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Posted Monday, March 07, 2011 06:43 PM

Monday college hoops

+1350 in college hoops last week playing variable amounts. A couple of half point losses and the UNC/Duke over would have propelled my figure skyward though. I hit a very nice ticket with my second ever wager on NASCAR.....

Tonight I again played small because I just haven't seen these teams play and box scores just don't tell the whole story.
***** I will say this though, grab Boston University ML and lay the #  as soon as you can because they played their conference tournament in Hartford BUT WILL BE PLAYING THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME AT HOME FOR A CHANCE TO GO TO THE BIG DANCE.

 Basketball - 518 .Western Kentucky -1½ -110 for Game 
 Basketball - 521 .Gonzaga -1½ -110 for Game
 Basketball - 525 .Wofford/.Coll Charleston over 141 -110 for Game 
 Basketball - 532 .Oakland -155 for Game
 Basketball - 534 .Oral Roberts -1½ -110 for Game 


Posted Saturday, October 09, 2010 06:44 PM

As a gambler I'll make the safest bet in my life!!!!!!

If Alabama loses this game there is no way in hell that college football will allow Boise St to play for the national championship! ABSOLUTELY NONE!!!!!! And that is why this sport is such a fraud!!!!!!


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