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Posted Thursday, November 12, 2015 05:12 PM


After a few months of absence, Laqueefa has finally been released from hospital. For those who are unaware, the 5' 8 robust female who was born in Birmingham, Alabama, underwent a stressful fifty seven days shortly after her return from Africa. To make a long story short, it was a warm sunny day and the 34 year old was watering her favorite bed of Hydrangeas just a few moments after returning from Bloomingdales. She tried on her new Via Spiga Tiara snakeskin collection High Heel sandals (She really wanted the Via Spiga Beline Suede Over the Knee 2015 Mid Heel Boots, but they were a lot harder to steal and her ex coworker Daquarius was not in charge of security that day). Nonetheless, the sandals went very well with her Phatfarm denim overalls. She also had new pink braids installed into her scalp, so it was a perfect day for a selfie with her pink flowers. As she was taking a selfie, she realized that a daddy long leg spider had crawled onto the lower braid near her right cheek. She  immediately jumped around screaming and shouting, and then grabbed her broom swatting at her face, looking like an ADHD diagnosed girl from a Roald Dahl novel. She ran onto the road while Jrock was reversing on the driveway, and was struck by the 2003 Dark Blue Ford Focus. She sustained minor injuries( fractured forearm, bruised left nipple, denting of the upper left bicuspid region of her gold grills) , but experienced trauma following the incident..and was held in hospital for nearly two m... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 15, 2015 05:56 PM


After killing the family goat, Fakooki was sent off to the United States by his family on a galleon from Mozambique. Fakooki eventually went to St. Edward's High School and became very close friends with Tommy Ciopang and Phandi Haquoon. The three of them would play Big Two in the school cafeteria after school until Tommy's mom would drive by in the 1996 Hyundai Elantra to drive them to TaeKwonDo class. 
One gloomy Thursday morning, Tommy loaded his Pokemon backpack onto the school bus and headed off for Sophomore Math Camp, while Phandi and Fakooki waved goodbye and decided to try cooking. They discussed their previous experiences. 
PHANDI: I have never cooked anything in my life before
FAKOOKI: I have unintentionally cooked a medium rare rib eye goat steak which gave my sister E coli poisoning. but that's about it.
PHANDI: Let's get started.
Phandi and Fakooki experimented with various ingredients from Paprika spices and cinnamon to chicken beaks and horseradish. They would listen to 50 Cent while cooking, and eventually both of them decided that the culinary industry was their passion. Upon post secondary application, both Phandi and Fakooki agreed to apply at Winstons Vocational College's Culinary program. Both applied online from their own devices, and waited two weeks to hear of their approval. Phandi opened up his letter and exclaimed "Yes! I got accepted into Winston's culinary program!"  Fakooki opened his letter and exclaimed " Yes! I g... [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 30, 2015 06:00 PM

MLB Professional Analysis (2 plays) Wednesday

A lot of you may know Laqueefa as a self absorbed, R & B loving, selfie perfecting, ignorant grill snob from the projects. However once upon a time, the Johnson family actually resided near a trailer park community just three miles south east of Munford, Tennessee. Like in many childhood romances, Laqueefa would catch frogs in a nearby creek with a young athlete by the name of BJ Staine. BJ lived in the 23 foot customized 1994 Banshee trailer at stall #23 (Northeast corner of the trailer park near Dale's family), which was decorated with indistinguishable crayon art which could only be understood by autistic Midwestern children. He would often go to the creek out of boredom while his mother breastfed his 78 month old brother on the cedar picnic table. While skipping stones, he would usually see 12 year old Laqueefa  pull up on her raggedy bicycle and park it on one of the nearby rocks. They would laugh, joke, and sing. At times, Laqueefa would bring her steel drums and play Montell Jordan songs while BJ would play Toby Keith songs on his guitar. They were never in sync with each other, and their music sounded worse than thirty four dying peacocks incorporated with a Munford Lutheran choir...but it was the moments that counted. 
One Valentine's day however, BJ received a note from his Step sister Cheyenne. It read "Will you be my Valentine?". BJ pondered upon a decision for three minutes, and this made Laqueefa very jealous and angry...plus her family decided ... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 10, 2015 06:17 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Thursday

Fakooki Fuguquashi grew up in a small village, and is one of three children in the huthold. Being the middle child was never easy. His older brother Poomba would always get to do "big kid" things, such as camel racing in the dunes and playing heroin tag with blowguns. His little sister Ashley was born much later (in fact ten years younger than Fakooki), and always got her way just as Fakooki was approaching his teenage years. 
Fakooki always loved goats. He liked to cuddle with them, pet them, feed them, and take them for walks near the crocodile infested lagoons during the sunset. One day however, Fakooki was very thirsty after a long walk home from Sand Art Class in seventh grade. He came home only to find that the glass of goat milk that he poured into a glass and kept for himself had been consumed by his three year old sister. Fakooki became so angry that he stole his brother's blowgun and shot their pet goat Garandhi repeatedly in the neck with heroin dipped darts. Garandhi went into a rage and started twitching like a mentally challenged Parkinson patient attempting the Harlem Shake, and jumped right into a nearby bonfire. The Fuguquashi family later consumed Garandhi for dinner.
Today, Fakooki is well established in his career, as he loads another gyro platter onto the grill just outside of Turner Field. Customers are heartwarmed daily, and attend his stand with joy as they pick the animal hair off their plate and enjoy a scrumptious traditional delicacy. To... [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 09, 2015 06:31 PM

MLB Professional Analysis

After a few weeks, Laqueefa is finally recovering from her trip to Zimbabwe. Just to sum things up, the last fourteen days have been very difficult and miserable for her as she was experiencing : jetlag, upset stomach, complicatedly tangled conrows, yellowing of chrome grills, and general exhaustion. 

"To heeelll wit dem gazelle sirloins!" she yells at the nail salon as she gets her fingernails painted turqouise. 

"excuse me m'aam? " asks the Journeywoman Nail artist. 

A very important game is being played in Philadelphia today, as the the rubber match of the 2015 Annual Special Needs Baseball Championship is brought to you by GEICO. High school children ages 17 and above are volunteering to make the event a memorable one, and also partially because they need credits to make up for various failed ninth grade courses. Quasimodo Johnson, a senior ninth string Running Back at Penn State University has also kindly volunteered his time to climb the bell at the Hall of Independence and ring for the opening pitch. Unfortunately his Champion tearaways get caught on the large crack on the bell, and his Tickle-Me Elmo boxers are exposed. 

Braves First Five moneyline -125 

Posted Tuesday, August 18, 2015 05:55 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Tuesday (some really good insights)

Day 8:
After running out of things to do in Zimbabwe ( "This trip been more boring than a Gucci Mane Album" Laqueefa was heard muttering at the dinner tavern two days ago), the party spent yesterday travelling to Uganda. The first thing they want to see naturally, is the Nile River. Laqueefa rents a canoe from the Kitkukhembi Boat & Goat Rental and Transportation Needs, and they begin canoeing down the river. Jrock's two kids are making water balloons and throwing them at spear fishers on the riverbanks. "I will cut u 4 dis!" yells a fisherman as he tries to swim over to the canoe. Jrock's oldest son hits him in the head with an oar, and they move on. "Ain't the river ever end?" yells Laqueefa as sweat permeates through her cornrows and onto her Phatfarm blouse underneath her Denver Nuggets replica Carmelo Anthony jersey. 
They finally reach another village, called Johnston's Port. To their surprise, they see a child playing by the water. The kid looks awfully familiar to Jrock's oldest son, so he tries to holler at him. All of a sudden, a chimpanzee comes down from the trees and kicks the kid into the Nile river, where he escapes three crocodile attacks and ends up on the other side of the river. 
"Oooooo mi Hectorino!!! dith ith why we should have choth di amazon insthead. Somebudyy pleaaasth help mi Hectorino" yells the child's mother, as Laqueefa laughs and throws an anchor down near the shore. 
Red moneyline +100 ... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 16, 2015 06:55 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Sunday

Day 6 in Zimbabwe.

Laqueefa has finally recoved from Malaria, and her and Jrock's kids snuck out of the witch doctor's hut to steal a safari Jeep and do some venturing of their own. In the process, she stops at a nearby water village of Ukemeruki to gather water and install blood diamond rims on the tires of the jeep. Laqueefa steps into the water to fill up her Nalgene water bottle (which is decorated with NWA quotes and the Los Angeles skyline) when she is suddenly attacked by an Antelope. 

"awwwwww heeeeeelllll naawwwww!!!" she yells as her Ferragamo handbag gets latched on to one of the Antelope's horns and she flails up and down frantically trying not to fall into the water. Finally, Jrock's oldest son steals a rain stick while the tribe is engaging in their congo session. "Hey!" yells the leader "Dat is not sumthing 4 u 2 b playin around weeth ova hea! Put it back in d hyena hut!" he commands. Jrock's son simply ignores him and takes the rain stick over to the water and smashes the antelope right in the forehead, causing the animal to drop Laqueefa and run away. 

Laqueefa is in serious condition, as both sides of her Blue Levi jeans are torn. Her body remains unharmed.

Angels Moneyline +115

Posted Thursday, August 13, 2015 06:27 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Thursday

After experiencing a very upset stomach and a rare but mild form of Malaria, Laqueefa has made it to day three in Zimbabwe. She sits in the village of Kuwahelegha with the locals, enjoying a 17 oz medium rare Zebra sirloin served with a whole seed filled watermelon. Laqueefa has been moody ever since the safari, and is getting very aggravated as Jrock's oldest son is playing a marimba very loudly trying to perfect a soulja boy tune. Laqueefa is trying to insert her new armadillo tooth earring, before taking a snapchat selfie for Jrock. Finally she snaps "you gon get an assssssswhoopin when we get back to the hut!", she yells, as the child stops playing immediately. 

She finally perfects her selfie, and proceeds to send the snap. She then realizes that there is no phone reception. She proceeds to ask the tribe leader where she can get some signal. 

"Dat is easy mi woman. We ken find d signal" he says as he lights a bonfire and chants around the smoke.

Angels/Royals FIRST FIVE UNDER 4.5 -110 

Posted Tuesday, August 11, 2015 06:33 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Tuesday (some really good insights)

Laqueefa has taken a two week vacation to Zimbabwe to explore her roots. She begins day one with an upset stomach due to the gazelle curry over yellow rice served on the WestJet flight, but is still in good spirit as her and Jrock's two kids engage in their first ever Safari. 
Jrock's oldest son is riding shotgun in the 1997 open top Jeep, as a vulture snatches a popsicle out of his hand. After passing by forty seven Antelopes, fifteen Armadillos, six honey badgers, and three giraffes (there used to be four at Rupert's Savannah and mud spa, but Korkie who was a seventeen year old Zebra got struck by lightning during a thunderstorm two weeks ago...in which the village had a funeral ceremony that required twenty nine pallbearers due to the length of the coffin), the group is finally ready to settle down in the water village of Ukhemanda to spend the remainder of the evening. 
A group of villagers begin chanting mysteriously for several minutes, as they welcome Laqueefa and the two kids aboard. At the end of the ceremonial chant, there is an extended moment of awkward silence. Laqueefa has a displeased look on her face, and finally says "Where ma boy Tupac at?" 
Jrock's kids fight over the witch doctor's rain stick, and are surprised to see a young child walk out of a water buffalo hide tent wearing a 2015 Seahawks championship T-shirt. 
"Umm....you do know that the Patriots won the superbowl right?" says Jrocks younger son. "Abooolagoooballaagooo... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 06, 2015 06:18 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Thursday

The tourists are still very upset after the Indians and Angels game stayed under two nights ago. Many of them watched it through it's entire duration in hopes that the Indians would hit two grand slams at the top of the twelfth inning, which to their surprise did not happen. 
Many have taken matters into their own hands by throwing stones at the half sunken galleon at Treasure Island, causing it to actually sink...as an overweight amateur actor impersonating Jack Sparrow clings on to the upper deck of the ship for dear life. Jrock's oldest son climbs over and pulls down the actor's pants, revealing his ghostbusters undies. 
Nonetheless, Vegas has one more expense on it's list...two, actually...if you count the need to pay all the gamblers on that sexy -110 Braves moneyline against an absolutely raggedy Marlins team with an absolutely raggedy pitcher. I guess the Treasure Island ship can only be half erected, as the rest of the funds will be allocated towards complimentary aloe vera extract butter in all of the room suites in every hotel above $37.99 excluding those on Cheyenne and Rainbow. 
In Miami, Boris the bath salt dealer has set up a stand on South Beach. He entices men, women, and children passing by with a 2 for 1 deal. Not surprisingly, many Cuban men are seen in a crouching position ready to leap out at anything that moves. Hector is seen purchasing bath salts, which he mistakes for gobstoppers. He immediately turns green and starts barking a... [More]

Posted Tuesday, August 04, 2015 06:29 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Tuesday (some really good insights)

Vegas is starting to be in much better form, as renovations at the Bellagio fountains are almost complete. The pinless ATMs have now been quietly hidden behind the Chapel of Flowers (only eight pastors have discovered it so far). However, it appears that the sunken living rooms at the Palazzo have sunken even lower...as there is a sinkhole beneath the hotel. Journeywoman Escort Hortencia was in a room 604 with a male guest from Romania by the name of Vladie. "Bad Vlad, Bad Vlad," she says as she struts over to him and strikes him with a leather whip. "I do not like rough," protests Vladie as he hops over the $4500 sofa to avoid her as the hotel sinks at a rapid pace.
I guess Vegas is not doing anything about it. Vegas officials search up Mari Winsor's number to enroll in the latest advanced pilates program, so that they can continue to grab their ankles as they watch the public cash in on that sexy over 7 total between the Indians and Angels. 
MARI (on the phone): What do you mean a whole sixty minute session of ankle grabbing? this would defeat the purpose of pilates sir. The point of the program is not to engage in the same act throughout the entire session.
VEGAS OFFICIAL: What about ankle grabbing without clothes on for twenty minutes, and then forty minutes with a scarf on? Would that be more effective? 
Meanwhile at Angels stadium... the fountains in the outfield look more like Old Faithful geysers, as fireworks and water works violently erupt ever... [More]

Posted Thursday, July 30, 2015 03:42 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Thursday

It's a beautiful day in Vegas. Bricks are being loaded off trucks as renovations throughout the strip are being initiated. Julio is out in the 100 degree sun by the gatorade coolers, as he lays down another brick before his break. Sweat permeates from his armpit regions and onto the clavicle crevice area of this green and red Fruit of the Loom shirt. However, Jrock's oldest son picks up a brick and throws it at the Eiffel Tower, and because of cheap infrastructure..the tower comes tumbling down. 
It appears that escorts are buying vaseline (they can no longer afford the coconut puree Fiji extracted butter) as they prepare for Free Escort Thursdays while every tourist receives an escort voucher with their Twins moneyline bet tonight. Bambi, who is the longest serving escort at Bunnies of Las Vegas, cuts open three coconuts that she smuggled home from her trip to Barbados. She pours the coconut juice into an industrial sized Vaseline bottle to preserve authenticity. She then uses the coconuts as mock bras. 
In Seattle, the Pike Place Fish Market is having their fish throwing show as Richard Sherman is the special guest. He stands 20 yards away from the thrower, trying to show off his catching ability without gloves on. Unfortunately he misjudges where the thirty seven pound adult halibut lands, and it goes flying through his arms and onto Fakooki's grill next to the Original Starbucks. Fakooki is unaware that his Goat Pancreas Platter has now been infused with t... [More]

Posted Monday, July 27, 2015 06:35 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Monday

Vegas is dealing with a lot of well known problems at the moment. The fountains at the Bellagio are spraying left, right, and center, causing every third bystander to be drenched. The coyote infestation is at an all time high, as children under the age of 26 are being chased out of the Adventure Dome. Many of them are denied re-entry despite having their red wristbands. It also did not help that the Cosmopolitan Hotel Bamboo Pool area caught fire a few days ago, as many of the funds are being applied to replacing the Cabanas and having former Wrestling superstar Carlito brought in as a guest speaker on fire safety. 
VEGAS POLICE: Sir, you claimed to have been at the pool area when the fire started. Did you notice anything unusual?
TOURIST: Yes, three men entered the area with flamethrowers and lit the fake palm trees on fire. 
VEGAS POLICE: Thank you sir, we will be sure to begin an investigation on how we can make the palm trees more fire resistant.
Meanwhile Vegas is once again opening the free buffet at Treasure Island, as Phandi Haquoon puts on his pirate chef hat and prepares for his 27 hour shift tonight while tourists violently hammer the Cardinals today after the Reds wave the white flag with embarrassment. 
In Cincinnati, the Riverband Music Center is bumping as thirty seven fans violently roar as Nick Lachey crawls out of his one bedroom cave and onto the stage and performs hits from 2003. Laqueefa is in attendance, as she thought she p... [More]

Posted Tuesday, July 21, 2015 07:33 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Tuesday (some really good insights)

Vegas is in complete shambles once again, as the lone active fountain at the Bellagio has erupted with more pressure than a Super Soaker CPS 2500, and caused several rooms on the second floor of the hotel to flood. Dale is in room 223 with a fourty seven year old escort by the name of Brandina in a Banana Republic Dress, as she prepares her industrial size bottle of Aloe Vera cream on her third right love handle, when water storms into the room nearly drowning her. Luckily, Dale is a lifeguard at a local Missouri Community Center. He saves her life by throwing her out the window, in which she lands on a pinless ATM machine and knocks over the line, fracturing her left index finger.
Speaking of Pinless ATMs, Vegas is one again bending over with that sexy -120 line on the world's best baseball team as they bring Michael Wacha to the mound. 
Chicago is once again in horrible condition, as there are shootings going on in Millennium park by Lake Michigan. Apparently, the Cabrini Green Projects have secretly reestablished themselves at the park, and Jamal and Tayshaun are fellow gang members in a dispute over who gets the last Goat pudding shawarma at Fakooki's Lake Side Goats R Us Stand. 
JAMAL: Man I done been standin here the whole time....THE WHOLE TIME! 
TAYSHAUN: Man I don't care, I been eating Hamburger helpers all week and I been cravin dat mountain Goat.
gunshots are fired off the Silver Bean, and a 9mm ricochets and knocks a sombrero off Hect... [More]

Posted Sunday, July 19, 2015 03:56 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Sunday

Vegas is in better shape, but still on a tight budget. However, the good news is that the minimum weight of strippers at he Sapphire Pool at Rio have now been reduced from 196 lbs, to 167 lbs, as enough funds are available for more expensive dancers. Cinnamon struts back and forth with elegance and confidence as her debut is underway and she is wearing a Rock and Republic Thong and Fruit of the Loom bras. She does a spin and attempts a cartwheel but accidentally kicks one of the servers in the head, causing three Strawberry Mojitos to be spilled into the pool. She receives a warning as T Pain is played for the remainder of her session.
While Bellagio fountains are still as inactive as Royce Da 5' 9", the buffet is offering completely free meals to the first five hundred thousand guests under the age of ninety two, as Madison Bumgarner is being offered at -120 today against the raggedy Diamondbacks along with the free meal. Phandi Haquoon is trying to coordinate the Tandoori Gazelle dish , which happens to be a favorite right out of the gates. 
GREETER: I'm so sorry ma'am , but we cannot let you in. 
WOMAN: Why not?
GREETER: You turned 93 last month. There is a McDonalds just behind Circus Circus near Vatos alley though.
Just a state over, there is a state of emergency as fifty seven seniors have been attacked by coyotes. Hector is on a field trip at the Desert Botanical Garden with his best friend Julio. Both are still wearing casts from last weeks Sh... [More]

Posted Saturday, July 18, 2015 06:38 PM

MLB Satuday Professional Analysis

The Confederate Flag at New York New York is raised halfway this afternoon, as thousands of Las Vegas residents gather for Tuffy's Memorial Service. For those of you who are unaware, Tuffy was the longest serving dolphin at the Mandalay Bay Aquarium, but sadly was eaten by a Great White Shark three weeks ago. One tourist at the ceremony looks puzzled and approaches a Vegas Official.
TOURIST: Why did it take three weeks to set up an funeral?
VEGAS OFFICIAL: The coffin was too expensive for the city to afford. May I ask you to please lower your voice? the priest is offering blessings right now. 
Nonetheless, it appears that Vegas is applying the Coconut enhanced SPF 30 Aloe Vera Lubricant on herself as she prepares to be barebacked by gamblers on that sexy -110 Marlins bet against the raggedy Phillies tonight. Headboard insurance companies are adding fine print to their policy, as they have lost a lot of money over the past three months. The policy now states that headboard damage inflicted by activity involving escorts over 175 pounds will not be covered in the premium Headboard Protection plan, and scales will now be provided in each hotel room at MGM Grand (Last week, a headboard in room 427 was shattered right against the grain when Hortencia, who had just been imported from Guadalajara, attempted to stretch her legs behind her neck..but lost balance and fell on top of the male guest and went elbow first into the cedar wood. The guest escaped with minor injuri... [More]

Posted Friday, July 17, 2015 06:41 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Friday

Vegas had a week to further recover, as now the coyote infestation hazard has now gone from level red to level orange. The Palms has reinstated the Pearl Theater, and an wannabe Dane Cook is performing tonight in front of seventy three people. 
As New York New York requests for the Empire State Building to be re-erected after a sandstorm blew it down last month, Vegas Officials politely decline as they are now installing pinless ATMs near the site of where the building used to be while every gambler hammers the Pirates at plus value tonight. I guess Mike Fiers will be serving up more meatballs than an Italian grandmother, while Charlie Morton will be giving up less hits than Kevin Federline this evening.  
New York New York Owner: Can we please have the Empire State rebuilt?
Vegas Official: No, it will cost too much...um....titanium. 
Meanwhile in Milwaukee, things are not looking good. Lake Michigan has already washed away four golf courses and the tsunami is making it's way to Discovery World. Hector is learning about pendulums as a scientist nearby is doing a demonstration of how to make elephant toothpaste. The experiment goes wrong as Fakooki is frying goat heads too close to the presentation, and this creates a combustive effect sending everyone in the audience flying. Hector gets dragged along the waves of lake Michigan and slides into Jrock's oldest son, who proceeds to throw sheep hearts at Hector. "Ohhh no mi Hectorino!!" yells Hector's mo... [More]

Posted Monday, July 13, 2015 04:02 PM

MLB Home Run Derby Professional Analysis

Kris Bryant was seen sulking at a table by himself on an Ohio Riverboat earlier this afternoon. He had a plate of waffles sitting in front of him. After further investigation, I came to the realization that the kid was born and raised in Las Vegas. Put two and two together, and you will understand that the Cubs phenom would rather be betting on this event than actually participating in it. This is his first multi-day break of the season, and he it's hardly even a break for him since he has to spend part of it in Cincinnati. "I mean yeah...it's an honor and all. It's great...but um.. I mean for the fans and all. It'll be an experience..but. I mean it's good..for um...baseball..and I guess.. and..it's a privilege....I guess." was Bryant's response to interviewers, as corn syrup dripped from the left side of his lower lip. 

Joc Pederson was spotted in downtown Cincinnati, as he was spotted by J-Rock..who immediately attempted to sell him one of his mixtapes. Pederson reluctantly agrees to put on the Beats By Dre headphones. The first thing he hears his "Young Joc- It's going down". Pederson proceeds to purchase a mixtape, and spends the afternoon with J-Rock and his two children. They record duets the entire afternoon, while Laqueefa is trying to get some rest and relaxation in the hotel's jacuzzi. "What does a hoodrat gotta do to get some tranquility up in dis joint? It's like I need a tranquilizer to tranquilize dis place wit y'all making dat noise like M... [More]

Posted Friday, July 10, 2015 06:36 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Friday

At this point, Vegas slowly brings her legs down from behind her head as she gathers every piece of jewelry and applies them to their appropriate body areas. The Venetian has now re opened the doors to the Casanova, and Phandi Haquoon has inventively gone out of his way to recruit authentic Italian servers for tonight's Sea Urchin Linguini special. 
GIOVANNI: watta wuda you lika todaya?
TOURIST: The special.
GIOVANNI: Justa to letta you knowwa, We hava de gelato after the meala. And whatta cana getta disa beatifula laddy? Amore mio vieni qua, vieni.
TOURIST: Ok, we are not in Sicily. We are in Venice. 
GIOVANNI: My apologies. Can I entice you into exploring any one of our delicious appetizers?  
I guess every gambler is jawdropped seeing the Nationals at plus money against the most raggedy pitcher in baseball on a raggedy team tonight. The Excalibur hotel is offering free escorts in each tower, on a First Come First Serve basis as strippers slide up and down the pointy red and blue roofs wearing Burlesque style outfits. 
"Are you serious?" King Arthur says as he comes out of his room and see's what is going on while Bambi struts over and licks the tip of his Sword dangling from the holster (which she then begins to bleed profusely after). 
Meanwhile in Baltimore, there is a slam poetry session going on at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum. Jrock's oldest son takes stage and begins his session "Bigger, Trigger, Rigger,--"
"Okay, tha... [More]

Posted Wednesday, July 08, 2015 06:02 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Wednesday

Vegas is well on their road to recovery as the Aria Resort reinstates the Cirque Du Soleil and new performers are brought aboard for the first show in twenty six months. Unfortunately the only qualification required in performer applications was to not have a felony criminal record in the United States or Barbados, therefore several applicants are accepted without any prior performing arts experience. 
INTERVIEWER: Do you have a criminal record?
APPLICANT: Yes, I was charged with mischief once.
INTERVIEWER: What did you do?
APPLICANT: Two years ago in Reno, I ran around the World's Tallest Climbing Wall naked and threw a cactus at a climber who was two rocks away from reaching the top, it missed and hit an elderly woman. I also was charged with armed robbery in Canada.
INTERVIEWER: Welcome aboard.
The first act is a disaster, as what was supposed to be a synchronization of thirty six dancers turned out to look like a zombie apocalypse in an organized setting. However, it also did not help that an elephant charged through the curtains and knocked a hula hoop off one of the dancer's ears and sent it rolling into the crowd. Hector gets caught in the hula hoop and rolls through the hallways of the hotel and into a nearby restaurant knocking over several plates of curry chicken heads. Phandi Haquoon is very upset and kicks the hula hoop with Hector still trapped in it, sending him into the desert rolling in synchronization with a tumbleweed triggered by a co... [More]

Posted Tuesday, July 07, 2015 06:10 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Tuesday (some really good insights)

Vegas is well on the road to recovery now, as two more Grand Canyon tours are added with newly added options of disembarkation at Hoover Dam and a choice to take a discounted $435 taxi ride back to the Monte Carlo Megaresort.

TOUR GUIDE: So where is everyone from?

"Ooooh, that so nice. water get trap like some fwi wice in wice cooker!" Ciaopang exclaims as he points to the Dam, interrupting the tour guide.

His mother immediately slaps him and takes away his Pikachu beanie baby, and warns him that he will be facing a harsher punishment when they get back to Shanghai.

Right there and then, a coyote attacks the tour group and every participant scrambles to get back into the bus.

I guess there is nothing Vegas can do about that, as Vegas officials solemnly stare at the board and realize that everyone is taking the Pirates tonight against a San Diego team that needed twenty seven innings to score three runs. The Booze and Bite offer near the Pinless ATM machines have added a third perk to their promotion, which would now make it a "Booze, Bite, and Free escort" Deal tonight and Phandi Haquoon will once again have his hands full in the kitchen.

In San Diego, the city is in shambles. A new border patrol officer in training mistakes a gang sign for a universal travellers permit, and allows 14 cartels from Tijuana across the border. They immediately report to the SeaWorld, and feed the sea creatures large dosages of narcotics...causin... [More]

Posted Monday, July 06, 2015 06:34 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Monday.

As Vegas officials are cleaning up following Fourth of July festivities, they are looking in pretty good shape as the Bellagio reinstates one more fountain. Sprinkler technicians are trying to figure out the right pressure so that the streams are congruent with one another, but are having a tough time doing so. 
SUPERINTENDENT: Jorge, can you please adjust the pressure? It is way off.
SPRINKLER TECHNICIAN: I can hardly see it. I don't know what's wrong with my eyes lately. Sorry I will try my best.
SUPERINTENDENT: Well maybe it would help if you remove the blue, red, and white paint from your face.
However, Tourists are simply ignoring the fountains as they hear about the Drai's Beach Nightclub offering Tecate on tap tonight as their special, and are glad they chose to come to Vegas now. A visitor from Saskatchewan is trying to impress a group of females by buying beers for everyone, but trips on the shoe lace of his Air Jordans and falls into one of the pools. The pool is three feet deep, and he has no swimming experience, so he tosses and turns frantically until a bartender throws him a life jacket. 
I guess Vegas is once against bending over as they lower the Washington Nationals line so that everyone can bet their grandfather's pension on the red hot Washington team with Fister on the mound against the raggedy Reds. 
In Cincinnati, fans have already given up as they book their BB Riverboat Tour down the Ohio River tonight without even watc... [More]

Posted Friday, July 03, 2015 06:00 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Friday

On the eve of the weekend, Vegas has now added an extra bus to the Grand Canyon Tours. It is a school bus that was last used in 1992 after a special needs eighth grader threw a seat out the window, but it is an addition nonetheless. Fremont Street has been the focus of the budget after last night's Padres win, and it is looking as luxurious as it has ever been in 94 hours. "Keys please" says a valet agent smiling with pride as he prepares to park a 1996 Toyota Camry for a mil...dly overweight couple in their mid 60s who are newly retired and looking to spend their 25th year Wedding Anniversary in a lavish manner through the Fremont Experience.

It appears as so Vegas has signed up for Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Sapphire Headboard Protection plans as they prepare for the stampede of bettors placing money on a Pirates team whose offense has been coming home more often than a prodigal son with Alzheimer's. I guess free escort night continues, and today's feature escort ethnicity of the day is Antarctica.

In Cleveland, things do not look good as Lebron James announces that him and Kevin Love will be headed to South Korea to test the free agency market over a Kimchi Dinner with some executives. Bizzy Bone crawls out of a concrete crevice near downtown Cleveland (where he now resides) to see the news, and he appears to be devastated as well. Laqueefa and Jrocks kids are walking along the shores of Lake Eerie with a ghetto blaster playing Young Joc, as Jrock's olde... [More]

Posted Thursday, July 02, 2015 03:49 PM

MLB Professional Analysis Thursday

Vegas is now slowly receiving funds to handle the more crucial sectors of development. The Grand Canyon Tours have now partnered up with Ming Ching Pao Enterprises to bring in new Coaches and Coach Drivers with at least thirty seven days of highway driving experience, which saw four successful tours last week only resulting in two lane change collisions combined (both near the Hoover Dam). The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay added in one more adolescent Great White (which sadly ended up devouring the venue's longest serving dolphin, "Tuffy" who was in the aquarium since 2011... R.I.P. Tuffy). Most importantly however, the Graceland Wedding Chapel has received adequate funding to install alters. 
Today however, they are offering a sexy -125 line on the Cardinals as every tourist looks at the standings and it is obvious what Vegas is trying to do here. They are clearly finding a reason to be generous, as Independence Day Festivities are in action and every gambler is dressed in Red, White, and Blue at the casinos. 
Meanwhile in San Diego, the City is experiencing a nightmare as many aquarium glasses have broken at the Seaworld and tourists are screaming in horror as they flee the Mission District while being chased by various sea creatures. Hector is with his mom and dad as he ventures off and gets pricked my a sea urchin (He was just recently chased by a Manta Ray in South Florida). He cries hysterically and runs away losing his parents. 
"Donde esta mi hijo... [More]

Posted Tuesday, June 30, 2015 06:53 PM

MLB Professional Analysis

It is a beautiful Tuesday. Vegas continues it's recovery, and the Wynn ballroom has now upgraded to that of a dive corner pub. Madame Tussaud has now added a few more statues to her collection on the strip (Travis Barker, Papoose, Channing Fyre, and iCarly, just to name a few), but the Lady Gaga one still looks like a drooping candle that was used by one of the MGM guests on "Client Appreciation Free Escort Night". Laqueefa has now returned from Barbados with a new tan and a ...pair of Ray Ban sunglasses (fake) that she purchased near a stand leaning against a coconut tree. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of work to be done on the strip, as there is a whole lot of construction and maintenance needed and none of the construction workers are over 127 lbs.

It seems though that Vegas is once again looking to bend over and re offer the Bang One Get One Pick-your-ethnicity Escort Event with a choose one of three perks options including: Aloe Vera butter, Al Green stereo selection, or Escort pigtails...as they offer the Giants moneyline at underdog value against a raggedy Marlins team.

Meanwhile in Florida, things are looking disastrous as Hurricane Misty hits the shores of South Beach causing every bikini model and Cuban male to flee to safety. Rick Ross is having an outdoor fan appreciation concert and barbecue, as he sees tidal waves and has his third heart attack in four days. Paramedics try to revive him, and ultimately do when they carry him to safety near ... [More]

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