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Posted Saturday, May 25, 2013 06:02 PM

4:00pm games

what up covers. Hope be are cashing some tickets.. today im liking some overs. actually like 3 games to go over..

phily vs wash.. 0ver 7.5.. this one worries me the most.. we haven't see an over when these two play each other since last yr.. why not tonite??

oak vs hou over 8.5 both team got some hot bats, don't see much changing, enless im missing some thing.. and this is known to happen .

stl vs lad. over 7.5 idk call me crazy but I see these two getting some points tonite..

im not sure how im going to bet this. I mite parley two and bet one separate.. or parley all three or single bets.. see what happens.. any comments welcomed.. some mite be square plays but if they win, what does it matter right..


Posted Thursday, December 27, 2012 02:14 PM


this article on yahoo. check this out its about a little boy trying to set a world record before he passes away.. with all thats been going out hope.. Some of you will take the time to read this article and help out this little boys dream come true before he passes... SO COVERS LETS DO THIS FOR THIS BOY, AND THANK THE MAN UP ABOVE THAT WE ARE ALIVE TODAY!! TM IS NOT PROMISED.. HOPE ALL YOU HAVE A SAFE HOLIDAYS AND LIKE ALWAYS HOPE WE ALL CAN CASH TODAY!!!!!!

Posted Tuesday, December 11, 2012 04:05 PM

nba tuesday

couple good games i think going on tonite.. best plays or that im leaning are. 

wizards/hornets. over 187.5.. wizards can score atleast i think they can ha.. and the hornets if im not mistaking have davis back.. i will try my chances on the over..

knicks/nets over 195.. i wamnt to take the knicks, but all years when star players are out for games, others been stepping up and if im not mistaking alot points are usually scored.. and plus these two teams are playing its going to be high scoring no matter whos out. i think..

comments thoughts welcomeD!!!!. i usually don't like betting two overs but i believe these are the best bets in my eyes..

bol to all today hope we can cash today!!!!!!

Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2012 06:10 PM


haven't really betted college basketball.. so feedback will be much appreciated..the best play of today i believe would be

wyoming vs uc Santa barbara..Over 117.5.. after taking a look at this game only thing that got my attention was i used to live in s.b. so after looking at the game i believe this line is a little low. if you look at all the games played within the month. lowest scoring game from wyoming was 62pts. lowest scoring game from S.B. was 56pts.. i believe this nite willl be no different in points, thoughts on this???

Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2012 12:43 PM

what up covers

today's leans are..

magic+7.5.. magic is at home and they seem to play a little better with 7.5 points i have to go with the home dog.

boston-3.5.. alot ppl saying this is a trap game for bkln so i will be one of the few to go with boston see if there's such a thing of trap game.. i do have a feeeling boston comes out on fire tonite. and nets might be shoooting porely.. will be a small wager thinking one unit or parley with someting else..

port -3.. there playing the wizards and ive seen this mite be trap game but i can't fall for that.. ha will bet port..

phx+3 vs.det.. liking phx with the points but might be a goood time to fade them

utah vs no o/u 190.5..liking the over here..

dallas vs chi-6.5  i want to lean chi but idk still gota check it out

tort vs memphis-10.. i think memphis tears it up tonite they didn't cover last time if im not mistaking.. but memphis mite be play today.. thoughts

min vs clips-9.. i think this is the time to jump on the clips . they haven't been playing well and covering . . over might be the play.. thoughts

there are my leans  thoughts comments are appreciated like always im here to win lets get cash.. my pod yesterday hit.. thankfully..

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 06:47 PM

the best play of the day in my eyes

I almost want to stay away from this game. Everytime i bet when this team is playing i start off the week bad!! things got to change at some point right?? we will see

Pacers +7.5 vs lakers.. I know the lakers are well rested, but hearing kobe might not play because he is sick. i like the pacers even more.. Pacers already beat them once and yea i guess lakers are due for payback.. but i don't see kobe doing to much if he plays.. yes i have been wrong before..

pacers vs lakers 195... i think im going to hang myself on the under.. there last game was a 98 97 around there..i could look but i got high.. fuck off. ha. but i don't see tonite being different..'

thoughts comments are more than welcomed. like i said best play in my eyes. would like to hear everyones.. lets win some money!!!thats what we here for.. lets get this..!!!!


Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 01:54 PM


time to forget about last weeek and try to get these w's. todays leans..

ind vs lakers over 195.5.. going to stay away from a team but i believe this will be a high scoring game.. atleast high enough for the over to win.

min vs sac-1.. thinking sac here..

raptors+6 vs hou.. i think this is a perfect time to fade hou.. both off rest all though i think hou will win, i believe raptors will keep this close.. thoughts??

think my top play would be the over on the lakers game.. but we will see thoughts comments are welcomed.!!!bol to all who bet today may we all get on same page and cash...

Posted Saturday, November 24, 2012 01:15 PM

what up people

Aint going to sit here and lie.. but this week has been horrible.. i didn't be earlier games but if you guys could and i would greatly appreciate it.. this is lame i know but does anyone have any good plays today i know nothings a lock but would appreicate it thanks .. bol to all hope cash in

Posted Thursday, November 22, 2012 07:46 PM

patroits vs jets

liking jets with the points and maybe the over.. thoughts??

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 03:19 PM

feeel goood weds!!!

My plays for today what you guys think.. not sure on the units yet but this is what im thinking..

Straight bets 2 unit plays


port +1.5

clips +4

two team parley 3 units.. liking these teams alot

nets+2, knicks-2.5

thoughts comments before i lock these in.. ????

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 01:49 AM

weds leans

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, hope we all cash in this week!! Wed leans sry not really a write up guy,

Raptors vs Char -2.5.. With char being at home and small margin liking them in this game..

det +1 vs orl.. i like det in this game..

n.o. vs ind-7... I really like ind even all the way up to -10.. this will probably be one of my bets..

s.a -1 vs boston..small point spread try my chances with s.a

clips +4.5 vs okc.. shit idk i will bite trap game or not.. will take the clips with the points anyday of the week..

knicks-1 vs dal.. shit knicks are on fire the only way they lose this game is if the refs call bs fouls. maybe??

lakers vs sac +5.5.. top players played along time today for the lakers.. alot of missed free throws. i think sac mite win this game.. thoughts???

thoughts, comments, are always welcomed.. most of these are leans but there are some will play.. knicks and cllips for sure.. maybe sac.. bol to all lets make money!!!

Posted Saturday, November 17, 2012 06:12 PM


what up ppl.. hope we are all making some cash today.. today im think ima go ahead a lock in

dal/clev under 199.5.. i know theses teams don't play well on d.. but i have a feeling there's going to be alot of bricks this game.. will give it a gander..

mem-6.. i didn't think yest game was a big win for mem. or a hard play.. there was alot of bs fouls called in my mind alteast.. but think they cover here

no+8.. i just think this is too many points to give.. yea this team just got smashed but think they play a little better.. thought??

clippers-6.. liking these clips and the way they play


thoughts comments wellcommed...

Posted Friday, November 16, 2012 01:18 AM

friday games

not to much write up

dallas +2.5 vs indiana.. like dallas with the points

utah vs phili+1.. i think i will try my luck with 76ers

oralando +5 vs detroit.. is this the first game detroit has been favored??

okc-6 vs n.o.. think okc covers this game

gs vs minny.. don't have a line yet but liking the home team

knicks+6 vs.  memphis.. wow idk call me a sucker but i might go large on this play.. am i missing something here.. knicks are still undefeated right?? someone hurt??is this an early christmas gift?

atl vs sac.. not to sure no line yett

hou+2 vs por.. im liking hou here. that crazy??

phx+9 vs lakers. doesn't this seem a little to high?? phx can score right?? im liking the suns here..


well these are  just my thoughts on all the games will be cutting some out and making the list short.. comments thoughts are appreciated!!!

Posted Thursday, November 15, 2012 02:19 PM

puff puff thursday

what up fellow bettors.. mutha fuckin thursday and my bong is tonite

                               Miami vs Buff

Something tells me there's going to be alot of ppl losing money this game.. Im not one to worry about trap games but really buf -2.5?? I was all over the bills when tihs line came out. didn't pull trigger now i see alot of damn good and respected cappers going the same way.. That worries me.., more times then not it ends up going the other way.. with that said

I'm leaning mia.. this rookie qb has turned this team around. if this was the bills last yr, i would be all over them. but mia is a team that disappoints and comes out of no we3re.. thinking bush will have a good day. maybe even the rookie qb shows mia they made a good investment??? thoughts..

Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2012 05:08 PM


arite im thinking of playing all the games tonite.. nothing big maybe just do all $50 plays.. but these are the teams i like.. no write ups but would like feedback

boston -5

miami +1






was +8



.what you guys think?????????? \

bol im here to try and do what your trying to do is win some money!!! HOLIDAY CASH WILL BE NICE.. THOUGHTS ARE WELCOME.

Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2012 12:26 PM

nba leans

yesterday went 0-2..

todays leans

det +8 vs phi.. liking detroit with the points. they have been keeping most of there games close...i think ha

utah vs bos-5.5.. i think this is boston all day. utah is playing like shit.. makes me wonder why line is so low. but then again bos isn't playing ball good either..

char+7.5 vs min.. idk im leaning char here with the points.. crazy???

mem +5.5 vs okc.. Im leaning towards mem with the points.. okc isn't blowing teams out.. thoughts??

ind vs mil-4.. think mil has this all day..

n.o vs hou-6.5.. leaning hou here

wash +8  vs dal. leaning with the points on this one to.. dallas isn't the same right now.. think 8 is way to much to give here

chicago-2.5 vs phx.. leaning chi, i know phx just beat nugs but stilll leaning chi

heat vs clips.. pk.. not to sure i think this is going to be a very good game.. maybe lean over on this one..

well those are all my leans probably wont play them all just went thru the schedule .. thoughts comments welcome.. bol to all

Posted Tuesday, November 13, 2012 08:50 PM

tuesday nite

no writes up.. pick this while cutting the grass. see how this goes.. but locked in sac-2.5 and the lakers +1. bol to all tonite


Posted Sunday, November 11, 2012 12:26 PM


well my first bet ended up going ppd. had took the gators opening day.. today was looking for a couple good bets..


what you think about oakland-2.5 and org st-8 today.. thoughts???

Posted Sunday, November 11, 2012 12:06 PM

sunday picks

Its finally here game day.. i already locked in

2 team par

denver -4, det -2

Raiders +7.5

lions -3

saints +1.5

nyg -4

bol to all .. hope we all can have a positive day..

Posted Friday, November 09, 2012 02:50 PM

my picks for today

arite not to much write up from me, as im a rookie to the nba and don't wana claim like im a pro.. so here we go bol to me and you hope we can cash

1 unit bets


knicks -6

gs +7 decided to bet it

nets +3, i wanted go wit magic but had a feeling nets pull it off, nickel9 confirmed my feeling..

2 team parley 2 units

miami -5.5, mil -3.5

i like alot of favorties today hopefully that don't come back in bite me in the arse. yest was a good day, 5-0.. hopefully cAN keep it going

bol to all

ncaaf i decided to go with pit, they've won me money so i won't fade them today.

Posted Wednesday, November 07, 2012 02:05 PM

thank nothing

no one answered my post so i found games to look im looking to bet

orlando+5.5 vs min .. im leaning orlando like i said im new but ive been watching them play i think there a good bet since they got points.. but haven't seen min play so input welcomed....

mem-1 vs mil..     i like memphis no reason just like this team

lakers vs utah-3 i believe lakers are getting back on track but i wana take my chances on utah.. thoughts??

det vs sac-6.. im thinking sac town baby at home i like this play 6 thou mite be to high??

clev vs gs -4.5    for some reason i hear clev and i think shit team like i said new so help me out. but i think gs has this from what ive seen on tv..

sa vs clips +1.. ok im new but what am i missing a scoring team like the clips are +1 at home.. I NEED THOUGHTS WHAT AM I MISSING? IS SA PLAYING THAT GOOD??

Posted Tuesday, November 06, 2012 01:18 PM


week 10 nfl.. waiting on my a confirmation on my local guy but should be in..

this week ive decide to throw a 2 team  5 unit parley on the board. parleys are dumn i know but ive been doing this all year not betting them but writting them down and of course i woulda won.. now that i bet i will probably lose.. lol but i think im ok bol to me

my two teams

detroit -2 vs min.. man from my understand harvin mite be out.. -2 on detroit yes ap is a beast but ap can't do it all.. i think detroit covers this, like ive said i believe minny is on a down hill spiral.

denver -4 vs panthers.. yes i now panthers did well against bears. but denvers d is on fire. that whole team is on fire.. manning is going to do something that ppl will be talking about for years to come.. a peyton manning -4 sign me up please.. cam newton is going to have a long day..

well there it is folks decided to put my money were my mouth is. if i win yay for me. if i lose next week here i come.. 

bol to all

Posted Tuesday, November 06, 2012 02:25 AM

WEEK 10!!!

just my two cents take it for whats its worth..

my no plays for this week are (we can label these to much excitement for me to handle)

SD VS TB.. this is a no play because both teams can score, i believe tb would win but rivers usually likes to step it up..

TEN VS MIA.. ten can play good at any day and mia is a hard team to beat. i would lean mia but for the simple reason its a coin flip to me..

buf vs ne.  we haven't seen the bills of last year and i can understand everyone will bet ne.. but points are to high of a spread for me to mess with..

kc vs pit.. i promise never to bet on pit games they always f. me.. i would lean pit, its that time of year were these elite teams step up..

the maybe plays..

nyg vs cincy.. i think manning has this under control i had them this past week against pit but like i said pit always finds a way to f me.

most likely plays..

stl vs 49ers.. i wont these niners to start losing i need them not to hit over ten wins.. for side bets nothing big just one unit bets but bragging rights are always good. but i just don't see stl being the team to help me in this bet..


MY RAIDERS VS RAVENS.. i have a lean on the raiders.. if this liine keeps moving up i will bet raiders to cover.. nothing big as i know my team.. i know they will f me if i bet big and win if i bet small..will wait to end of the week to decide some players got hurt this week... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 06, 2012 01:15 AM


 has anyone seen the lines, right off the back

indy -3 vs jags.....sign me up indy please.. indy will handle the jags easly, there is to much fight in this team..

detroit -1 vs minny.. i don't care what anyone says sign me up please detroit to the bank.. i mite be wrong only thing that worries me is there playing at home.. but with ponder playng the way i expected ponder to play. i see no more wins for this down hill spiral we all will witness..

denver -3.5 vs caro.. idk what the hell im missing, and whatever stat that is making this line so low for denver.. i thank you.. like ive said peyton manning is on track and believe in me, this guy is going to eat this d line alive.. the d for denver will take care of newton.. i can't believe this line..

like i've said nothing is a lock and i don't mean to come off confident, but these are def. going to be my plays im thinking a crazy parley.. to those who read idc if you just signed up, im knew myself and i welcome all comments thoughts.. IVE ALWAYS SSAID THE MORE WE ALL TALK AND NOT BASH EACHOTHER THE MORE MONEY WE WILL WIN!!! This is the only place were vegas doesn't have the edge.. the only reason why they do is because they leave you to believe certain stats will determine a game.. im sry folks i fail to believe that a drew brees looks at the stats for that week and says oh shit were going to lose.. the stats say so..square plays or not if there winners wtf is the issue.. bol to all .. le... [More]

Posted Monday, November 05, 2012 11:47 AM

EAGLE VS SAINTS take it for what its worth

Personally I think this will be one of the hardest games to play this year for a bettor like ourselves. two shit teams, no let me rephrase that, these are two goood teams that are having a horrible year !!!

Eagles- This year hasn't been good to eagles, I know they won a couple games against some good teams and also lost to bad.i believe some changes are going to be made with this eagles team.. i would of leaned eagles because when a man's job is on the line  THE MAN IN HIM STEPS UP!!In this case thou i believe all though vick and eagles will play there heart out, they won't get the job done.. theres to many problems there right now and that karma of bad luck will still stay.. Im firm believer in karma and i believe this is coming back to vick.. This dude can't stop fumbliing and to think he will stop on a primetime game in a SAINTS DOME!! to me is almost like saying im going to win the lotto today..

Saints.. Can anyone blame the saints for how there playing??People you tell me how your place of business will run if your bosses and company got suspended and this and that.. Shit will hit the fan. This is still a very good Saints team. I believe there season turned around.. Look these coaches new what was going to happen when the season started. Don't you ppl think they sat at a table and looked at there schedule a planned shit.??I believe this saints team is going to be well prepared for the remainder of the season.. i think there coach now his first gam... [More]

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