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Posted Monday, October 08, 2012 12:32 AM

Week 7 eye catchers

(All lines as of Sunday Night)


Kansas St. @ Iowa St (+7.5) - Possible trap game here for the Wildcats with a trip to West Virginia looming on deck. Iowa St has snuck into the Top 25 this week and is looking for a repeat upset similar to last year's huge win over #2 Oklahoma State. Really wish this game was on Thursday or later in the afternoon...still I'll play on the look ahead angle.

Auburn @ Ole Miss (-4) - This line looks fiiiiiisssshhhyy as hell. Auburn's only win came in OT against UL-Monroe and is averaging a whopping 15.4 pts/gm. Rebels are no powerhouse by any means but are probably a little pissed about blowing a 10 point lead to Texas A&M in the 4th Q on Saturday. Is Gene Chizik's seat starting to get a little hot? I'm hoping it keeps getting warmer.

North Carolina @ Miami (+6) - Anybody realize Hurricanes control their own destiny to ACC championship game? I really hope they do themselves because the Heels come to town giving up 33.7 points in their 3 conference games. I'll disregard Miami's no-show against Notre Dame last night and figure that a chance to get to 4-0 in the ACC is motivation enough to at least cover the number if not win outright.

West Virginia (-4.5) @ Texas Tech - Please make room for me on the bandwagon. I was holding out until watching that gutty performance in Texas in primetime. Geno Smith looks like he's at the controls of video game. I know what I said earlier in respect to their g... [More]

Posted Friday, September 21, 2012 06:59 PM

NFL Week 3

Been a fairly busy week so I haven't really got too into Week 3 in the NFL yet. After last night's blowout win over Carolina, I can honestly say Eli Manning is now a top 5 QB in the NFL. Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Peyton, Eli in that order and you can make a very strong argument that he has passed his brother at this point in their careers. I think what I'll do for this current blog posting is forecast the 12 playoff teams and conference winners...and Super Bowl champ. Here goes:

1. San Francisco
2. Atlanta
3. Green Bay
4. Philadelphia
5. New York 
6. New Orleans

1. Houston
2. Baltimore
3. New England
4. Denver
5. Pittsburgh
6. San Diego

Wild Card Round:
Green Bay 31   New Orleans 24
Philadelphia 26   New York 21
New England 28   San Diego 17
Denver 24  Pittsburgh 20

Divisional Round:
San Francisco 20   Philadelphia 17
Green Bay 30 Atlanta 23
Baltimore 28   New England 24
Houston 24   Denver 17

Conference Championships
Green Bay 27   San Francisco 20
Baltimore 20    Houston 14

Super Bowl

Green Bay Packers 34  Baltimore Ravens 28

There you go: We will check back in January for actual results. As for football picks for the weekend, they are listed below:

Kansas St +14 @ Oklahoma
Miami +14.5 @ Georgia Tech
Cal +16.5 @ USC
... [More]

Posted Friday, September 14, 2012 04:55 PM

NFL week 2

It's always funny to hear everybody overreact to Week 1 huge performances and disappointments in both fantasy football and reality. Most are already handing RG3 his Hall of Fame jacket and claiming Kevin Ogletree as the league's best wide receiver. It's ONE week folks....we've still got 16 left. As for people wondering about the Saints, Giants, and Packers and their playoff chances, they'll be there in the end. Finally, don't think I've forgotten about you Jets fans. This isn't how your entire season is going to go so put away the confetti and party favors. Let's get on with the picks:

NEW ORLEANS (-1) @ Carolina   300 units

Was it just me or was Cam Newton's frustration last week more about the fact that he's no longer the best dual threat QB in the league (thanks Robert) and less about his struggles against the Bucs? Super-Cam still possesses a unique skill set unlike the NFL was accustomed to last year but if you look at how he finished the 2nd half last year, you can see that teams were starting to figure out how to defend Panther's QB. Force him to beat you from the pocket. Washington did a great job in play designs for Griffin, getting him outside the pocket early with designed roll outs and read-option plays that really put a lot of pressure on a depleted Saints defense. I attribute the Saints loss as much to the distraction of the ruling of "Bounty-gate" as Griffin putting up&... [More]

Posted Monday, September 10, 2012 08:32 PM

Week 1 thoughts/results

Let's start things off by saying welcome back Peyton Manning. Were you really gone for 610 days? Sure didn't look like it throwing for 2 TD's (including career TD #400) and leading Denver to a week 1 win over Pittsburgh. And how about another welcome back to Adrian Peterson. Was it really just Christmas Eve last year when you tore your ACL AND MCL? What is that...barely 9 1/2 months? Pretty remarkable to come back that fast and look that good in that short of a time frame.

As for the rest of the NFL, I think we learned a couple of valuable lessons. First of all, pre-season means absolutely nothing. Case in point, the Jets looked anemic on offense....I mean downright putrid, and then promptly hung 48 up on Buffalo yesterday. They did score 14 of those point on a pick 6 and punt return for TD, but still 32 points was more than I certainly expected. Example #2 was provided by pre-season league MVP Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Seattle looked a well oiled machine on offense with the Wisconsin product at the helm against plan vanilla defense. Against a very average Arizona defense, they could only muster 1 touchdown even with a couple of drives starting in Cardinal territory. Remember, rookie QB's need time to adjust just like everybody else...unless your name is Cam Newton or Robert Griffin III.

I went 4-2 in my NFL picks, including a nice Denver and Over package on Sunday night. Like I said earlier, man w... [More]

Posted Friday, September 07, 2012 12:56 PM

NFL week 1 picks/previews

Hello to all. This is my first post on Covers and I plan on posting at least once a week this NFL season with 3 of my picks along with a brief writeup. Here are my picks for week 1:

Houston(-11.5) vs. Miami  (3 STAR)

If you watched Hard Knocks on HBO this year you know just as well as I do how much trouble the Miami Dolphins are in, especially on offense. Ryan Tannehill will eventually be a pretty good QB especially with his college coach now as his OC but this week 1 matchup is a nightmare for the rookie QB. They'll face a defense that even without Mario Williams should be one of the best in the NFL and with Jake Long's tweaked knee an underlying story, this will be a loooonnnng day for the Dolphins offense.
As for Houston, the big 3 of Schaub, Foster and Johnson appear to be healthy (Foster left Thursday's practice as a precaution) and look to follow up the franchise's first playoff win with an even deeper run into the postseason. This team is loaded on both sides of the ball and should dominate from start to finish. Houston wins big here.

Buffalo (+2.5) at NY Jets (2 STAR)

I like the Bills in this matchup a lot because of a few reasons. Yes, the Jets beat Buffalo twice last year and yes they are playing at home, but that was pre-Tebow. This situation is turning out to be a mess for the Jets and the pre-season struggles were not a fluke in my opinion. Reason 1:  They haven't found a reliable running game and ... [More]


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