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Posted Sunday, August 28, 2011 09:51 PM

UCLA @ HOUSTON write-up with analysis

I haven’t seen a write-up on this game so I felt I would give it a shot.   I think this game is a little off the radar in week 1.

UCLA – Huge underachiever last season.  4-8.  Chou gone, Neuheisel has one of the hottest coaching seats west of the Mississippi.    Why? 

·      3rd most starters lost to injury (o-line devastated).   58 starts lost for season.·      Bruins had the 4th toughest schedule in country.  Out of conf.  LY @ K State, Texas, Houston·      Turnovers:  -11 in takeaways (tied for 7th highest in D-11).  


So there you go.  You lose starters to injury, your schedule is tough, and you lose the rock, you are going to lose and lose often.    That was 2010.  In 2011, UCLA has had no huge injuries in practice.  They return 9 starters on offense, 8 on defense.   Strengths of the team appear to be running game, o-line, d-line.  QB play is a question, but I don’t think it will be needed vs. Houston anyway.  


HOUSTON  - Also underachieved last season (5-7) but they are given a pass going into 2011 solely because of QB Keenum getting injured in UCLA game and being OFY.   As usual, the Houston defense sucked ... [More]


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