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Posted Tuesday, February 05, 2013 07:11 AM

Took me 2 years of research - but at the end I have unlocked the System

I know every other day someone "unlocks" the system of how to make money from sports betting. I was patient enough to check and recheck as I would not wanna make a laughter of myself and be hated as all the loudmouths who unlock the system every other day. 

Anyway, this is a result of many hours invested and I hope together we will be making enough money not to have a need to deposit ever again.

So, I am copy pasting my actions so we all can be synchronized.

I've just deposited 5,000 US Dollars into my Bet365 account and we'll roll from there. My bets will be 2.5% of my bankroll more or less which will be around 100-125 US Dollars.


Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2012 04:19 PM

Sympathy for the Djavol picks week 15 (Including POW)

ATLANTA ML  -125    Play Of the Week    5 units

BALTIMORE ML  +125    


Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2012 03:31 PM

End of the era for Professional Sports in America? Ur opinion needed

NBA and NFL revenues are breaking new records. The TV ratings are higher than ever. Ticket sales are at the pick and the new technologies can bring the broadcasts even to my cell. So, why do I have the feeling that the real sports era has ended and what I am seeing is WWF in a little bit more reshaped version? Why are those times over when we could trust some team or a player that would decide the game? I will tell you why. Because of me and you. Because of increased betting opportunities presented with online extensions. The gambling conglomerates can no longer allow clean sports because the expert bettors will clean them up. It is the best kept secret withing american sports that the competition is there no more. More dramatic endings and more surprises make it more interesting for the general public. But not for us! And it is about to get worse. The game results won't be set before the game but during them accordingly after reviewing how much was betted on this side or another or on Under or Over or a halftime results. More technologies will allow the books and their reps to influence the games as they progress. So prepare my dear brethren for a stiffer fight!


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