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Posted Friday, October 11, 2013 05:38 PM

JimmyDaFreak,Boom_Boom, Train69 and more.

This is pathetic......there are several people on here that I love to follow and gather a little extra info from.  Those names include; Boom_Boom, TRAIN69, JimmyDaFreak, TREE88, and there are many more, but I'm not gonna go through the list.  I do not always agree with these guys, but I do love to read their insight on the games as I feel they have a good grasp on what is going on.  Do I always play their  Do I sometimes? Yes.  But I don't come down on them if they lose.  I'm a big boy I know what to do with my $$ and not blame somebody else for me being a follower.  I do my own research on games and pair that with what I read from others.  I never post picks because I do not like to get into the bs on here.  I sit in the weeds and read.  It really irritates me that these guys spend so much time to post their picks and write-ups and people either hammer them for no reason; constantly request their picks; come at them if they lose; ask how much they spend, and why they don't post their units.  It has gotten to a point that Freak completely disappeared.  This stuff should not be at a personal level fellas.  Anyone remember the line, "I don't want your money, I want your bookies f***ing money!".....well isn't that what this is all about??? To be on the same team.  I see these guys contemplating leaving covers altogether every week because of the bashing they take. How can you actually sit there an... [More]


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