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Posted Friday, September 02, 2011 04:46 PM

CFL week 10 picks

1. BC -1.5 - this should be a good game in the battle for the "crossover" playoff spot. Both teams should battle well but I will take B.C. in basically a pick 'em game with Bruce coming back to T.O.

2. Sask +3 - the Green Riders have looked awful but the talent is there and I think the return of Ken Miller to the sidelines is big for the players and I will take the points in front of a big Labour Day crowd.

3. Montreal -2.5 - I think the Al's are the superior team and barring a rare Calvillo mistake, they would have won last weekend in Cowtown. Difference this weekend is they are playing the Cat's rather than the class of the West Division. 

4. Calgary -8.5- I don't need to overthink this one at all. Edmonton's 5-0 start was luck and given all of the injuries to Edmonton, this will be a double digit win for the Stamps, since their offence is starting to click well under Burris and Chris Jones's defence will cause major headaches for Ricky Ray who does not do well without good protection and Fred Stamps being out...

1-1 last week and 20-12 for the season.

Good luck and enjoy the Labour Day games!


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