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Posted Saturday, September 04, 2010 05:14 PM

The Vikings are so F*cking stupid to trade Rosenfels

OK, I am not saying that Sage Rosenfels is a great QB, or even a good QB.....

But come on. He's light years ahead of Kordell McVickPepper, who now will be the only Qb option if anything should happen to Favre, or next year, should there even be a next year given the labor troubles the NFL faces.

What I don't understand is this; if these NFL coaches and personnel are so damn smart, how can they not see what I can see. That is, that Tarvaris WynnPepper cannot see more than 3 yards downfield, can't complete a pass in a big situation, doesn't run enough to make up for his inability to throw a pass.....

These guys really are dumb. Now, Favre will probably stay healthy so it won't matter much this year. But the whole goal is to have the best talent available all the time, and vikings blow this stuff all the time.


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