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Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2011 02:38 PM

2-0 yesterday Georgetown -1.5

2-0 yesterday with 2 easy winners on overs in Duke and Tenn game. Georgetown competed with Kansas after going over 8 minutes without making a basket. This is a well coached team that playes good sound defense and doesnt take bad shots.

These treads are really a joke for alot of people. I do bet real money with bodog and not here to chat with people and have a friends list. Im here to make money and share 30 years of gambling experience.

Ive read other treads and these people are betting over 10 plays a day and what I really love is the difference in there wager bets. Give me a break your bets should all be the same unless you are up for the day and playing with the books money. You choose a few games a day and try to win for the day and if you want to double up on a game if your winning go for it, but these people who play 5 units 1 unit or large play you are telling me you like one bet better than the other and why even play the smaller bets. I can guarentee you this you play 10 games a day and you will be forced to try to get your money back sooner than later. Nothing worse than losing money you cant afford or making dumb bets because your ego is hurt. Hope this information helps some of you who are serious about not getting beat up but enjoy betting in a comfortable responsible manner. Good luck to all.

Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2011 03:24 PM

Wow check out props to win a major

Looking at props for the presidents cup and say next years 4 major odds for 4 different men.Tiger, Phil, Rory, and Lee Westwood.

Check this out if you bet $10.00 to win 1 major with each man you would have a investment of 40.00 to win approx 300.00. Now with 100.00 bet look at this. 400.00 investment wins 30,000. In think its a great investment no matter what dollar amount you invest. If you think one of these guys will win 2 majors and invest another 400 you are looking at approx, 16,000,000.

Look forward to your comments.


Posted Saturday, November 12, 2011 06:35 PM

5-2 YTD


Army - 2

San Francisco -11.5

Southern Utah + 17.5

Louisiana Lafayette + 2.5

Good luck everyone



ARMY - 2



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