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Posted Thursday, August 28, 2008 08:23 PM

start of another foot ball season

Shortly another year of pro and college football starts everyone with hopes and dreams their teams do well make bowls games or post season playoffs ....Remember bookmakers are a dime a dozen during this time period and are only out there because most of us lose and have no discipline or self control - here are some helpful hints to stay profitable

1. Dont bet time slots - bookmakers are their waiting for you and know usually where the money is going in advance

2. should have been #1 - dont bet out more than 10% of your bankroll on any game regardless of how hard or easy it seems - if it seems to easy it will be a loser ....

3. In pro football learn to bet underdogs - after the first few weeks books here take it hard early and laugh late - its not if their going to win in a season but how much ....

4. history repeats itself especially in college football certain teams lose every year to the same teams - do you homework in rivalry games ....

5. be patient - dont force - when you do - you will lose - find a rhythmn -cut back when losing - go big when winning ....

6. avoid parlays - had enough to win one - are you good enough to put yourself in a position to win multiple bets to show profit

7. keep it fun - have a great year   


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