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Posted Sunday, May 29, 2011 06:48 PM

Covers and BETed relationship needs exposure

Covers is a valuable resource, however, Covers does owe us an explanation on what criteria and what due diliagence was performed in ranking BETed as the number 1 book.  If Covers wants any credibility for their recommendations, endorsements and advertisers, they need to disclose this information,  Are they just ranking books by the amount of avertising money they collect from the book?.  That would be my assumption, without any other information and certainly it is unethical to make endorsement solely on amount of money paid.

Covers has been all over these boards discussing the BETed situation, but they have limited information available to them.  However, they certainly have all the information regarding their relationship with BETed and criteria used to endorse this failed book as the #1 book.  This information is availiabe to covers and should be disclosed, in light of all the money Covers customers have lost due to their recommendation.





Posted Friday, May 27, 2011 07:55 PM

Covers unethical and lost credibilty due to BETed relationship

For covers to accept paid advertisements from BETed and also recommend and endorse their product is clearly unethical.  Consumers should be wary of any situation similar to this.

I would be interested if covers can provide evidence on what due diligance they performed before recommending and endorsing BETed, if any.  It appears covers accepts fees for their recommendations and endorsements without much research,  If this is not correct plese correct with documented facts.  With the current situation, I would have little confidence in any product recommended or endorsed by covers.

An analogy would be if the Travel Channel accepted paid adverstisements for XYZ vacatons and also recommended XYZ vacations as the best vacation available.  Then it is found out everyone who took a XYZ vacation was robbed and rapped.  Maybe a little dramatic but how much credibility would the Travel Channel have?

BTW I did not lose money with BETed and enjoy many aspects of the Covers website.



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