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Posted Saturday, September 11, 2010 03:53 PM

The Islamic Community Center in Manhattan

Before you start labeling me as a liberal, tree hugging leftist. That's not the case. I am a conservative but I don't blindly support everything that republicans back. I'm more of an independent and take case by case. I'm also a practicing Catholic. However this debate has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism. I hope you all can understand that idea. This is a debate that ultimately you and I should have no say (unless god forbid you lost someone in (9/11 attacks). I did not, thank the Lord.

It's not fair to compare a Mosque with a Community Center. My point is, there is a difference between a Mosque and a Community Center. Let's try and understand that. There are ping pong tables, pool tables, a movie room, small fitness centers as well as the prayer room where Muslims can take time to pray and practice their religion. We're not talking about a giant Mosque on the dirt where the Twin Towers once stood.

Also you guys are completely exaggerating where this Community Center will be built, it's about 7 or 8 blocks away from the ground zero site, It's not across the street from ground zero guys. Let’s try and be a little more mature, because these Muslims building this mosque are moderates, all of you guys seems to be  labeling their religion with terrorism. How fair is that? Any group of Muslims that wants to build a mosque is NYC is now banned from doing so? How far away should someone be able to build a mosque from gro... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 05, 2010 03:41 PM

The Blair Witch Project Vs. Paranormal Activity

Which one of these movies do you feel is more believable>?

I for one feel that the Blair Witch Project is a much more realistic portrayal of a movie based on a true story.

opinions, comments, criticism?

Posted Sunday, July 25, 2010 12:53 AM

Camden Yards

I went to camden yards to for the first time to see the twins play the orioles and that stadium is pretty sweet, I have to say.

Ive visited a few stadiums (Yankees stadium, Shea, Jacobs field, and the great american ball park, and now camden yards).  I have to say I was impressed by this stadium and its close knit seating to the field, crab cakes, cheap tickets, however the whether even at the 7:05 game was incredibly hot. But nontheless a great stadium to visit. Beer is cheap and the food is great whether it be roast beef sandwiches, crabcakes, or hot dogs......


Posted Thursday, July 22, 2010 10:48 PM

Melky Cabrera & Joba Chamberlain

Man to think the Yankees could have gotten Johan Santana for these two guys and another pitching prospect fuck......

The twins have already traded the main guy in that deal Carlos Gomex away to the Brewers and Im not even sure if Gomez is still in Wisconsin.......

Posted Thursday, July 22, 2010 11:18 AM

Miami's ever so important Bench

I truly believe that with the players that are currently on their team as of now or potential players on the Heat squad that they will be able to succeed without making any more large signing in the next several weeks 

Mario Chalmers

Dwayne Wade

Mike Miller

Lebron James

Udonis Haslem/Joel Anthony whoever decides to start at center even big Z some nights.

My point is with Butler, Da'Sean, Jones, James, Howard, Juwan, Arroyo, Carlos, Pittman, Dexter, Diawara, Yakhouba and whoever else they decide to get is more than enough talent to win championships because i strongly think that if wade and lebron get doubled these guards and forwards should have tons of great looks especially since they need to somtimes double bosh. If these players cant knock down the open shots then they dont belong in the nba. I think that one of these guys is going to average 10 points off the bench and tthat will be enough production to support wade bosh and bron on a nightly basis

Whether or not these guys will be able to knock down the big shots like fisher or horry or ginobli, glen davis, will be seen when the season starts but Wade, bron and Bosh should be taking these sorts of late game baskets anyway. But I feel that one of the role players on the heat roster is going to shine in Florida, the Heat had a very good draft in my opinion.

One more thing I hope, the Heat can somehow keep Daquan Cook, hes a very underrated shooter who could t... [More]


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