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Posted Saturday, January 16, 2010 09:22 AM

Realistic Cowboys Vikes Write-up

ok let me start by saying that i am a 100 percent cowboys homer, but i also know football and dont think my team is always better than the opponent.

with that being said, i think you have to break this game down by the (in my opinion) keys of the game which are:

1. Blocking i have watched every cowboys game and i have watched just about every vikings game (becasue i like brett.) Im not to impressed with the vikings run blocking as of late, here you have IMO the best complete running back in the nfl and he is having average game and its because there is NO hole for him. They have been pass blocking average and if not for the quick throws and screens they would have many many sacks against them. However on dallas the blocking IMO has been extremely well, they have been running the ball with big holes and i know they are playing against a very stout run d i do see them running on the vikes. And the cowboys have been pass blocking great i mean you play against the eagles who blitz 70 percent of the time and they dont get big pressure on romo, that to me is impressive. Also romo's agility makes it hard to tackle him even if you get pressure on him. They will have to chip allen most of the game but thats fine becuase he is the only one i see getting pressure on romo. The advantage has to go to the cowboys

2. Pressure on the qb. THis goes back to the whole blocking thing, I do not see the vikings getting to much pressure on dallas i really dont,... [More]

Posted Thursday, December 03, 2009 02:13 PM

Cowboys4949 Thursday Night 32-16 YTD

Jets - 2.5 (bought Half)  5 units

The jets have the 2nd best rush offense in the NFL and the bills have the worse rush defense in the NFL. The bills played well last week vs Miami but thats Miami, Owens will do nothing vs revis and they will not be able to move the ball. New York will run the ball and control the clock and the game. Predicition  Jets  24  Bills 13

Posted Wednesday, November 11, 2009 11:57 AM

Dallas at Green Bay Write Up

I have decided to do a write up for this game, I have been reading other threads, and it makes me laugh. So here is my angle and yes i know im a cowboy fan.

As for Dallas, they are def. on a roll right now and its mainly because of the way their defense is playing. I said earlier in the year that about midway through the year Dallas Defense would be good and was i right? Yes. They are playing physical ball right now and i love it i do not like wade phillips as a head coach, but he is a very good defensive mastermind. Also It helps a ton that Romo is not turning the ball over, he is playing really really smart. He is also starting to get some chemistry with Roy Williams as well not to mention Miles Austin and Jason Witten. They offense is completely Loaded we have a back up tight end that would be a stud on other teams in Bennett. The 3 headed monster running attack with Choice, Barber, And felix. It helps so much to rest Barber some because at the end of the game when we really need him he dominates with those fresh legs. The offensive line is blocking extremely well, they protected romo well vs the eagles who blitzed on over 75 percent of the plays. In all the cowboys are starting to get that spark behind them they need and i def. do not see it stopping.

As for Green Bay can anyone really say anything that they are going well right now?? They have given up 38 points 2 weeks in a row. And one team they gave 38 point up to was the Bucs (come one man) that... [More]


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