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Posted Sunday, June 12, 2011 11:00 AM


All my Picks will be posted here ...all leagues..weekends and mid-week and all other competitions  and all sports bets. i will keep this as my blog page for easy access...i will do my best to post all my bets..all of it will be shown on my Record posted or not posted (for my on record)...for  those who like to tail...i have my ups and downs so use your discretion and judgment on the pick before you bet..that's what i do when i tail others..

new season plans: i will use 10% of my Bankroll for the weekend divided unevenly into 3 bets only... but if there is mid-week games then it will be another 10% of the bankroll...

Bet 1. Solid   50% of the 10%
Bet 2. Strong 60% of the other 50%
Bet 3. Good   40% remaining of Bet 2

( example if $100 was the 10% of $1000 BR then this what i would bet 1.$50  2.$25  3.$10) and these bets will fluctuate since its based on %..

Past season 62% (2010-2011)

YTD  0-0-0

Best Of Luck to all

Posted Saturday, June 11, 2011 05:03 PM



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