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Posted Saturday, September 17, 2011 01:33 AM

Chi Sox get the Death Penalty


Tonight the Chicago Whitesox have been given the "death penalty" for wagering on.
 I'm sure most are rolling there eyes at this and understandably so, but this is not a rant
or a guy exploding, in fact tonight I did not even lose money on them, I have not wagered money on them in two moths

this is a team that gets owned by the Twins, the Royals and make Bruce Chan look like an all-star

Somewhere around the all-star break inmist of over anayizing things wich i often do, I found out that i'm not very good
at ChiSox games, in fact im very bad at it, as of this year i have been profitable on 23 teams this year, 1 team i break even.
I quit gambling on the cubs two years ago and haven't been happier with the decision, so i break even with the cubbies, and
that's something not many can say.

Long story short, i have not been profitable with every team this year, you find a guy that has call the BS card but the WSox
had been 3-8 for the year, so i stop the cash on them but continue to do the wagerline stuff.

after another loss to KC i decided to look back over the last two month. this month im 25-25 on WG and.... 1-5 on CWS
 games meaning i would be 24-20 if i have never bet on their games

in august i went 54-32 on wagerline but only 2-2 on CWS

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