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Posted Monday, November 30, 2009 08:15 AM

Pats against the NFC....

In the last 6 years the Pats have only lost 2 games against any NFC opponent. They lost to the Panthers the 2nd game of the 05 season and then of course to the Giants in the superbowl 2 years ago. I would not want to bet against that stat or Brady in general,let alone in a primetime game. Not saying you should automatically take the Pats cause I believe this will be a really competitive game. At the end I like the Pats because....

-Line opened at -3 and has jumped down to a pick'em with around even action on both sides

-Brady and  Belichick have the hardware and love the big spotlight

-New Orleans will have the jitters early on and might take a possesion or two too settle down

-I know the Pats D. has underachivied this year,but I believe they can get a stop when it matters. And I would hate to watch Brady march down the field on a last min drive when I'm betting against him

-Pats need this game more and will pull out all the stops to try and get a W.

-And of course the Pats have dominated the NFC over the last half decadeincluding last year with Cassel running the show

Should be a good one tomorrow night,hopefully an instant classic

Wish I would of jumped on them with the points,but I'll still take them on the ML at +116


Posted Monday, July 13, 2009 09:06 PM

Thoughts on the Derby....

Definitely Pujols has the freest swing out of the bunch. I just don't see him taking it just because of the sole reason you always expect the unexpected in the Derby. This competetion is a coin flip and big dogs can cash. It's not about just pure power to win this thing. It's more of a fluent swing combined with stamina,no show boating early on,and momentum in the finals. My opinion on everyones chances to pull this out....   Pujols....who cares with his price tag   Howard....Great chance to get his 2nd title,but not worth the price his getting   Gonzo....Been hobbled recently and hasn't gone yard in over 10 games. Just don't see him getting past the 1st round   Maurer....As a lefty he's got a good price tag. Just never seen him as a homerun hitter,still worth a shot at over 8-1   Pena....Best price of any lefty in the competiton,but for a reason. Pena is a straight power hitter with a big upper cut swing. Don't see him getting past round one.   Fielder....I think he has a great shot at winning this competition,if not getting to the finals and taking a shit. Lefty with awesome power and very free swing for such a huge guy. At over 5-1 his worth a look   Inge.....Honestly I don't think he has a shot at winning this competition. Just two small and will run out of energy before he finishes the 1st round. But who am I to say,at 11-1 he is worth a look   Cruz....I just don't get the price tag that has been put on Nelson. I... [More]


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