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No cooling off at Covers Experts

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Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2013 08:10 AM   2 comments

I have been dying to get back in here with all of you.

After closing last week off with a 3-0 record over Saturday and Sunday, I have been itching to get a new card loaded.

Last week proved to be a valuable week as we threw out an impressive 8-4 record with our selections. This improved our overall record to 109-70-3, and has us almost $13,000 ahead of the game. Not too shabby of a profit since April.

Let’s not get too wrapped up in what is already done. Let’s get focused on the present and have another big week.

Let’s get rolling.

Today’s card will consist of two MLB plays and one WNBA play.

For my first MLB play, I will be sticking with Larry Ness. Ness capped off a great week for me, cashing in on Saturday with his seventh straight Wipeout Winner. Although Ness doesn’t have a play out yet, I will be leaning on him for a winner today. Look for Ness to release a Wipeout Winner (7-0 Run), a Pitching Mismatch (13-2 Run) or a Perfect Storm (8-3 Run). Plenty of solid options to choose from on Ness’ plate.

Next on the MLB ticket, we have to turn to Will Rogers. The Coach has earned almost $10,000, on his way to an impressive 141-98 (59%) MLB record. Today Rogers has a full card of MLB action ready to roll. I will be jumping on “The Coach’s MLB Major League Mismatch” and riding it all the way to the bank.

My lone WNBA selection comes from Bryan Power. Just like Ness, Power helped me to my 3-0 card over the weekend, and his WNBA doesn’t appear to be cooling off. Power has now hit nine of his last 12 WNBA picks, and today he has a “10* WNBA Super Power” play ready to roll. Don’t miss out.

There it is folks. Let’s kick the week off right. Take it to the books!

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masterofbets says:
7/9/2013 10:39:41 AM
109-70-3 with free picks or with free and paid picks? I'm interested in what is record only on free picks ce_manager?
ce_manager says:
7/10/2013 12:48:34 PM
This record is my own personal record by selecting a variety of games that are for sale on Covers Experts (https://experts.covers.com/). I usually play 5 days a week and select 3-5 picks a day.

If you are interested in any statistical data from Covers or Covers Experts please email support: support@coversmedia.com



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