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Posted Thursday, January 24, 2013 01:19 AM

wow westbrick how much money u get to set the game up?

wtf was tht this my team n i ride with my team but it look obvious westbrick set the game up n he didnt do good to disguise it at all be real for once people name the last time westbrick thru 5 air ballz 7 turnovers to top it off he turns the ball over at the end of the game to make sure the game doesnt go over ur tellin me hes going to go 3 for 17 on curry or big head jack coverin him no way then after  all tht he lets curry blow him up the whole game but everyone going to say  it was a back to back  warriors are good they beat the clippz last nite blah blah  city is young back to back dont fade them then he makes tht setup expression  pointin to his chest n keepz lookin up at the clock  sayin  wonder  my fault i wonder how much he got city shouldve won this at least by eite n easy over itz always going to be some bullsht n most of u to blind to even see it rite n ur face thtz dirty wonder who else knew kd def didnt  hella foul  did yall know tht  was also city first lost leadin after the third quarter something is fishy n it aint pussy

Posted Wednesday, December 05, 2012 02:17 AM

heat u set the game up u cant fool me

whatz good wagerline fam games are gettin shaved more even the over n unders n im tellin u believe me or not thtz on u heat set the game up n more college teams are going to beat pro teams remba i said tht the heat aint winnin anutha championship unless they start playn d like they use to they aint hungry nomore there full n im tellin u this the flakers are settin games up to rite now watch the interviews of setup losers after the game sayin it was just one of those nites were not worried were okay itz early as we all know when u get older days go by faster by the time u look up ull be playin on xmas  ill be shocked if gasol is there the rest of the year  the overs are hittin  at a high rate to keep a eye on tht as of  rite now even charlotte pelicans can u imagine the hecklin there going to get mj ull always be the best ever  n  the nba but managin isnt for u put down the pipe  even  atl  orlondo  tor  det puttin points up  teams to me tht dont score reguarly   hornets indiana chicago orlondo was on tht list to but something awoke them playn howard awoke them   to me the best five teams n basketball  as of rite now  is  memphis spurs ok city knickz  n the clippers suprisin top five teams are  warriors nets knickz  pelicans phila without bynum  stay on ur grind fam peace

Posted Tuesday, September 25, 2012 02:12 AM

now do u believe zebras make u lose? wake up!

ive been tryin to tell yall for years on here n out to the world zebras set games up all the time n finally they been caught  u honestly think they wouldve gave seattle tht so called td n green bay if u do then yall brains have left u now us ballers us gerues know jennings shoulve knocked the ball down n i still dont know why he didnt n never will  n packers toyed with a team they shouldve won by double digitz these high school d 3 zebras are lost we smart ones know they have no idea wtf they doing these  weak pass inferences being called are killin teams i saw rice i saw tate pushin off plural times n these punk chumps gave seattle first downs on 3 n 25 im shocked a player hasnt just unleashed on a zebra itz gettin closer n closer u saw what the pats coach did even drew brees who never says anything about zebras said there jus terrible we got to do something no brees we us real bettorz us real fans gota start doing something we need to speak up n show our nutz if u go to a game bring a banner n bash the zebras or boycott the games n jus tail gate nfl isnt going to act out if us fans keep buyin tickets n sellout stadiums maybe itz okay to u to lose mad money or ur team losin by a human tht shouldnt never got a zebra job this game we all love even ladies ur wifez ur  kids love this game n start lovin a team n this game is gettin corrupted more n more nfl is a zillion dollar product even more how can it come to high school  d 3 refs gettin paid to fawk ... [More]

Posted Thursday, December 09, 2010 06:59 PM

how many ways am i going to lose on parlays n my life?

im sure im not alone on just one team killin us on plural parlays but ill  be shocked if theres anybody on earth losin as many parlays as me  just cuz of one sellout team that dont suppose to lose or at least cover heres a example for just yesterday n keep n mind i study this sports bettin like im  n college n i just moved to vegas 3 months ago peep out what happened yesterday i hit with boise state tulsa vanderbelt sandiego state kentucky to all cover n just needed just  one team to just cover to bury the parlay colorodo state +5.5 n only my life the strange happens col state up at half by 3 the whole damn game close no more than 3 all of sudden col state turns the ball over 3 straight times misses 3 tipz col up  by 2 with 8 seconds left so im tellin myself dont go n overtime n i win what happens higgins misses a freethrow col state drives all the way to the rim ties the game u guessed it overtime n every smart bettor knowz overtime games thats when the setups really happen n somehow the home team covers so overtime going on n itz dueces with a minute to ago all of sudden the turnovers happen again like itz kindergarden dribblin col state turns the ball over 3 straight times again then gets 3 point happy brick 9 seconds left col up just by 3  what happens yep anutha turnover u guessed foul foul foul makes the 2 freethrows  col state bricks anutha deep shot n what does this ignorant fool do he fouls with 3 secons left already down 5 points n... [More]


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