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Posted Tuesday, October 01, 2013 12:46 AM

A Hockey Poem...

Twas the night before hockey and all through the forum
Every bettor was stirring so here is a poem
I like NFL and the CFL too
But in October nothing but hockey will do
As we read our last stat sheet and teams' final rosters
We often scoff at those fourth line imposters
Moneyline or puckline? What shall it be?
Well that all depends... who is the goalie?
We lock in our wagers with puck drop cheer
Good luck to all and have a great year!

I'm sorry... I know that was horribly cheesy but I'm F*CKIN PSYCHED! I haven't been as active on this forum the last few years as I'd like to, so I make it my mission  to change that. Good luck to everyone and I'll post picks tomorrow!

Posted Thursday, September 19, 2013 03:35 PM

NFL WEEK 3 (2-1 YTD)

Hey everyone! Happy to have football back after the rough week I've had in baseball. I just started posted my plays and went 2-1 (+0.8 Units) on the Monday Nighter. Here's my posted record:

Spreads: 0-1 -1.2 Units
Totals:    1-0 +1 Unit
TT     :     1-0 +1 Unit

The only game I've had anytime to look at so far is the Thursday nighter. My numbers have it as a very close game. I have six different systems I use and every one has this within 3 points on either side. The consensus of these picks says Philly by 2, so that will obviously not be a play. However, 5 of the 6 systems agree with a MAJOR under. The consunsus is around 43 points. KC's defence is not being given enough credit here. They've given up only 496 yards and only 18 points this year. That's a YPP of 27.55. I know they haven't played any real challengers yet, but that's still pretty damn impressive. On the other side, Philly has put up a total of 954 yards and 63 points for a offensive YPP of 15.1 (which is the league average). We also have to mention that they play against SD and Was who don't have the defense that KC does. I think it'll be a hard fought game, maybe coming down to a last minute TD or FG. Prediction: PHI 23 - KC 21


I waited on this line, hoping it would go up as we neared kick-off, but it peaked at 51 and seems to be dropping. It would not surprise me to see it... [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 18, 2013 03:05 PM

Wednesday Bases

I'm off to a cold start with my posted plays. However, it's mainly my totals that have been brutal so I'll be laying off those for a while and playing just sides and runlines. Updated Totals:

ML:   2-3 -0.75 Units
RL:   5-5 +0.41 Units
Total:  3-7-2  -4.66 Units

YTD:   10-15 (I'll ignore the 2 pushes)   -5 Units

I'll start with the early game:

OAK -1.5   +120

Will post more later...

Posted Tuesday, September 17, 2013 07:05 PM

Week 4 Picks Including Big Thursday Play

I have been on fire in College football this season! I went 9-3 last Saturday, so I decided to start posting my plays.


NC STATE +14  -107    2 UNITS!!! (that's rare for me)

I don't understand this line. NC St is a good football team. They sport a very solid defense. All of my numbers point to a one score game (likely a field goal, and possibly even an NC St win). What's crazier is that 93% of spread bets are on Clemson!!! Get this line now at 14 before the sharp money comes in and hammers it down to 11 or 12. PREDICTION: CLEMSON 37 - NC STATE 34


BOISE ST +3 -103

Another line that I love. My numbers have Boise St winning by a touchdown. The total is dead on in my estimation, so that's a no play. PREDICTION: BOISE ST 38 - FRESNO ST 31

I'll have more picks as the week goes on. Any thoughts?

Posted Monday, September 16, 2013 05:02 PM

Back For A Second Post

I've just gotten back into the swing of baseball betting, posting my first card the other day. It wasn't great but no terrible, going 1-2 -1.22 Units. We're gonna get those back and more today. I've got a big card and I feel pretty confident in it. So here goes:

YTD: 1-2 -1.22Units

RL 1-1    +0 Units

Totals 0-1 -1.22 Units

SD +155
SD +1  -102
HOU +1   +129
DET -1.5    +105
CIN/HOU OVER 8  +102
CLE +135
CLE/KC  OVER 7.5   +104
STL -1.5 +104
LAA/OAK OV 7   -115
ATL -101
MIN +102

Like I said, a big card, but I see a lot of value. Thoughts/comments?

On a side note, has anyone else had trouble loading Covers the last few days? About 75% I try to load the page I get an error. I usually have to wait an hour or two before I can get on. Has anyone else had this problem or just me? It's probably overloaded because of the NFL and College Football on weekends, but it's been driving me nuts the last few day.

Posted Wednesday, September 11, 2013 09:02 PM

My First Post This Season

Hey, everyone! I'm a long time reader on the MLB forums, and I've done quite well this season. I figured I'd start making some picks and hopefully we can all make some money! My book is Pinnacle and I have a tendency to buy half points on totals. Here goes...

LAD -1 @ +113    2 UNITS TO WIN 2.26 UNITS
HOU +1 @ -108  1.08 UNITS TO WIN 1 UNIT

 I realize that all of my picks are for the late games. That's not because I'm a degenerate, but because they are my favourite (damn American site tells me I spelt 'favorite' wrong) plays on the board :) I'll keep track of my posted record and feel free to ask any questions about my picks.
Good luck!

Posted Friday, December 03, 2010 12:22 AM

Concerning the Heat/Cavs "Sharp" Play

I for one am sick to death of the battle that I saw today. I'm not talking about the basketball game, but the disgraceful way that so many gamblers carried themselves today. Everyone seemed to be throwing around the "sharp" play of the day, but in my opinion there was no sharp play.
Everyone insisted on talking about the motivation factor, and who had more motivation. The honest truth is that everyone was equally motivated for that game. Lebron had to come up huge in what was perhaps his biggest and most emotional game of his career. The Heat had to come up big to support their number one asset, and the Cavs had to come up big to show him that they aren't a bunch of hapless losers as he made them feel.
At the end of the day, my thought was that motivation worked both ways, and therefore it was just a better team playing a lesser team, and that's why I backed the Heat.
I don't think in any way it was the sharp play, it just made snese to me. But I am tired of the constant battles taking place and trashtalking based on which side of the coin you were on. I love this site cuz its a great place to share your thoughts on the gambling world, and trying to screw the books together. I just feel that today was a sad day were alot of people lost track of what this is all about; KILLING THE BOOKS TOGETHER!!!!!!!! Good luck to all and I would appreciate your feedback

Posted Monday, August 02, 2010 03:26 PM

It's Time to Start Posting my Winners!!

Hey everyone. I've been on a nice little run the last couple weeks, so I thought it might be a good time to start posting them so we can kill the books together :)
Before I start, I am just gonna point out 2 things. First, I don't do writeups. There are so many aspects to capping a game properly that I don't feel it is necessary to write every detail that lead to a specific pick. Secondly, unlike most people I tend to pick alot of games everyday. I used to limit myself to just 3 or 4 picks, but too often I'd go 1-2 or 2-2, and my 3 or 4 other leans would all hit. So now I pick whatever looks like a strong play.

So here we go:

MIN -105  1.05u to win 1u

STL -156  1.56u to win 1u

WAS +105 1u to win 1.05u

SD +110 1u to win 1.1u

MIN/TB UNDER 8.5 1.1u to win 1u

KC/OAK OVER 7.5 1.1u to win 1u

SD/LAD UNDER 7 1.1u to win 1u

Good luck to all! 

Posted Monday, December 22, 2008 06:35 PM

On of those Dog Days (12/22/08)

I've been on a nice little run as of late, so I figured I'll post my picks here tonite and hopefully I can help somebody make some cash.

I've got a good feeling that 3 of the games tonite will be going to the dogs, so here we go:

Tor -105
I know that -105 isnt much of a dog, but Toronto is still the dog in this one. Anytime you have a dog against Atlanta, especially one that is coming off a spanking of pittsburg, looks good in my books. The over 6 looks pretty good too, as neither team seems to understand the concept of defense.
Prediction: Tor 5 - Atl 3

Pit -100
Pittsburgh has been playing solid lately and is looking to gain their manhood back after that abomination suffered against T.O. Look for a fast paced game with lots of scoring, as the matchup against Buffalo tends to bring that. Over 6 looks like a good bet.
Prediction: Pit 4 - Buf 3 OT (going on a limb with the OT)

Phx +115
My most confident dog of the night (no pun intended). The coyotes are showing glimpses of a solid young team with great leadership from the great one. Edmoton has been playing very uninspired hockey as of late, but has been very solid on the backend. Expect a very tight checking game with few goals. Take the under 5.5
Prediction: Phx 3 - Edm 2

Van -145
Now this is coming on a purely unbiased perspective, as I am a Canuck fan first, but I like money better. The Canucks played a solid 60 minutes against the hawks, but just couldn't get the job... [More]


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