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Posted Friday, November 30, 2012 11:54 AM   0 comments
I'm not a huge believer in trends, but I do like to factor in those that are utterly one-sided & that I deem to be potentially relevant.
 Here are a couple that jumped out at me while  previewing this wk's Eagles v Cowboys game:

PHI is: 1-4 ATS L5 road gm
   10-3 ATS L13 Dec road gm
   16-4 ATS L20 Dec road gm
    L7 & 9 /L10 road gm have gone UN
    9/L10 Vs NFC East have gone UN
    Vs. NFC East: 10-4 ATS L14
6-2 ATS L8
0-2 ATS L2

DAL is: 2-10 ATS L12 Vs. NFC East
2-9  ATS L11 Dec. Home gm (Incl. 7-20 Loss Vs. PHI last Dec)

I'll try to do a complete write-up of other trends I found interesting later, but I was surprised by this one:
The OVER is 12-0 in NE's L12 and 16-3-1 L20 Vs. AFC East.
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