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Posted Monday, December 05, 2011 07:02 PM

NCAAF Bowl Strategy

Going to be posting my strategy picks in here for the Bowls.  Will be heavily favoring the dogs (non public) teams.

I will begin betting at 1 unit for first three games.

* If i win 2 or 3 i will keep the next set of bets (3 teams) to 1 unit / game.

* If i lose 2 of 3 i will increase the next set of bets (3 teams) to 3 units or triple the previous set of bets.

* If I lose 3 of 3 of the previous set then I will increase to 5 units or quintuple the previous set of bets.

Hoping to max my top unit wager out at no more than 25....  hopefully   But would be willing to go up to 125 if required.

Disclaimer ... not trying to win a ton of money just to be profitable and have fun.  I have a lot of confidence that this strategy will be profitable.  Stay tuned I will firm up my bets in the coming days. 


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