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Posted Sunday, September 04, 2011 08:49 AM

BYU at Texas Week 2

I'm really liking BYU. As bad as a spot  it is playing at miss and Texas the next week to open the year they may be  the better team imo. 

BYU was easily double digits better at Mississippi today if anyone watched the game, they just killed themselves all day,,,first game of the year shit. Texas looks the same as last year. they may win and even cover here against rice but Gilbert is garbage and it all starts with the QB. 

He went 11 for 20 on passes with no TDs against rice in the fourth quarter at home. He's gonna go down as the worst Texas QB in recent memory. 

Texas D is, I'd say, very good but certainly not lights out. Hopefully the line will reflect a Texas "blowout" here and BYU barely getting by.

And lets put into perspective what oddsmakers think of Texas...they were 31 point faves at rice last year and only 23.5 at home this year. And I cant get the ucla beatdown out of my head that they gave Texas in Week 4 last year as 16-point dogs.

Posted Wednesday, September 01, 2010 05:16 PM

Masoli and the the NCAA committee

Once again the ncaa has shown its true colors when it comes to following the rules.  say what you want about masoli's character im not arguing that but from what i've read he has completely followed the rules in transferring and should not have to sit out a year at ole miss.  somehow the ncaa is allowed to make him sit out a year because he is not following the interpetation of the rule.  that is hilarious coming from a group that has NEVER used common sense to bend any sort of violation a player or school has made, or tried to use a different interpetation.  conviently when a situation arises in the players favor they are all about interpeting the rule to favor against him. im not saying im a fan of mosoli, this is about the ncaa and its strict guidelines.  this article says it all and once again shows the true colors of the ncaa, i was so pissed off when i heard this story and i dont want it to get swept under the rug


Leave it to the NCAA to regulate how much contact a member school can have with prospective student athletes and their families - even when they are dead.

It's a rule that needs changing.

Boise State football recruit Emil Smith died in a July 18 car accident in Hemet, Calif. His brother Dimitri Garcia, 22, also died in the accident.

Garcia, a father of two young children, was driving the speeding yellow Dodge Neon. Smith, a passenger, was a star football player entering his senior year at R... [More]

Posted Friday, June 19, 2009 11:57 PM

this is a really EASY decision for the red sox...

dice k has to go somewhere, where i dont care, but not on this team, and not in this starting rotation.  a 6 man rotation is bullshit especially when it pisses off your ace.  send him to pawtucket with bucholtz (who is most likely better then him) and see what he does down there but im tired of hearing about all the games he has won.  every game he pitched last year and i bet on him in  i said "he gets into trouble but get out of it but sooner or later that will catch up with him.." well that time has come.  you cant live in the major leagues and walk people, its that simple.  if smoltz is garbage you can bring him back but i doubt smoltz will be worse.  the league has seen him now and the gig is up, he aint that good.  sorry theo, you have made some great moves but nobody is perfect and half the money you spent on him didnt even go to him, chalk this up as a bad one and move on

Posted Saturday, August 23, 2008 08:37 AM

*** SATURDAY M.L.B. ***

- 4 units yesterday...   +8.7  units on the year..   SAN DIEGO PADRES  +145  3  UNITS   zito has had quite a few good road starts this year including at san diego,  but this situation is where zito has been brutal this year, at home and in day games.  he has a 7 era for both.  the team is 2-11 in his home starts this year and 2-7 in his day starts.  pads 6  giants 4   BALTIMORE ORIOLES FIRST 5   -135   3  UNITS   after watching those merry band of brothers down in the  o's pen in action last night ill take my chances with guthrie through 5.  he has a 1.71 era over his last 6 starts.  i cant see the o's not getting to pavano, guy has a 4.77 era in his career with the yankees and this is his first start in forever.  balty 4  yanks 2   BOSTON RED SOX  -1.5 +105  3  UNITS   lester has quitely been one of the best pitchers in baseball going 9-1 with a 2.89 era over his last 14 starts.  he has only given up 1 er in 14.2 innings to the jays but lost 1-0 to a halladay shutout in one of his starts.  the sox are starting to play better on the road and should be able to get runs off litsch.  he pitched well last time out but is still just 1-6 with a +5 era over his last 10 starts.  sox 6  blue jays 2      ... [More]

Posted Thursday, April 03, 2008 09:27 PM


BRADLEY  +4   10 unit play

im taking this now as it looks like the line is dropping at some books.  i felt going into this series bradley  was the better team.  they played well in game 1 and got the cover at tulsa and pretty much destroyed them in game 2.  tulsa has been great at home, no doubt, but butler having played there just a few days ago is a HUGE advantage and to me throws a little bit of that home court advantage away.. they know exactly  what to expect going in and they are the better team imo.  tulsa is great at home ats and bradley has been great ats on the road but bradley  is the better team and crouch is a star.   butler 72   tulsa  69

Posted Tuesday, March 25, 2008 09:52 PM


3-5   -1.25
BOSTON RED SOX  -110    3  units
yes harden is a good pitcher and better then lester but the sox at this price is a bargain.  harden will go 5 maybe 6 innings at most then like today it comes down to the bullpens and while the sox got away with using snyder (shouldnt be in a game thats within 5 runs either way) the a's  "closer" is probably out tommorow and that bullpen is weak as hell.  and the a's lineup is just as weak, that lineup takes mediocracy to a new level.  cant pass up this bargain.  lester just needs to pitch decent and ill take my chances in the late innings at this price. 


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