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Posted Sunday, January 22, 2012 09:41 AM

1-22 college hoops

illinois +1.5 - 1 unit

virginia -8- 1 unit

Posted Sunday, January 22, 2012 09:39 AM

big kap nfl championship finals 1-22

1 unit=100

Balt +7.5 (2 units)-- people seem to only look at the fact that the ravens just got by the texans last week. yeah i know it was a 3rd string qb but that defense is one of the best in the league. the thing is the ravens have been piss poor on the road this season losing to the jags and seattle as well as getting crushed by the chargers. but they seem to get up for big games and while flacco has not impressed me at all, this matchup is one that will make him look better then he is. ray rice should have a big day as well. as for tom bill and the pats, they have been on fire since losing to the giants at home winning every game by at least 7 points. the thing is they havent looked good against the leagues elite and that defense is so vulnerable. i see the pats getting upset once again this week by the well balanced ravens squad.

Balt moneyline +285 (1 unit) 

Giants +120 (1 unit)- well this game is gonna be a battle. anybody out there  saying giants blow out or niners blow out is outta their mind if you ask me. should be a very close game. obviously wish i got it early in the week at +3 but i didnt so playing the mline. the giants as always have been streaky all year until now, and i dont see the train slowing down. i noticed the spark after the beatdown in new orleans, they almost upset the packers and then went to dallas and pulled off the upset. to then only lay a classic giant egg to the skins in n... [More]

Posted Sunday, December 19, 2010 04:22 AM

biigkaptain's week 15 picks

hey guys rough first week. hit my 4 team teaser with the browns falcons packers and cowboys. lost my  2 team teaser with the falcons and pack thanks to mr. rodgers getting hurt, and had the browns packers and under in indy tenn. so 0-3 there.

thats not what im about, usually do much better, so here it is for the week 15 picks

4 team teaser with the colts plus 7.5 the bucs plus 7.5, the saints plus 14.5 and the pats -2. listen i know its 4 teams and its risky, so here is why i love it. the colts are in desperate need for this win here, as are the jags, but if the colts lose it wont be by more then 7, peyton has had 10 days to prepare and i think they even cover the 4.5. the bucs also mush win this game, i know they had a few key injuries come into effect this week on the defense with talib at corner, but they also if they lose will stay within 7 at home. detroit hasnt won a road game since the 90's i dont think. as for the saints, well they have been hot since that crazy loss at home to the brownies. yes this will be the best competition they have faced in awhile, but the ravens dont blow anyone out. if they win it will be by 3 to 7. and the pats, comon no need to explain, no rodgers, NO CHANCE.


1200 to win 1000

2 team teaser with the cowboys -1, and the falcons @ a pk. listen the boys have been red hot since getting rid of that queer wade phillips and have covered all 5 games since garrett took over. only ... [More]

Posted Monday, December 13, 2010 01:17 PM

stop hatin jets fans

i mean im not trying to rub it in but brady and bill own u guys and the rest of the league. u cannot hate this team they r always prepared. but please all u people that think u r good cappers that took the bears, thank u very much. its cuz of u that all of us smart cappers got the pats at 3 or 2.5. easy  money the last 2 wks on the pats. brady and bill almost never let us down.


Posted Tuesday, December 07, 2010 05:28 AM

big kap 4 team 12 pt teaser, likin it alot

1st time posting a thread so i have no documented history, but i promise u this, check my picks out in the nfl for a week or 2 and then hop on board with some of my picks if u like em. have always just bet the nfl b/c i follow it the most and college hoops a little the last couple years since living in vegas. anyway what u guys think of this 1? and hey state any opinions but no need to be a dick about it it u dont agree, respect is a must fellas, treat others how u want to be treated 

browns +13 @ bills- i know buffalo is a tough place to play but these brownies have been playing some good football. i am aware that b4 the bills got blown out against the viks they had played well in their previous 6 beating the lions and bengals outright and losing to the steelers ravens and chiefs in ot by 3 and losing to the bears by 3 in regulation. 4 good teams. the bottom line is i dont see them blowing anyone out, i know they blew out the bengals but the bengals maybe the biggest letdown team of the year. last win was against the panthers in week 3 i believe. anyway the browns have beat some good teams, saints pats, almost the jets, anything can happen but i think the browns + 13 is pretty safe fellas

packers + 5 @ lions- packers own the lions winning atleast the last 10 times they faced them. packers are playing for alot here. put peyton manning @ qb and i still like green bay + 5. very safe play gentlemen regardless of the crossing 0 rule. if they... [More]


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