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Posted Saturday, December 26, 2009 09:50 AM

Three best bets this weekend..

in my opinion

USC  -7.5 on Sat  -- I just don't see Boston College hanging with USU and I do think USU will be motivated to win this game. The may only win by 7 but I think it will be by more. If you can get 7 right before kick off then double up.

Colts -5.5 --  The colts are a much better team than the jets and they are at home. I think they do want to go undefeated too. Payton plays most of the game. The Jets are just not that good.

Phil -7 --- Philly may be the best team in all of the NFL at the moment and Denver is fading. Plus it's in Philly and they want to catch Minn. for 2nd place.  The worst that could happen here is you get a push.

There you have it. If you don't win at least 2 out of these 3 then feel free to blast away Sunday night. But I will have lost money as well.


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