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Posted Saturday, October 12, 2013 12:52 PM

you have you have a better chance winning bets if u THINK RATIONALLY

I've been betting a long time and losing lots of money, but through the course of losing i've found a method that i like thats been working for me...it's unorthodox but effective. i had to learn to accept less of a payout with my bets ...like betting 50.00 to win 50.00 instead of betting 50.00 to win a huge amount on a 6 team parlay.It used to get me fantasizing about if i win once i see that huge amount pop up after selecting my teams, only to have 1 of those teams lose it for me ...then i even tried 2 teamers and still couldn't win. Then i started understanding how the odds were stacked against me. I AM NOT A CAPPER BY NO-MEANS .but i finally found a methods that gives me a better shot at coming out on top. Doing my research and disciplining myself.i wont try to explain the method being that I'm slow at typing but i can give examples to those who are interested. just trying to help those who might be in the same predicament i was in when i started out

Posted Saturday, October 12, 2013 12:28 PM

tired of losing and want a realistic chance of winning ...THING RATIONALLYY

 for those who want a fair shot at winning think rationally and settle for a less payout amount. ive been betting a long time and dont consider myself a capper or anything like that but i have learn the hard way that trying to when big is something vegas wants from us. they dont like the ones like me who dont mind betting 50.00 to when 50.00. they want u to bet 50.00 on a six team parlay trying to when a huge amount. ive tried several different methods to try and win and finally found something that has been working for me. basically just doing some research, and being discipline with my betting. not going to try to explain everything because im very slow at typing. can show examples of my betting if ur interested, if ur not its cool im just trying to help some1 who might be in my predicament when i started out


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