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Back with a card of winners on Wednesday

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Posted Wednesday, June 12, 2013 02:03 PM   0 comments
I hope everyone had a good vacation from me, but let’s be honest, you know you have been waiting for my return.

It’s not too often that I take some time off, but I needed a little break, and after the winnings I collected from the cappers I was able to head out of town for a bit.

I am happy to be back and I am happy to get my faithful followers back to their winning ways.

So, let’s not waste any time. Let’s jump back into action.

For today’s action we will be going with two MLB and one NHL play to get us rolling. I will be going with a group of guys who have been getting it done all season long.

My first MLB play comes from Bryan Power. Come on, you had to see that coming. Power has torn the MLB up all season long, winning 64% (101-56) of his MLB plays this season. I will be jumping on Power’s “Late Night Power Surge” and I suggest you do the same.

Will Rogers will be getting the call for my second MLB play. Rogers has hit 59% of his MLB releases this season and he has “Top Rated Total” loaded and ready to cash tonight.

There have been a lot of great runs in the NHL playoffs this year, but I have to go with Sean Murphy and his impressive record. Murph has hit 71% (24-10) of his plays since the puck has dropped in the postseason. Over this time Murphy has also won his bettors over $6,800. Murph has his “NHL Stanley Cup Game 1 Winner” all set for tonight. Don’t miss out.

There it is guys. I am back, and I couldn’t be happier. I will see you all back here tomorrow so we can talk about our winners.

Take it to the books!

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