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Posted Thursday, September 01, 2011 02:59 AM

How a full circle shapes out to be a TIGER

Thanksgiving 2009 I wrote a blog regarding Tiger Woods and a certain mishap he had outside his Orlando estate. Being a former journalism major I wrote as if I had proof regardless of factual information. I wrote how I believed that this little mishap wouldn't de-rail Woods career as much as the fact that he would no longer be able to use anabolic steroids. I believe I was on the edge of the truth. If you check my space you'll be able to read the article I wrote. I now believe however, that the circle has been completly rounded with his learning process on how to be a man. How to be the face of a planet. The process I'm talking about only has to do with how he has grown up and matured in the last two years.

Every significant figure in the history of man kind has had a flaw within themselves. These people reach popularity levels before they can spell popularity. These people are expected to be PERFECT. And when they're not, we pounce on them and make sure they know they're no better than any of us.

These people, the ones we idolize just to beat down.......end up being our heroes!!!! Tiger has nothing to lose because he has lost it all. And for those of you that think money is anything in this world is in need of an intervention. Get your horses ready for the band wagon parade. Fred Couples knows what he's doing. With nothing to lose, Tiger will play very well befoe the end of the year. And I only hope there's enough power on the planet to keep all t... [More]

Posted Monday, November 30, 2009 06:01 PM

What will Tigers DRUG TEST tell us....if he, like any of us, should have to take

I am very intrigued by the very small happenings just outside Orlando Fl early Fri morning. I have without a doubt simpathy for Tiger Woods right now. I have been in trouble in my past. Nothing too serious (no jail time) or complicated issues that would make me a "bad person". However, I have been through the system...finger printed, picture takin, heard the bars close (to the county cell, that still sounds bad no matter the situation).....And I got my 1 phone call. I called my mother and she reluctantly picked me up in the morning if for nothing else than to scold me about drinking and driving.

Tiger Woods was awake and concious (sp) enough to make the decision to go for a drive at 2:33 am. Before he moved 1,000 yards, Mr.Woods struck a fire hydrant and tree. AirBags did not the feel the need to try and save a life in this instance. Windows were broken. Facial scars were present and Mr.Woods, from words of a nieghbor who made the 911 call, was un-responsive and needed medical help. His wife (Elin Nordegren)was said to have a golf club in hand, that was reportably used to break the car window and pull her husband free from the wreckage.

Gov Property was destroyed in this instance. A man moving so slowly in his $70,000 vehicle, the cars safety system didn't bother reacting to the so-called situation. I can't help but see red flags everywhere...........

But I don't think I see the red flags everyone in the media is looking at. I th... [More]


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