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Posted Thursday, August 13, 2009 07:10 PM

Week 1 Preseason Leans - Best Teaser Prices

Usually don't play preseason but may start semi-lite next week. Mostly a 3 & 4tm teaser player & former wagerliner before the sites merged - done very well with 'em the past 3 years. With the age of parity & very few dominating D's, especially like teasing totals down on selective games -
Leans for 4tm 13ptrs this week:
Pats over 19.5
Cards over 20
'Pokes over 20.5
Jets over 20
Tenny over 22
Hou over 24
Atl over 22
If anyone who likes to play teasers is interested in or looking for a solid book that offers bonuses, quick payouts & the best 10pt 3tm & 13pt 4tm teaser prices in the bidness (-110 college & pro - can do all totals or any mix of totals/sides), add me as a friend, let me know and I'll send you the details. Haven't given out my book/s in the past - but these folks are solid & noone beats their teaser odds.

Posted Thursday, December 04, 2008 04:24 PM

NFL Week 14

YTD: 110-103
+166.3 units
Been a good year overall but hoped to be up more at this point. Tonite's game sets up well for a 7pt teaser & am goin large. SDG has to be the most disappointing team in the league this year, but feel they'll take some of that out on Oak tonite at home. And with neither team going anywhere & not much D, they should both be loose & pull out all the stops to send it over the teased total with relative ease. Lookin for a big gm by Rivers & LT to pull outa his recent funk with at least 80-90 yds vs that weak Oak run D -
7pt teaser (16.5 units to win 15)
SDG -2.5
Over 34.5

Posted Monday, November 03, 2008 02:40 PM

NBA Monday

+.8 units
No time for writeups except to say Philly should roll tonite & cover in the 1st half. Without Miller, Sac has little inside presence & even if Salmons has a big game, like the 6'rs by 14+. Bad matchup for Sac & the athletic Philly horses will frolic tonite at home -
Philly -11.5 (2 units)
Philly 1stH -6.5 (2 units)
6 pt teasers:
Philly -5.5
Det +2
(1 unit)
Philly -5.5
GS +4
(2 units)
Philly -5.5
Jazz -.5
(2 units)

Posted Saturday, November 01, 2008 01:13 PM

NBA Saturday

-18.2 units
One large play tonite to get into profit for the year - got it last night. GL to all!
2tm 5.5pt teaser (22 units to win 20)
Lakers -2.5
Suns -2

Posted Friday, October 31, 2008 12:47 PM

Friday Nite Fright

-11.5 units
A dismal start but lookin to turn it around here on All Hallows Eve. Hopefully no tricks, just treats -
5.5 pt teasers
Magic -.5
Celts -3
(6 units)
Celts -3
Raps -2
(2 units)
76'rs -2
Magic -.5
(2 units)
Celts -3
76'rs -2
(2 units)
SA -2 (1 unit)
Magic 1stH -3.5 (1 unit)


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