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Posted Monday, September 02, 2013 11:47 PM

NCAA week 2, NFL week 1.

week 1........ 6-3  +2.7 units
all 1*
Duke and Det are this year's first 2 unit plays

*Hou-3  Cougars will score points and put pressure on Temple to keep up. I had a play on Temple last week vs ND + 4td, but Houston basically needs to just win for this cover.
*Tulane -6  South Alabama will struggle this year. The Jaguars will struggle in the trenches and do not have the playmakers to keep up with.... even Tulane.
**Duke -5-  Blue Devils won by 24 two years ago and they are a program on the rise. Memphis is playing their first game, no surprises... they will still be horrible.
*Tex-7  Longhorns took a while to wake up in week one. They have a big advantage in the trenches plus this year, they will not have 3 QBs and a WR throw the ball. Last week, BYU outgained Vir by 140 with an even TO ratio and still lost because Hill was 13-40 throwing the ball.
*SJSU+26- (i am waiting for 28 near game time but I will use this as it is the prevolent # now) The Spartans were -2 in the turnover department and outgained the Trees last year in a 3 point defeat. Stanford has not played yet and won 8 games by 8 or less points last year.

OVER/unders may come later this week when weather is confirmed.

**Det -4    Minn is going to return to the pack. Vikings will miss Winfield's leadership in the secondary, especially in this matchup. Bush should have a big game against slow Vikings LBs.
*Cle PK&n... [More]


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