maybe because all the popular teams like the Thunder, Heat, Celtics, and Bulls are playing on the same night, and assume the Blazers are just trash compared to all those teams... Um no... when they are playing at home, never mess with the Blazers! Unless this is the worst Blazers team in decades, I'm taking this short number for any game in Portland against any above average visitor. Calling them "above average" maybe a bit too generous for Atlanta, as a road team especially... )

Rockets +5.5 ( Take advantage here against a very worn out and tired Miami team. Houston playing hard and inspired for coach McHale while he's been absent with some family matter. LeBron needs a super monster game to even pull out a win here, and he has been tiring out in the 2nd half since he needs to do so much for his team throughout all 4 quarters of every game lately. )

Suns +4 ( I don't know why, but Nuggets stock has went up way too fast for my taste. Suns are not a pushover at home, so Nuggets gonna have to grind this win out, if they do win it that is... )

Bulls -2.5 ( Boston has been disappointing, maybe they will make the playoffs and get serious by then...but ... [More]

Posted Sunday, November 11, 2012 01:54 PM

Sunday YTD 21-18-2 +14.6u

Big +17 unit night Saturday. Going on only one side today.

Actual Plays 5 units to win (Pick Of Day 7 units to win )

Grizzlies +2 POD ( I think Miami not gonna be as pumped for this game as the Griz, especially early this season after winning it all last year. With or without Wade, have to think my chances are better with Memphis playing at home.... as a pick'em and even a bit more so with +2. Don't be fooled by Miami being favored here. )

No leans this time, don't have time..

BOL everyone

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