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Winning card is loaded for today

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Posted Tuesday, June 18, 2013 12:51 PM   0 comments

Well, that didn’t go anything like I had planned.

I should have just taken two days off in a row, but the itch was too much and I had to scratch it with yesterday’s action. The card looked great; there were just plenty of curveballs in the mix.

The Giants took the Padres to extra innings, but just couldn’t get it done last night. The Blackhawks forgot they were in the Stanley Cup Finals, and didn’t even bother showing up last night, losing 2-0 to the Bruins. Fortunately for us, Bryan Power’s strong MLB season continued, and he cashed with the Phillies.  

Unfortunately, I took it on the chin yesterday, only going 1-2 with my selections. The damage wasn’t too severe, but I never like losing us money, and either do the cappers who were involved.

Oh well, that’s the life that we’re in here. We can only pick it up and move on to today’s card.

Since we got thrown a curveball yesterday, I thought I would throw one in the mix today. For today’s card I will be going with one MLB, one NBA, and one WNBA play.

I have to stick with Bryan Power for my MLB selection today. Power swept the board yesterday, and he has gone 5-0-1 over the last two days in the MLB. It’s no surprise as Power has cashed 65% of all his releases this season, winning his clients almost $32,000. Today I will be playing Power’s “Division Power-Ball” play.

Steve Merril is getting the call for my NBA selection tonight. Merril has hit 59% of his plays all season long, and he has been even more impressive in the playoffs, winning 64% of all his selections. Tonight I will be playing Merril’s “10*NBA Finals – Spurs/Heat – 100% ATS Angle.” Get on it with me.

We haven’t played any WNBA this season, but that’s all about to change. Sean Murphy has released 11 WNBA plays this season, going 8-3 over that span. So, why should we let the winners pass by? We shouldn’t, so make sure you are on Sean’s “WNBA Late Night Blowout.”

Let’s bounce back big from yesterday guys.

Take it to the books!

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