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Ask an Expert: Matt Fargo

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Posted Sunday, June 16, 2013 09:02 AM   0 comments

Knowledge is power, and we want our users to be as powerful as possible. The handicappers at Covers Experts did just that when they responded to users excellent questions in their “Ask an Expert” articles so far.

We received a great response from the users in previous weeks of our “Ask an Expert” and we want to keep it rolling this week.

Do you have any questions you would like the Professional Sports Handicappers at Covers Experts to answer? Is there anything you just don’t understand or want to learn about?

This week we will be featuring Matt Fargo, and we would like users to email us with any questions you may have for Matt Fargo. Then we will take the best questions each week and have them on Covers Experts on Sunday for your viewing pleasure.

If you do have questions, please email us at experts_support@coversmedia.com and put “Ask an Expert” in the subject line, and your question in the body of the email. Also, if you would like, be sure to include your username so we can let everyone know who the great question came from. 

Covers Experts and its handicapping team look forward to hearing from you - Enjoy the expertise of the handicappers from Covers Experts.

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