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Posted Friday, August 12, 2016 04:48 PM

NFL helpful links, tips and advice, jokes and humorous anecdotes, more..

If you don’t use our picks we can’t save you any money.
We don’t invest in the pre-season.  However, until the start of the regular NFL season, our blog article offers extremely helpful links, advice and tips, football jokes and humorous anecdotes, much more.
Our blog address is
When in the blog, click the picture of the old guy standing next to the topless wooden bowsprit that’s in the dining room of the Las Vegas Margaritaville.
You can also get to the blog article by typing into GOOGLE the blog name “Gardyloo” followed by NFL Picks.”
Type into the GOOGLE search box the following:

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Posted Monday, April 11, 2016 12:10 PM

Payment for services plus info on suspicious calls by officials !!!!!

Last NFL season my blog GARDYLOO, in its NFL Picks article, posted picks, tips, advice, football jokes, links to other helpful tipsters and touts, much more.
Unlike many other touts, we ask for no payment.  Instead we ask only that you read some of our Science Fiction stories, or if not interested, turn friends and relatives into such on to our stories.
Sports Handicapping (wagering) is the theme of our most recent story.  It takes about three minutes to read.  It presents the story of a guy who successfully wages on sports using a most unusual method(Shades of the Twilight Zone).
Goto Aphelion Webzine (Google it), click the cover of the magazine, then click FLASH FICTION.  Within that department, find the story “Flashback” by C.E. Gee.
If you’re curious about the “Suspicious Calls” made during football games, I suspect you’ll find very interesting the creative “theory” of such presented by another author in the above-mentioned department.  The story is “Botball Bollix.”  It also takes about three minutes to read.  
It certainly opened my mind to an alternate theory of game changing calls.   

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Posted Sunday, April 03, 2016 06:51 PM

NFL handicapping story and a story about controvesial calls

In their flash fiction fiction department, Aphelion Webzine (Google it)  has published my story on NFL handicapping,  Flashback by C.E. Gee.

However, in the same department is a much more interesting story by some other writer.  Said story presents an interesting theory about "bad" calls.  Said theory absolves gambling interests!  
The story is Botball Bollix.  The story, interestingly enough, was written by some gal!

I must admit, I am intriqued by the theory.

Posted Friday, February 05, 2016 06:26 PM


It's a general agreement that the Pro Bowl is a dud -- going down the tubes.

Here's a solution.  Take the worst teams in the NFC and the AFC  Have them play a game.

Winner gets the number one pick in the draft.

Posted Sunday, September 27, 2015 10:05 AM

Percentages ATS

The great majority of people investing in NFL games have no experience in operating a business.  Therefore, many of these people don’t calculate overhead into the cost of making their investments.
Now I haven’t done the math in a few years, but if I remember correctly, it used to be that to break even in Las Vegas casinos when investing in NFL games you’d have to be at something like 54.3% correct with your picks.
This figure was before your overhead.  Overhead might include travel expenses, food, lodging, playing slots or whatever during breaks, giving your significant other money to gamble, etc..
That’s why I proclaim that “IF YOU KEEP YOUR OVERHEAD LOW” you must be at or above 55% correct in your picks to make a profit.
Those of you who might be skeptical of the above statement, I advise to look into the PREVIOUS YEAR’S HISTORIES of the  Westgate Supercontest.  Most of the previous winners had winning percentages in the 52 to 57 percent ranges.
Before I throw some figures at you, those of us into handicapping NFL matchups know that there’s usually only a few games each week that are worth the investment.
I figure the above at averaging around five games a week.
You’ll note that the Westgate Supercontest caps their entries at five games each week.
So here comes the math to illustrate what it takes on any particular week to make a profit for that week.  Remember, our goal is >>> 55% <<< if you’re just inv... [More]

Posted Saturday, September 19, 2015 03:01 PM

Week 2 picks -- NFL

Picks, commentary, advice, football jokes, football anecdotes, helpful links, etc..  Then click the photo of the old guy standing next to the topless mermaid bowsprit in the dining room of the Las Vegas Margarittaville.

If you don't read our weekly blog article, we can't save you any money.

Posted Saturday, September 12, 2015 03:03 PM

Week 1 NFL

Free picks, commentary, advice, helpful links, football jokes, etc..     Then click the photo of the old guy standing next to Margaritaville's topless bowsprit.

If you don't read our weekly column, we can't save you any money.

Posted Saturday, August 15, 2015 11:38 AM

Preseason briefing -- NFL

If you don't follow our advice, we can't save you any money.


Then click the photo of Pappy standing next to the topless mermaid bowsprit in the Las Vegas Margaritaville's dining room.

Posted Saturday, October 18, 2014 04:33 PM

Colts bandwagon

I usually don't post to the NFL forum directly, preferring to respond to the comments of others.

However, after finishing all my calculations I like to compare my picks other handicappers/investors.  My system is entirely mathematical, but I am well aware that most people use other systems.

To my surprise, it seems that just about everyone is on the COLTS, myself included!!!!!!!

Now I've learned long ago to stay off bandwagons.  

But this time my indicators are so strong I'm climbing on.

Hope it's a good ride!


Yore [sic] ol' Pappy


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