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Posted Tuesday, January 15, 2013 11:49 PM

Winning betting on NBA

I have seen it all. I am fed up with all the new schemes invented and depending on line movements and overthinking. People forget that the strong teams are winning and weak ones are losing 70% of the time. 
After tailing and following every capper who promises to deliver and gets into hot cold streaks, I've decided to do it on my own. I've been doing some experimenting and came out over 60% in my experiments in recent months steady. So, now it's the time to do for real.

Posted Sunday, December 16, 2012 12:46 PM

Making 1000$ from 196$ - right in front of your eys

After a hard personal issues - I'm left with almost nothing. I've deposited my last available 196$ into my Bet365 account and have a goal to built my bankroll. The first station will be 1000$.
So, each play I make I will post here and that way will discipline myself to manage my bakroll that way. So, here we go.

Bet No 1:
Under 56.5 NY Giants @ ATL Falcons 1.37
Under 55  IND Colts @ HOU Texans 1.34
HOU Texans  1.18
Stake 46.00 $   To Return  100.18 $
Bet No 2
CHI Bears +3  1.90
BAL Ravens +3  1.86
NO Saints -3.5  1.90
Stake 50.00 $  To Return 219.96 $

Left with 50$ for the rest of the evening

Posted Tuesday, August 14, 2012 05:34 AM

Austrian MLB on TUESDAY

SDP    +154
PIT      +104
HOU    +106
WASH +111
MIL      -112
STL      -118
KCR    +109

Those are real capper plays. Enjoy it while I'm in mood

Posted Thursday, April 12, 2012 06:37 AM

Top Cappers going Tout - is that a trend, is it legit?

I've noticed an interesting trend as of late: as soon as some capper becomes a bit successful and gaines few units as well as the comfidence of few really unwitty - they open a twitter account and become touts. OK, not everyone. Actually the best of the best is still free - although has an independent site for a year - and hope stays as such. The funny think is that those who went touts (smartbets, bodio aka vegas butcher, propking82...) went cold as soon as they went tout. 44dimes is still here and free and of course THE Capper MK is still free and independent. Those two - me personally - would be willing to play for their picks as they both are running their records and picks flawlessly for over a year - but the funny think is they dont ask for nothing, and I guess why - they're winning so why would they wanna ask anyone for anything? they re sharing for free, getting their kicks from kicking Vegas in the butt. MK at all - invests his money getting all the necesserry info about money being thrown at the bets and his records speak for themselves as do 44dimes. I can not count 44dimes record in April, but MK is 30-12, consecutively winning since he started in May 2012 every single month. I also remember 44dimes fromWNBA last season and now he is in NBA. Those two, (especially MK) I will open my purse and pay if they'll ask. All the other wanna bee's (propking82, smartbets, bodio...) -  go find some other unwitties to ride on - you're probably are buying your picks so nee... [More]


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