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Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2012 11:53 PM

The Great Miami Pat

Pat Riley may possibly be on the verge of surpassing Don Shula as the greatest Miami sports figure. He has a resume that is untouchable. Coached at the prestigious Kentucky college coached by the great Adolph Rupp. Riley was so good he was even drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.  His pro career was mediocre, he pretty much rode the pine and collected a ring in 72'. His coaching resume speaks for itself. Showtime Lakers. Great era of basketball. Onto the Knicks where he came a few John Starks field goals short of some additional jewelry.

What's most impressive about Riley's tenure is he has built 3 seperate championship contending runs in Miami. First were the Zo & Hardaway led teams of the late 90's who ran into Jordan in the Conference Finals. Had a #1 seed  during lockout in which they were upset by the Knicks. Then put all of their chips in the center of the table for a run in the 2000-2001 NBA Season. That team was destined to meet the Lakers in the Finals. It really could have been a special run, but a rare disease to the heart and soul of that team Alonzo Mourning, derailed the possibility.

In 2003, he got real lucky. Miami held the fifth pick in the draft and with a few lucky breaks, most notably Detroit's selection of Darko Milicic they drafted D-Wade. Folklore tells it that he wanted Chris Bosh, as well as a desire for Chris Kaman. It is believed that he deferred and trusted the instinct of another executive on th... [More]

Posted Sunday, May 27, 2012 11:23 AM


This is a fun topic I like to debate with some of my friends who know the NBA very well. This is not necessarily about numbers, titles, chemistry, etc., This is about taking the 5 best players, each from their respective position and constructing the best possible squad.

I suspect that many of these will look similar, but would like to also see some variances and explanations to go with them. Here is my 5 and a brief explanation why that player was chosen.

PG - Magic Johnson - This was an easy selection. Without research I think he had 5 titles and was just such a dynamic player. His size alone would cause fits. Honorable mentions; John Stockton, Steve Nash, The Big O.

SG - Michael Jordan - I seriously doubt anyone could come out with  a better argument here and keep a straight face. Maybe Skip Bayless can.

SF- LeBron James - Very hard choice to make here. You obviosly have Larry Bird also, who many would pick over this guy. But in 9 seasons he has been a winner, no off-court issues, 3 MVPs, a tripble double threat. When his career is finished, he should be in this spot like Jordan is at the #2.

PF - Karl Malone - Another tough spot here that is completely open for debate. Alot of people just few him as a very nice player, but I remember Malone as a bad ass. Research his stats, they will astound you. He was a machine. He also stayed healthy his entire career, playing 82 game seasons. And the times he didnt was because of wither ... [More]

Posted Sunday, May 20, 2012 10:38 PM

Wade better than Iverson

Was going to post this in someone's comment section, but too many guys dont like to hear the truth and block rebuttals. Here is the truth on the whole Iverson vs Wade argument.
Points - PushIverson clearly has an edge on quantity, but he was just a ball hog who always took ill advised shots. Hes got 24k taking twice as many shots in a 14 year career. Wade has played 9 years and has clearly been more effective with his opportunities.Spilts - Edge Wade.Iverson edges Wade slightly from beyond the arc, but neither of these guys are Jesus Shuttlesworth. Wade is near 50 percentage points better FG% wise. Thats a big number.Defense - PushIverson gets more steals. Wade is best shot blocking guard of his generation.Playoffs - Edge WadeWade has made the playoffs in all but one year during his career. His rookie year he took a lottery team into the second round where he was outmatched by a strong Indiana team. He came a meltdown short of making a Finals trip during Shaq's first year and then capped it off with a Finals MVP when delivering a championship to Miami. In the first year of the Big 3 era, he made it to another Finals, falling short.Iverson had that tremendous run in 2001. And thats it. There was nothing else worth mention.Intangibles - Edge WadeThe microscope has been put on Wade over the last few days since his spat with coach Spo. Judging by some of the comments posted, people do not care too much for Wade. I also do not like whiny people who make excuses. I think Wade re... [More]

Posted Sunday, April 01, 2012 02:37 AM

Wrestlemania 28

I have spent the last several hours trying to find a book who would take action on Sunday's rigged WWE matches. If need be I will fly to Vegas myself if necessary, already have a route set. The match that is most intriguing is the Hell in a Cell match vs Undertaker and HHH. Here is a snippet about the match

Basically, the Undertaker is 19-0 at this stage. For a twist, there is a guest referee who might not see things so objectively. Former partner of HHH, the man who lost to the Taker, HBK himself.

Would love to find a book to take this action. I wonder what the odds would be. Maybe -150.


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