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Posted Friday, December 07, 2012 04:06 AM

Friday Picks -- Your input?

Hey guys been lurking for a while and finally decided to post after the Knicks fattening my wallet tonight. I'm looking at a 4 team parlay here with:

Denver +1.5
Memphis -7.5
Charlotte +7.5
Oklahoma City -7.5

Denver on the road scares me here but Indiana hasn't been able to beat a good team besides the Lakers all year.

I don't consider Hornets one of the better teams and on this one here I was looking at the margin of victory in Memphis wins. by 10 @ GSW, by 9 vs UTAH, by 18 @ Bucks, by 18 vs Miami, by 10 vs NYK, by 8 vs LAL. I think Memphis can take a -7.5.

Charlotte has been playing good ball, they are getting 7.5, bucks have been playing bad ball, only 4-4 at home. I don't think bucks being home makes a difference. Charlotte won 102-98 vs bucks on November 19.

Lakers can't keep up with okc even with 7.5. Okc is home and have a 6 game winning streak. I don't see lakers winning this, what's going on with pau doesn't help. 

What do you guys think.. Would like opinions before I place bets :P 



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