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Say what you want about Tebow, but karma will get Denver

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Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2012 08:53 AM   24 comments

Somehow this deal just doesn't feel right. Here's a rookie quarterback that took Denver to the playoff's after sitting on the bench for a 4th of the season ! And won one playoff game ! Now he's going to be bamboozled out of town.

Karma is going to come back and bite Elway. Just wait and see, I have seen it happen so many times in my long lifetime.

Remember who told you.

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ClubDirt says:
03/21/12 09:50AM
tebow may end up on the jets, there's an opening there for team chaplain.
dendogg55 says:
03/21/12 11:15AM

KARMA has nothing to do with John Elway and Denver. I could see if Elway drafted the guy. Josh Mcdaniels screwed the Broncos.....I hope your karma speech directs it at the right person if you believe that.


Karma is going to get a team trying to win a superbowl.....hmmmm chance to get Peyton Manning???? Yeah good luck with that angle.

p42 says:
03/21/12 12:06PM
denver made a mistake drafting tebow.  like some mentioned, you're crazy if you think any team can get to the promised land with tebow in the nfl.  i'll take a 70% manning over a 100% tebow.  thats just the nature of the business..tebow will either be holding clipboard or out of league in 3 years.
Europa says:
03/21/12 01:35PM
Tim Tebow might be a good fit for Tony Sparano, the new OC of the Jets, who was pretty much the original founder of the Wildcat Formation in Miami.
detroitlionsfan says:
03/21/12 01:49PM
i think this is the best place for tebow. sanchez is such a pussy and a dumbfuck off field. tebow is everything sanchez isnt. now if he could just learn how to throw ...
Europa says:
03/21/12 01:57PM
Tim Tebow might be very effective on some 3rd and short key downs with those Wildcat or triple options.
dendogg55 says:
03/21/12 02:06PM

I wish the best for Tebow.

stopweeping says:
03/21/12 02:47PM
Agree, dumbest post ever... If you are even debating about having Tebow your qb over Manning then you are a blithering idiot.. I like Tebow's toughness and heart but Jesus Christ if you think he is a championship caliber qb then you really are hitting the crack pipe !!
supadame says:
03/21/12 04:09PM

This right here. That KC game was an absolute embarassment.

jackdfan says:
03/21/12 04:12PM
Looks like karma is clearly located near New Orleans............
Crusher13 says:
03/21/12 05:12PM
[Quote: Originally Posted by The Hawk] Looks like karma is clearly located near New Orleans............ 

One year for Sean Payton, couldn't have happened to a better coach
detroitlionsfan says:
03/21/12 05:15PM
yea i hope elway loses a ton on auto company stocks. oh wait that already happend
lancer89074 says:
03/21/12 05:48PM

I was taught that God loves those who do His will!

Tebow is a man like any other in some obvious ways but he is uncommon in that he lives his faith and opens hospitals for the poor and orphanages for parentless children and tries to let the light of true belief shine in this selfish world.

Tebow is uncommon in many ways including his unwillingness to be like so many self centered, selfish, and ego centric athletes. He is also humble about his accomplishments and praises his teammates.
I am not worried about Tim because I know that a good man has nothing to fear in this world or the next. 
lancer89074 says:
03/21/12 05:52PM
The Denver Broncos will NOT make the playoffs in 2012!
dendogg55 says:
03/21/12 05:58PM


Alien-1 says:
03/21/12 07:03PM

Get this fuckin shit outta here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tebow is a bible thumper like I've never seen..............can't stand him, can't fuckin stand him.

Alien-1 says:
03/21/12 07:09PM

Yeah....with the kind of money he has should be opening  hospitals. Goood grief, you people go one like he's some kind of saint...he's a fuckin crappy QB who ran the wildcat in college and will NEVER excell in the NFL because he can't fuckin throw the ball

veronica27 says:
03/22/12 02:16AM
good read .. i was flying when i was reading all the feedback .. i think tebow could grow and be a better passer .. but i think he would be best used as a utility player .. fb , rb , wr , spread .. with some trickery never imagined sprinkled on top .. who know s if manning will still have it .. logic says he will be okay .. but it has more to do with the supporting cast around him .. and how many chances he gets with the ball per game/said game = result . people will be all over him when they lose .. is a no brainer though to take peyton over tim .. soo .. karma ? i feel ya . manning goes down early .. it could be some new surprise qb for den and we will forget all about this scenario ..
veronica27 says:
03/22/12 02:25AM
tebow praising God is beautiful .. but we always have to rememeber people are the same as animals pretty much .. trained/brainwashed (so is not such a bizzare thing ) he is just another qb .. that happens to be boastful about his belief .. . the Spirit is 100% real to me .. but just because someone acts out loud and represents something that is in the spotlight is no different than just another movie .. / chapter / window of T .. ooh , i still say praise the Lord though .. why is every player not like that ? becaue it is 2012 ? not really .. the majority of players in pros have looked at it as that is more personal than to be grandstanding .. did i ever feel him with him giving praise to G ? of course .. but many players do that .. just not in such an innocent , boyish , almost sick way .. lmao Praise God ! < what he does cant hurt .. i feel a sermon comin on ... haha if there is a player names world peace then tebow has not scratched the surface yet ... unless he changes his name to JESUS .. that would be a story .. i am not entertained ! i dont like it that manning is in den .. tebow in ny .. that is sweeeeeeeeet ! ooh it was all plannned ! DiViNE <>
veronica27 says:
03/22/12 02:59AM
i'm soo sorry i cant leave this out >> only if you win are you a big story .. christian , muslim , jewish , atheist , or f'n braindead .. lmao
anthurciuoli says:
03/22/12 06:00AM

I have more respect for people that believe in aliens and the tooth fairy

lancer89074 says:
03/22/12 03:55PM

How many other athletes do this kind of charity work in the world? Of course from what you have written so far I already know that if insight were dynamite you couldn't blow your nose.
ShadowWarrior says:
03/23/12 02:38PM
Tim is not a good fit in NY because of the mostly non-believers in a material world there. Of course if he wins there he will win many converts. Manning will need to win in Denver too and much expectations are placed on him. Like when Eagles took a chance on Vick, I love dogs but all is forgiven when he scores his first td!
the-profit says:
03/25/12 10:50AM
They did Tebow dirty. I agree. Doubt if the Broncos will sniff the playoffs. And Karma will prevent them from winning any super bowls during Elway's tenure.
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