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Posted Sunday, April 19, 2009 06:30 AM

Magic will roll !!! in 4 straight !!

the orlando magic in 4,. and 5 if the 76ers are lucky !  nobody will stop dwight howard ! and those other magic guys.  did all you 76ers backers watch the last game of the year where the 76ers could barely hang and beat the Cavs C team., & some d-league players..,  there is zero chance this series even gets to 6 games.  89% of a sweep,.  76ers are not a good home team or a goood.,  they have absolutely nothing working for them.  not a good road team and not a good home team.  they are just lucky that they are in the eastern conference and that they get the experience the playoffs, because if they were in the Western Conf.  they would be gone fishing by now.  if any of your books offer alternative lines on the games.,  take the orlando magic -15 or more  and put at least 1 unit on them to sweep the series !!!  it should be still at 3 or 4 to 1 to sweep !!

and does anyone remember them killing the Cavs at home about 2 weeks ago or so.  the Magic  are for real fellas,  6ers have no shot period.

Posted Sunday, April 19, 2009 06:15 AM

Portland all day in Game 2!!!!!

nobody thought the rockets would shoot 75% in the first quarter and almost 59% for the game.,even the guys that bet them didn't think it would be that easy.  there is no way they keep that up.  blazers will bounce back in game 2.  and the one other big thing is portland only getting to the free throw line 8 times through 3 quarters when it was kind of still a game.  vs. the rockets got to the strip 24 times through 3 quarters.  very odd numbers for the away team to get all the calls and go to the line. i don't think they were that much moore aggressive.  its a must win for the blazers in game 2, and a must play for cappers, i bet the rockets get a big head and even let up a little because they know all they need to do is win out at home from now on and the get to the next round..   gl all     get on the line early when it comes out.  
i would take the Blazers -8 right now easy      

Posted Saturday, April 18, 2009 10:47 PM

nba playoffs !!!!

long time football & bball capper, somewhat new to covers..  let me know what anyone thinks of em.' in vegas now, but first 20 years of my life i lived in cleveland,  never thought i would see the day when the cavs are a #1 seed,  they are the best team in the nba right now period.. record stats the same. !!   here weee goo.. all bets are for 1 unit, unless noted   Cavs / det  over 175.   Cavs are going to come out strong and with a purpose, to show everyone they are for real !  12 pts is a lot of points in the playoffs, the Cavs don't care if they cover the spread.  I could see them winning by 8-10..  but could win by 20 ! Cavs score at least 100pts here,.  hopefully the pistons can get 20 pts a quarter for at least 80 yeah.,.  cavs 100+ to 80+   Portland -3 1/2 (buy 1 pt)  The 3 hottest teams going into the playoffs in the NBA are Cavs, Blazers, & Lakers.  all 3 will not lose a home game in the 1st round period.    since so much public enjoys this pick for good reason i could see some ending rubbish and blazers only end up winning by 4 or something lame, but should be just about over at halftime.,  blazers control the game from the start, Roy will show why he is a all-star, and this game is the last game of the night, he will put on a show.  portland has great home crowd and record.,  yao will struggle from the field. blazers 103 - ... [More]

Posted Saturday, April 11, 2009 07:29 AM

don't mess with nba games with teams that seasons are over !!

i would watch out for this one.   even though phx may have a lot of bench players in..  this is the nba.  the best players in the world here.  even bench players can score.  and phx bench players get to practice with the 1st team and learn all the time from them.  and if all the public is on the under.,  it might go over.   neither team has any need to play defense, don't think the refs will have much impact.,  just will come down to if both teams are hitting there shots.   i bet the over/under line will be like 211-215...  and it will go over if it is that low.   just everyone stay away from the games with teams that have nothing to play for !   play the bulls at home with something to play for,  pistons at pacers, that one is a moneyline play though,.  and the portland trailblazers at the lowly clippers.   get the cash yeah., 


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