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Posted Sunday, August 05, 2012 02:00 AM

Olympics 8/5 (feel free to comment)

based on stats and current odds, here are my picks:

TURKEY (3 units0

Czech, China, Russia and Canada (all for 2 units each)

Britain ( 1 unit only) - home court adv, 1.5 pts underdog.

Posted Saturday, June 16, 2012 09:41 AM

I'm no prophet but I think this plays are perfect 4-0

IND-4 and Under 151.5

SAS-3.5 and Over 153.5

Wish me luck :D Comments are appreciated. :D Thanks!

Posted Sunday, May 13, 2012 02:10 AM

NBA Sunday 5/13

LAC @ MEM-8 - I'm liking LAC winning this one. 8 points is a slap on the face of this clips team if they won't cover. Besides, its game 7. Paul is desperate and so is Griffin who both are managing to play despite the injuries they have.  Griffin got no jump the past two games, but he has heart. he dives for loose balls and plays good "D" when needed.  The Clips just need to stop and deny the ball before it goes into the post with ZBo and Gasol playing so great.  DeAndre should step up.

My pick is LAC and I am seeing this to be close.  LAC has a chance of getting this one. There has been no upsest on teams going 3-1 this playoff. But what i fear is that Mem wants to have a crack against SAS whom they beat last year. But I believe MEM just won't cover. at the most, they can lead by 7 pts. :D

Foye+Butler+Paul+Young+Griffin+Jordan+Evans = Conley+Gay+Speights+Gasol+Randolph+Allen

I'm liking as well OVER 177.5. 2 out of 3 games went OVER at the MEMPHIS Home floor.

IND @ MIA-8.5 - Im liking IND here.8.5 is too high against a team capable of winning against the HEAT. Based on matchups, they went split during the season The last game they me  Pacers even won by 15 points and lose only by 2 points the game before that.

George Hill and Collison will get the better of against the Heat's Chalmers and Cole. Pacers have the advantage. At Shooting Guard - Wade might have a slight edge over George and Barbosa.At SF, Lebron ha... [More]

Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2012 10:32 AM

3-2 Yesterday - NBA Wednesday

My picks are as follow:


WAS+2 and Over 196.5

CHA+14.5 and Under 186.5

Under 196 (Phi vs Mil)




Under 191.5 (LAC vs NYK)


No write ups for today. Key points are as follow:

1. WAS is maintaining its solid end of the season.

2. MIL is facing a resting PHI (no iggy and 3 other starters).

3. CHA is capable of hanging on to this kind of spread more so that Dwight isn't around, nelson is coming off an injury and ORL is on a 3 game slide.

4. NYK simply because Paul will not play for LAC.

Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2012 10:19 AM

Yesterday 5-1 (NBA TUESDAY PICKS)

Went 5-1 yesterday. =)

Here are my picks:

LAC (+2) - only because this team is better than a no natural center team such as the Atlanta Hawks. There are rumors that Horford may return but such won't have any positive impact  for the team. It is just mere presence, nothing else. :p With Griffin and Jordan playing the middle and paul orchestrating the team, no doubt clips will win by 5 or more points. Plus, both butler and young may play for the team for additional fire power. :D

NOH (-2.5) - no way GSW will win without their star players. No lee, curry, wright, biedrins, nate robinson - so what's left for this team?  On the other end, there's gordon who is just enough for the his team to beat GSW.

UTA (-4.5) - with frye and hill out, it is only nash who has the experience playing on this tight situation. Gortat will be consistent day in and day out. But against millsap and jefferson? will he be consistent enough? i don't think so. IMO, suns has been knocking down inside with the help of its perimeter offense. but with the absence of frye and hill, no one else can provide such firepower outisde than nash. I'm taking this at the most -5.

If ever available, other picks are as follow:

BOS-5 - No Big 3 for Miami and Rondo is playing! a great deal to bet on the celtic's side.

OKC-5 = Harden out? no problemo! Cousins and &nbs... [More]

Posted Monday, April 23, 2012 06:55 AM

NBA Monday

Six Games - Six Money Games!

Taking on the following teams:

SAS - obviously, the blazers are out of players capable of matching up with the spurs.  without felton, batum, aldridge and pryzbilla, blazers are gonna be trash against this team.  As of now, no news on resting the starting players of the Spurs. Duncan Parker Leonard Blair and Green will start whereas Ginobili will come off the bench together with Capt Jack.

TOR - 10 pts is quite high IMO.  At the same time, public plays TOR =) but if ever the line goes 8-8.5, i'm on the Bucks then. hehehe :D

CLE - With Irving, Jamison, Casspi, Thompson and other scrappy players, coming off a loss, it is obvious that the play will be on the other side. But that's the trap IMO. Against Memphis, I believe the CAVS has what it takes to matchup with them. Irving vs conley, Gay vs Gee, Jamison vs Randolph, Thompson vs Gasol, Casspi vs Mayo. Its evenly matched. and 13 pts is quite HIGH!! :D

IND - Only to say that the Pacers are good for 10 pts at HOME. Against Toronto, Detroit never had an advantage only winning by 3 pts. It will be difficult for Monroe to post up against an all star like Hibbert.  Stuckey, Gordon and others will have a hard time against George Hill, Granger, etc.  Indiana is an all star team just never been well recognized. When healthy, they are very dangerous!

PHI - Without Deron, Brook, etc. the NJN are playing to lose!  PHI is now on th... [More]

Posted Sunday, January 29, 2012 12:33 AM

NBA SUNDAY January 29, 2012

im leaning on njn mia atl lac and lal.

for njn, simply because tor doesn't have an all star playing. and njn is here to compete at home.

mia is now ready to roll with a complete lineup. chi has been bothered lately by injuries on rose, deng, noah and others. while mia's dwade is now back.

atl, simply because it has core guys to compete; joe, josh, marvin, jeff and T-mac (who is playing good the past games).

lac coz i think 6 points is too much. with a complete and talented roster clippers have, lac might win straight up against galo and nene.

lal is my small play here. i think beasley is back, however, lakers are coming off a sorry loss against a less-bogut milwaukee bucks. size will matter on this game, and that is on the lakers' advantage. kobe gasol and bynum > love beasley rubio.

Posted Thursday, December 29, 2011 01:15 AM

Thursday Picks


Here are my final picks for tomorrow's games:

NJ+11.5, HOU-1, OKC-6.5, SAC+7.5, POR-5.5, LAL-3.5







I'm not practically confident with the O/U, but with the sides - i'm 90% sure with it :D just for the reason of looking at the stats, schedule, today's outcome and ahead games angles.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!

Posted Saturday, August 13, 2011 06:08 AM

WNBA August 13 Saturday

IND-7 (20U) - Just like WAS, NY is tired as well. more so, after coming from a loss by a point.

(5U) - ATL will get this, small play though.

CON-9 (20U) - WAS is definitely tired after tonight's game.

Posted Sunday, June 19, 2011 09:47 AM

any1 with WNBA odds/analysis/writeup?


Are there any experts here who can share their views on all WNBA games with lines?

Thanks man!


Posted Sunday, January 16, 2011 08:51 AM

SMB won because of poor officiating

Yes! they did win game 6 with the help of the 3 referees.  With the continuous trashtalking between cabagnot and caguioa, they should have been given technicals right away without warning in order not to give burden on the results of the game after that.However, jwash hatfield and the rest of the crew began to bang each others` ass around.

In the second quarter, on a drive by mark caguioa, it should have been a 3point play, however the basket has not been counted rather it was Jwash who has been given a technical for second motion.  After some seconds, an altercation between Jwash and Hatfield went on with the referee signaling to Jwash face the *T* signal. However, after the official`s timeout, it was Rudy Hatfield who has been given a technical.

On the latter part of the 4th, Menk has been bumped without a call causing him to fumble and go out of bounds. Clean blocks from JC Intal were called fouls by the referee.  A three point attempt by Dondon with a foul on the palm should not have been called a foul but rather a let go, however, the referees called a foul giving 3 points to Don don on the freethrows.

Hope Commissioner Salud can read this.  This type of officiating brings out how messy the games are played in the PBA.  im so disappointed this is happening.


Posted Monday, January 10, 2011 08:39 AM

STOP saying you got the call!

For the benefit of everyone, please dont ever let your readers be misled by your insights, thoughts, etc.

my leans for the two games are memphis-2.5 and bulls-10.  but if you aint feel playing these cards, its olryt not to bet! :p

Posted Thursday, January 06, 2011 09:00 AM

Grizzlies ban gambling after plane fight

Grizzlies ban gambling after plane fight

What kind of gambling are they talking about? is this an ordinary card game or simply a way heavy gamblers play ?? -- cheating against the spread?? sounds fishy isnt it?

hope everyone gets some dough on tonights game! Lets Go Nuggets!!

Posted Thursday, January 06, 2011 07:27 AM

NBA Thursday 1/6/2010

im betting Denver -4.5.
with OKC/DAL - im leaning on OKC with both butler and dirk out in this game. Westbrook and Durant will kick some ass tom. :) hope we get this line as underdogs - probably +2. :)

i have had a lousy cards with 2-5 (failed to post my picks) but i did only win on Portland and Philly.

damn lakers, denver, sas, orl and chi!!! :(

hope we get this one tomorrow! :)

Posted Saturday, January 01, 2011 09:56 PM

NBA Sunday 1/2/2011

Picks for tomorrow after going 2-2 on Friday and pending this Saturday (GSW/SAS/MIN/MEM - picks):
IND @NYK-6.5 -- NY
ATL @ LAC+1 -- ATL
HOU @ POR -3 -- HOU
PHX @ SAC +4 -- PHX


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