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Posted Sunday, February 03, 2013 01:06 PM

SB 47

over 48



Posted Wednesday, January 04, 2012 06:50 PM

Wed. 01.04.12

Covers Posted: 3-1-0
Overall (Covers/Twitter) Posted: 19-13-1 +17.7 Units

CHA @ NYK-11.5
MEM @ MIN-3.5
SAC @ DEN o206.5
HOU @ LAC-7.5

Realized I have a lot of faves on this card.



Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2010 01:28 AM

Tuesday 12.21.10

Posted NBA:



Im going to roll the dice with Orlando again and get my money back.  They are playing like crap.  They don't have any flow in their offense.  They can't count to 3 (meaning D-12's several 3 second turnovers throughout the year).  Dallas has only 1 loss on the road.  They are playing with confidence.  They beat a powerful Heat team last night.  So why the Magic?  I don't know the actual percentage but a road favorite that loses SU wins the next game at home ATS on a B2B.  Its posted somewhere in the archives here on Wagerline.  A quick example is ATL.  They lost as 4 point favorites on Sunday @NJ and won ATS vs. the Magic on Monday.  So why didn't I play the Hawks on Monday?  Good question.  I just overthought things.  This time, no thinking.  Straight gut.



Posted Monday, December 20, 2010 07:10 PM

Positive Account Balance and Referrals

I decided to check my betED account in which I haven't used in 3 years or so and to find out I have a positive account balance of nearly $300 and its not bonus credit either.  LOL.  What a way to start Christmas week with.

Anyways, I'm looking to open another sportsbetting account.  Just to spread the wealth around.  Anyone who wants referral credit (if its being offered) let me know.  I have accounts with SportsInteraction, Sportsbook.com, 5dimes, and betED.  So if its not one of those and there's a referral bonus hit me up.

Thanks and Good Luck Tonight!


Posted Monday, December 20, 2010 03:40 PM

Monday 12.20.10

The slump continues going 1-2 yesterday and 4-10 the past 4 days.

Posted NBA:


ORL-2.5 @ ATL

Played the Magic last game vs. the Sixers and played the Magic at home vs. the Hawks a few weeks ago both ending in losses.  Why do I keep playing them?  Because I believe in Magic and with Hedo returning to a place where he knows the system and the personnel - to a place where he flourished running point forward and having the best years of his NBA career in points, rebounds and assists.  Arenas and J. Rich can't play defense but can spread the floor.  They probably don't know the plays but they don't have to - yet.  The Magic are 21st in offense and 29th in assists.  Those guys are in there to shoot, shoot and shoot.  I see a Magic team of past years where they dominated the Hawks going 7-1 ATS.

Probably playing two more.  Leaning CHA@WAS under and New Orleans.



Posted Sunday, December 19, 2010 01:46 AM

Sunday 12.19.10

1-2 Last night.  3-8 in the past 3 days on posted plays.

Posted NBA:


HOU @ SAC o204

In the 3 games since the Kevin Martin trade, the over has hit 2 of 3 times.  In the 3 games since the Kevin Martin trade the total average score is exactly 204.  Take away the first game in his return to Arco in which both teams shot under 40% and you have a total average of the next two games of 223.5.  Both teams have been shooting over 45% in their last 5 games.  Both teams give up 100 points/game.  I look for both teams to push the pace.

NOH @ DET u183

When was the last time New Orleans scored 100 points prior to the Utah game?  Answer: November 19, 2010.  Exactly one month ago when they were 12-1.  Total averages between the Hornets and Detroit in the last 10 games is 163.  I don't see this trend changing anytime soon.



Posted Saturday, December 18, 2010 04:37 PM

Saturday 12.18.10

Last two days been on a slump.  2-6

Posted NBA:


PHI @ ORL-6.5

Despite the report of the trade, the line only went down 2.5.  I was thinking it would be -4 or -5.  I'll still play my original play.  I understand Philly has been one of the hottest SU and ATS as of late but on a B2B and a tough loss last night, I believe their psyche is affected.  I look for Reddick and Bass to step up in the absence of VC, Gortat and Pietrus.  Im anticipating the Arenas trade should go through before tip off so they may be without Rashard as well.  Sounds bad but the best part is the Magic is back at Amway after their dismal west coast swing.

LAC+10 @ CHI

This play is not because the Clips won last night against the lowly Pistons.  Rather, although the Clips suck, they do hold their own against DD faves.  They are 3-0 ATS on the ROAD against teams such as @San Antonio, @Utah and @Denver.  In addition, they are 5-1 ATS on the Road when the spread is 9 and covered @Denver @Phoenix.  Their lone loss was against the Hornets.  The Bulls on the other hand have won their last three games by an averagin margin of 22 points!  Without Noah, I see the Clips hanging in a single digit deficit. 

MIA-13 @ WAS

Miami is a 13 point favorite on the road.  They had a 22 point victory last night.  They are just killing teams during this 11 game win stre... [More]

Posted Friday, December 17, 2010 03:05 AM

Friday 12.17.10

Should've went to bed after work instead of being greedy and playing DEN in an in-game wager during the 2nd quarter and halftime.  Only thing that saved my bankroll from taking a dive was an unposted (but lean) play on the Nets.  1-4 on posted plays yesterday.

Posted NBA:


Have another early work day so posting these up.  Again, no extensive research done.

CLE @ IND u197

This will be the 3rd game for these two teams this season.  The first two games totaled 189 and 184.  The Pacers average over 100 points/game at home and hold their opponents to 97.  Cleveland is struggling to reach the century mark not having scored 100 in 10 games and only once in their last 14.  I do not see things changing here.

MEM @ HOU o203

Without Yao, Houston likes to push the pace.  At home, they average 106 and 47% FG.  Although Memphis doesn't average 100 on the road, I believe Memphis plays to the pace of their opponents and will be running up and down with the Rockets.  Of note, these teams played once already and both teams shot over 50% from the field.


Some people already called it out.  Line is low by some peoples standards including mine.  No doubt the Sixers are the hottest team right now ATS.  The Lakers play two more games in this 7 game road trip (1 game was @ Clippers) including this one.  I think they finish it off right. ... [More]

Posted Thursday, December 16, 2010 03:36 AM

Thursday 12.16.2010

Posted NBA:


Got work early.  So I'm just going to throw this out there.  No extensive research done.

ATL+5.5 @ BOS

Don't know the status of Jamal Crawford, Shaq or even Rondo.  Celtics have won 11 straight.  Their winning streak started against the Hawks.  It would be fitting that the same Hawks ended it.  In 6 B2B games this season, the Celtics have either lost SU and/or ATS regardless of being favored or the dog.  Sure that doesn't say much.  But with Ray Allen playing 41 minutes, Paul Pierce playing 40 minutes and Garnett playing 36 minutes against the Knicks, I look for the Hawks to stay close.

SAS @ DEN o213.5

In the last 10 meetings dating back to 2008, none of their totals went over 210.  In fact totals averaged only 193.   What gives?  The Spurs are playing the best offensively since 1994-1995 with players like David Robinson, Avery Johnson, Sean Elliot, Chuck Person, Terry Cummings and Doc Rivers.  Denver, as you all know is all offense.  With a point total this high, I have to take it.

Looking to get one more in.  But with work, I doubt I'll be able to post.  Leaning the Nets-points or Denver.  Not sure yet.



Posted Thursday, December 16, 2010 02:11 AM

Betting Strategies

I've been on wagerline since 2006 and posted my plays (mostly NBA) since that time.  I've seen some great cappers in the NBA, NFL and MLB forums.  Some are still here.  Some have left.  Some came back and changed their name.  I've seen many new people post great plays and not so great plays.  What I find amusing is some people both new and old blame others for their losses.  They blame the person they tailed.  They blame the team.  They blame the coach.  They blame the star player on the team.  The list goes on and on and on.  Just blame everyone and anyone except themselves.  I've won and lost in the past.  Lost more than what my income was at one point.  I was younger and dumber.  But through these experiences I've learned a great deal and wish to share that here most of these apply to MLB, NFL and NBA.  Some tips only apply to NBA.

Lets get one thing straight.  You make the play.  You called the bookie.  You pressed the submit button on the sportsbook website of your choice.  There is no other person to blame but yourself.

Don't wager your entire bankroll on one play.  Most people are looking for the quick money.  The get rich quick scheme.  It doesn't happen that way.  The general rule of thumb is what?  - Ive seen anywhere from 2% to 10% of your bankroll.  Lets say you start out with $1000.  Each wager should be bet... [More]

Posted Wednesday, December 15, 2010 12:24 PM

Wednesday 12.15.10

Yesterday went 4-1, the one loss being a 2nd half play with the Wolves.

Posted NBA:


SAC @ NOH-10.5

Both teams are on losing streaks.  I see New Orleans turning things around tonight.  Back at home after a short but awful road trip.  Sacramento is still without Tyreke.  They kept things close last night against the Rockets - up to the end of the 1st quarter!

BOS @ NYK o204.5

I can't pick a side.  Both teams are playing great.  You can say both squads has played average or subpar teams.  Nonetheless a win is a win is a win.  Boston is usually good at controlling tempo.  But when these two teams play, it seems New York is the one controlling tempo.  This game will be close until the end.  Back and forth momentum swings.

Looking at a few more.



Posted Monday, December 13, 2010 06:35 PM

Monday 12.13.10

Haven't started a new topic in awhile.  See a lot of new faces.  See a lot of vets here as well doing their thing.  So here it is:

POR @ MEM o189
Line opened at 191. People started pounding the under. Fact is at 191 I still would take the over. Memphis is at home where they average 104.5 points and give up 103.8. A trend I've been following is when Portland has a low scoring game (in the 70's or 80's), they follow the next game up scoring in the 90's-100's.

NOH+12 @ MIA
The Hornets played Miami early November and won that game straight up. Of course it was a different Miami team than the one who won 8 straight by AN AVERAGE of 16.5 points!!! - most of which was on the Road. With all the stats and numbers, I see New Orleans in a good spot. Miami only covered 1 of the last 6 games at home in which spread was double digits. Or 2 of the last 7.

GSW @ UTA u207.5
Golden State isn't the run and gun team of years past. Can't understand why Vegas always has GSW so high. Totals 190, 205, 206, 223, 208, 216, 198 in their last 7 games. Utah is back at home where they rarely allow their opposition 100+ points/game.




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