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Posted Thursday, January 27, 2011 05:56 PM


 Proline vs offshore Books

offshore books- If you are a consistent winner- they cancel your account, they want losers

proline- win all you want

offshore books-small percentage are reliable or outright scams


offshore books- not regulated or monitored, no recourse if you are ripped off or if they don't pay. Not recognized by your goverment or laws

proline- monitored and regulated no rippoffs

offshore books- they can void bets if you win, say the line was bad or a mistake, if you lose- they keep the money no refund. risk being shut down with all you money in ther account

proline- you get paid if you win

offfshore books- can cost money to get your money out

proline- cash anytime no fee

offshore books- bonuses are a scam require you to rollover money several times

proline- no scams

offshore books- odds always changing,

proline- locked in at 7 a.m. each day, easy to take advantage of changing lines

Offshore books- low limit maximum payout

proline- max per ticket $100,000 pool tickets can pay up to $800,000 single ticket, better than most offshores

off shore books- your losses fund drug cartells and terrorists

proline- your losses go to charity

Proline the the easy winner for me. People play proline for there own reasons, each gambler is in a different situation financially, family obligations and ti... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 08, 2009 05:32 PM


I am getting tired of hearing all these stats, Oklahoma scores a 100 ponts a game etc. etc. Well these Big 12 teams look pretty ordinary when they come up against a top defence, ala Texas a team who beat Oklahoma by 10 points could barely move the ball against Ohio State. Florida's defence is quite comprable or even better than Ohio States.   Florida will have simular game plan to Ohio States, run the ball, short passing, just get first downs, eat the clock and have enough offence to end up winning. Oklahoma's defence will have difficulty making stops so there offence can get on the field enough to make a difference in this game.   Florida has the edge on Defence and overall team speed. I expect this defence to get at least 2 or 3 turnovers in this game. We all know who the 2 best teams in the country are (U.S.C. and FLORIDA). It is not Oklahoma trust me. But if they win and dominate I will bow down and kiss everyone of there asses in that whole state.   Oklahoma will get exposed tonight, Yes they will have a few flashes of offence but it will not be enough. Just a little to much mustard on the hotdog with Oklahoma and not enough hotdog.   Go with the more sound and balanced team Florida or you will be saying W.T.F. all night. Don't get to caught up in stats and over analyzing this one.   Florida -3 or 3.5 if you can get it... [More]


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