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Posted Saturday, April 30, 2011 06:27 PM


OK cut and DRY Baseball is a MONEY line game !

YOU lay runs on HOME teams YOU will lose more games than win BECAUSE THE HOME TEAM DOSENT BAT bottom of 9th inning ;

and if game is tied it ends as soon as 1st run crosses the plate even if basese are loaded  a walk or double no matter what only 1 run needed to win the game !

SO people take part of MY KISS system

INstead of Laying RUNS to LOSE less Money !

Think about thats why YOUR laying runs in 1st place isnt TO LOSE LESS money instaed of LOSING 200  now YOU only LOSE 110

DAWNIE's KISS Betting system guaranteed to NEVER lose money

1/2 or 1/4 the money on every chalk -140 or higher 

FULL or double or Triple on EVERY DOG  no matter how big that DOG is + 120  up to +300  i seen em all WIN !

DO THE MATH over 100 games wagered 40 % wins GUARANTEED YOUR Plus money !

NO PARLAYS STR8 wagers only sides only !


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Posted Wednesday, April 27, 2011 04:02 PM

PLAYSTAION newtwork hacked can cause YOU severe problems YOU better read this NEWS article

probably will take up two posts BUT this is bad for identity theft possibilities !


Six days after a security breach of its PlayStation Network, Sony said Tuesday that the incursion was much worse than expected and hackers had obtained personal information on 70 million subscribers.

The company, in a blog entry posted Tuesday afternoon, added it is still unsure if the intruder also obtained credit card data for members who have that on file with the service, which provides online functionality for the PlayStation 3.

"Although we are still investigating the details of this incident, we believe that an unauthorized person has obtained the following information that you provided: name, address (city, state, zip), country, email address, birthdate, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login, and handle/PSN online ID," wrote Patrick Seybold, senior director of corporate communications for Sony Computer Entertainment America.


 "It is also possible that your profile data, including purchase history and billing address ... and your PlayStation Network/Qriocity password security answers may have been obtained. ... While there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, we cannot rule out the possibility."


Sony (SNE) says the attack has led it to begin rebuilding the system. It expects to restore some services within a week.

The company is urging subscribers to be... [More]

Posted Friday, April 22, 2011 01:22 PM

THE WORST EVER BAD BEAT YOU TOOK in poker post it HERE YOU will never top this ONE

WASNT me was good friend of mines lives out east

HE was playing online at the same site as he plays today !

about 3 years ago  !

It was a $1000 cash tourney he won a seat for by qulifying in 9 seat sit n go !

WAS up early  $980 gets dealt pocket aces  raises 980$ ; two callers

FLOP 10 A K  all in for remaining money $1500 both players called hands opened  Q Q J 10 

turn card another K dead nuts FULL house cannot lose both hands are drawing dead

RIVER card a J of spades

SO he waits for Chips to come his way

NOPE HE lost to the Q Q  the J of spades hit that guy a gut shot Royal Flush !       

BY his count the odds were like hitting the lottery there were only 3 jacks left in the deck and Exactly

27 cards left in the deck counting the 18 dealt out to 9 players the board and two burn cards ! OR do they burn a card in online software games ?

it's all flash players used !

Thats why i dislike holdem because of this shit happening even in real time !

I played holdem tourney small buy in $60 + $5 midnight madness in a casino

so i'm doing pretty good with 100 plaerys starting the hand before the break i'm dealt ace 6 of diamonds the blinds were high at $400 and $800 i call the BB

FLOP 66Q  i raise 10 K other guy at other end comes all in for 11 K  so i acll the extra 1 thou... [More]

Posted Thursday, April 21, 2011 10:58 AM

OK let ME cl;ear the AIR about BASEBALL Systems That i see are WRONG !

LISTEN to me please Everyone I was taught by the best in the business the wiseguys have been doing this for decades Plus i have added my own situational things that work at almost an 100% clip !


RULE #1 NEVER ever never bet against the streaks !

How many times did YOU bet on a team figuring ooooo they have to beat this team this pitcher blows  or this team really sucks and again they lose YOUR money

RULE # 2 NO CHALKS higher than - 160 PERIOD !

MY own personal K I S S easy betting system is half or 1/4 of the money on every favorite FULL and DOUBLE the cash on every DOG !

THE best time to grab a DOG is when YOU have a #1 DOG starter going up against #1 fading old ace starter ;like he's just way overpriced !

RULE #3 FADE any pitcher 1st start back from DL list !

Just happened other day on the 19th Rockies starter was out since april 1st they thought for sure HE would help rockies that day !

THWAAAAAAAACK got blasted and was yanked after 4 innings

reason these pitchers lose is BEcause they havent had in game action for 2 to 4 weeks! practice isnt helping them that much they are not throwing hard for fear of reinjury !

RULE #3  EMOTIONAL handicapping !

BET against any starter after winning a huge emotional game !

Like maybe against His former team or former manager or a game where they won as a DOG that they were not supposed to win then favored next star... [More]

Posted Monday, February 21, 2011 02:01 PM

ONE of the most Beautiful actresses today one of my favorites SEE HER pics

I think she is stunning natural beauty Nicole Kidman 

see these pics






Naked scene from eyes wide shut


and shes ONLY 43 years old





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Posted Saturday, February 19, 2011 07:45 PM

TEAMS that own others ATS in NFL every yaer 95% to 100%

THE miami Dolphins bitches are The Broncos  and Bengals

#1   heres results from 2000  up till last year

2000 seson Miami -7 @ Cin. W 31-16

01 seson Miami - 3  vs Broncos W 21-10

02 Miami +3.5 @ DEN.  W 24-22

04 seson Miami +6 @ Cincy W 13-16

Miami +11.5 @ DEN. W  17-20

05 Miami +5 vs DEN. W  34-10

07 was week 17  miami was 1-15  and just didnt play but they lost

+2  vs CIN  L 25 - 38

08 + 4.5 @ DENVER  W 26-17

2010 +3 @ CIN W 22-14

8-1 ATS  88%   100% if u dont count week 17 of losing year they went 1-15

NEXT team that owns another ATS  these are about 65%  ATS

div is JETS  vs Miami

JETS past 11 years are an amazing 20- 6  77% ATS  vs rival PHINS

Chargers  big time vs rival raiders 

ATS  14 -8  ATS  63% Chargers vs raiders


3-0 s/u  2-1  ATS  66%

Steelers VS Browns  home and away

14 -8 ATS 63%

Patriots own the  bills ats HOME or away

16 - 6 ATS  73%

thats all i can think of for now BUT you have huge profits with these teams vs those teams !


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Posted Friday, February 18, 2011 01:27 PM

A new tool to use in getting an edge on any sport YOU wager on !

AND wow does this work  especialy when you read the interpretation

i'm having troubles with it because i'm making a list of all players on each team their Bith Days is all U need

so i got lots of time right now to complete list of all teams

heres the site  http://www.bio-chart.com  


I orginally was on suns but after reading that Nash did not take practice because of personal issues i ran the suns bio rhythms and sure enough they were bad  nash physical was going negative

- 50%  worse was emotional that was - 98% 

Mavericks were better especially Dirk was up 100% physical and intelectual

also looking at teams played last 5 home games for suns and alst 5 road games for Mavs  showed me that Mavs had tougher schecdule and beat teams far better than suns beat 

so i saved mysel;f $220  by making the wager later 10 mins before tip off  took mavericks and sweated it when Suns made a 13 point comeback to be leading by 4 mid 3rd qtr but as always when a dog is always chasing from down 10 points  closes gap to - 4  then fails again  they always wind up losing in NBA

SO track YOUR players that are playing in these all star competitons these are more games played for them when they return these players will be in let down modes especially after amping up in front of all the Celebs IN LA 

OOOOOOOOOOOyeah LA ri... [More]

Posted Tuesday, February 15, 2011 04:41 PM

great info a list of all NBA players showing b days and bio

easier to navigate better info than any website when and where they came from and if injured it's noted with IN next to name

here's the link

Posted Friday, January 28, 2011 08:48 PM

PLEASE PLAESE someone if YOU can next fri GET the anayalsis and pick FROM

VEGAS VIC he writes it public in some local news papers

all his picks and 6 others every week for NFL

and he suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

did bad in Playoofs this year  a whopping loser

3 -5  s/u and ATS

finals he picked the winners but bets were on the dogs to cover

Posted Friday, January 21, 2011 12:36 AM

FIX the USA NOW 1 min of YOUR time each wk

HELLO, MY Dearset US citizen Friend YES YOU are My Friend and I'am YOURS and WE need each other to do what i ask of YOU after YOU realize that it can Be Done ! BTW See That Dollar Sign ? THAT was derived from the the two letters of our Country's name the U on Top of the Letter S ! I Strongly URGE YOU to Read this entire BLOG YOUR Future Depends on This and YOUR KIDS too if YOU have any ! AS The Great J. Paul Getty once said ; "I'D rather 10% EFFORT FROM 100 PEOPLE than 100% of MY Own!" I Need YOU to Tell every one in YOUR Blogs and E mail any one even spam them I do Not care because YOU are not selling anything here no one will complain ! EVEN if YOU DO Not Bet On Sports just tell others ! DO It Today Keep Contacting YOUR State REPS Every WEEK Keep sending This E mail ! GIVE YOU Your Life Back DO Something about it and something will happen ! SIT on YOUR ass and nothing will happen ! WTF YOUR Sitting on YOUR Butt right now reading this !

I figure this can generate over 3 triilion $ a year INTO the US economy !
JUST Here in My city we have at least 500,000 people ages 18 and up that lose
an average of $5000 a year ! Thats a whopping total of $2,500,000,000 2 BILLION 500 Million Dollars a YEAR just here in ONE City population 1.7 Million !
Now think this multplied by 10,000 large cities and towns !

Creating hundreds of Millions of jobs in every city in the USA !
Because it's 365 days a year! Imagine lower gas pr... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 13, 2011 03:11 PM

money thursday NBA only 3 games but easier to handicap

OK did better last night  couldnt get all early plays posted  but i made a lil money 

wolves wizards game

one bad team vs another  

the o/u is begging to go unders  here 9 points off  is what i get possible  199  total  there fore seeing  they amke it diffucult to GO oover  and easier to take under  207.5  GO OVER  2 units

spread is to take the puppie here  very tight  if it goes up to 4 1/2

grab it 


wow  thunder up to 1.5 home dog  vs magic on b 2b  and an OT  loss

spread is off by 3 points  disadvantge Magic 

Hammer the ML on Thunder +107 

10 units 

also this time we go unders

it's too easy to go over  203   i have 200

if all offense goes you get 207  and thunder wins 107 - 100

if thunder controls game they win 107 - 99 thats 206 

if magic gets there way  which they wont  100 - 95 

any way THUNDER ML and UNDER  1 unit


absolute mortal LOCK 


forget about all the trade BS 

this is bad spot for heat 4th st road and B 2 b  unrested going up to high altitude  DENVER  !


2nd half they will wither they are not strong on bench that can give 5 mins or more res... [More]

Posted Monday, January 03, 2011 12:32 AM

just placed wager on who i think wins the superbowl

  Thank you for your wager.
Your new balance will be 9,935.21

NOTE: Check Review Wagers and make sure bet was placed properly.
Errors must be reported IMMEDIATELY!
All wagers are final once an event begins.
  Jan 3 12:25am Football - Pending 1000 to win 5250       1.  Football Futures - 2011 NFL Playoffs
        Super Bowl
        Odds to win the Super Bowl NFL Playoffs
        Pittsburgh Steelers (+525) [pending]


DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS and THE STEELERS have the TRUE #1 defense in the league

also they are Now PLUS 18 in Turnovers and scoring defense ranked #1

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Posted Thursday, December 16, 2010 08:05 PM

YOU have to this FROM superbowl nation website about playoff teams from 2003 - 2009

REALLY deatailed Charts and graphs about teams that make playoffs and go deep  etc... 

Heres the link save this page in favorites


Posted Sunday, December 12, 2010 01:55 AM

Dawnies CREW week 14 POW POD huge 10 unit PLays

This is what we came up with  10 UNIT  ML winner  Browns +110 @ Bills  P.O.W. 
Bears + 3  points NOPE  weather is going to be nasty Grass field Snow rain and high winds 30 mph to gusts of 50 MPH 
Bears ML  +120  10 units ! 
 UNDERS  also figure on a game grounded  using thier run game  keeping Brady on the Bench and just wear down patriots very loose defense !
PLUS this BIG Gift 

The NFL has suspended New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes(notes) four games without pay for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

Spikes, the team’s second leading tackler, will miss the rest of the regular season, starting Sunday at the Chicago Bears.

NEXT 10 UNIT play  even tho i hate the west coast Teams Chargers - 9 vs Chiefs  
LOCK  POD  Broncos - 4  @ cards  

"I guess I'm about as nervous as a third-string quarterback going into his first action could be. Nothing overwhelming or anything."

—Quarterback John Skelton. Starter 

Back UP 

A week ago, quarterback Richard Bartel was home in Texas hunting wild hogs. This week, he's one play away from getting in his first NFL game.

BRONCOS WIN this game  by 3 td's vs that defense !


5 UNITS RAMS  + 10 @ Sai... [More]

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