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Posted Saturday, December 15, 2012 09:23 PM

12/15 Boxing

Silva/Angulo under 7.5, -250, 25 units to win 10.

20 year old, 5'7 cannon fodder. Easy work for Perro, easier cash.

Khan wins in rounds 6-12, +179, 6 units to win 10.7. Too big, too fast, too skilled. He's obviously going to take a cautious approach, but the class disparity is going to show in the second half of this fight. 

Arce, +1000, 4 units to win 40.

If anyone is going to upset Donaire, it would be someone like Arce. He has the experience, power and will to get it done. There are two things that make this more than a "throwaway" long shot sucker bet.

1. Nonito's lingering left hand issues. After his last two victories, Donaire's left hand emerged from his glove blood soaked. The culprit? A vein in his hand rubbing against the gloves causing a massive, painful blood blister. That's what we've been told, but I suspect the rumors about tendon damage might be true. If it was simple as a hand wrapping issue, it would have been corrected. Also, if it wasn't a big deal he wouldn't have become a one handed fighter at times in both fights. 

2. Arce's strength and conditioning coach is none other than Angel Heredia/Hernandez, the same coach responsible for Marquez's amazing transformation. It appears to be paying dividends too, as he looked shredded at the weigh-in and didn't look drawn out. Donaire? Not so much, as I felt he looked gaunt. 

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