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Posted Tuesday, August 18, 2009 02:30 AM

tuesdays plays

Ok that cubs game was rough. I was almost had a perfect day but ended with 4-1.

Tuesday's plays should be exciting. excellent day for low juices.

Im leaning towards:

Angels over- these two teams have been posting up big numbers the past few days and with Bell and Carmona on the mound, it shouldnt be hard to past 10.5. I would put 2-3 units on this one.

Phillies RL- I love this matchup. Garland has a hard time winning on the road. Phillies got their stride back. COME ON ARIZONA WINNING AWAY i dont see that happening GAME 1 of this series.  2 units

Tampa RL- I dont like to bet 2 runlines in one day but today seems perfect. O's sends Berkens to match with Price. D.PRICE at home!! I mean O's hitting drops on the road to the bear minimum while Tampa needs to show everyone they shouldnt be taken lightly. 2.5-3.5 units

Marlins over- these two teams like to hit and frankly they score very often. These two pitchers met on aug. 12 and the score was 6-14. These two clubs have been on a good hitting streak and trends show a big fav. on the over. 2 units

Texas ML- this game is priced a bit high. I dont like to lean on -160 and over (RL doesn't seem like a bad option)but I sure as hell feel good about this game. Rangers have been hot lately and especially with Fieldman on the field it seems like a sure lock. 2-3 units

I like to keep it around 10 units everyday with 5 top games.

My runner up games were:

Yankees ove... [More]


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