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Tampa Bay is a heck of a good teaser bet

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Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2009 12:46 PM   12 comments
If you guys have watched Tampa play the last 2 weeks then you know how hard it is to bring down QB Freeman. This guy brought his team back both times. They were down to Green Bay at home and he brought them back for the upset win.

Then last week AT Miami he brought them back AGAIN to take the lead with about a minute left in the Game. But he never go the ball back again because the clock had a few seconds left as Miami kicked a field goal to win the game by 2 points. Miami was favored by 10

 Remember, this is the second straight road game for New Orleans after they played 2 division home games, one on a Monday night.

 Freeman has a propensity to fumble because he carries the ball in one hand too long. Nevertheless, he brings his team every time.

Tampa + 11 is a good bet. Tampa + 21 on a teaser, a great bet.

I'm taking a 3 teamer... NE pick, and Indy + 11 with Tampa + 21

Tampa Bay / with the 2 best QBs in the league.
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stevviej20 says:
11/18/09 12:56PM
I agree with you on tampa
Viking17 says:
11/18/09 01:47PM

Agreed.  Love TB this week.

NO has not covered in 3 straight.

can't wait for the next MNF  NE@NO

Europa says:
11/18/09 02:05PM
It's debatable but which way around is a better bet, Bucs +21 or Saints -1. Think i will pick Saints -1 on a three team teaser. Bucs may have a solid QB but they don't have good defense.  
Bobup says:
11/18/09 03:29PM
I have hit on the bus 2 weeks in a row I'll take 11 points
don-juan says:
11/18/09 05:57PM
People forget that this guy QB Freeman is 6' 6" + 248 lbs and can throw long but more importantly RUN for a short first down, easily. Trust me, he is no Russell of the Raiders. The guy is good because he makes smart decisions. Reminds me of a heavier Vince Young.
dillon24 says:
11/18/09 07:03PM
teaser?? straight up.. sprinkles on the moneyline
Chezman says:
11/18/09 07:58PM
Teasers are for entertainment. (You must pay to be entertained, you are not PAID!)

Straight wagers are for those that like to WIN!

If it isn't worth making a straight wager, MOVE ON! There are always better games to choose from.

thaking3412 says:
11/18/09 08:21PM
I like tampa bay +11 looks good
MasterInSport says:
11/18/09 08:50PM
help says:
11/18/09 08:56PM

agree, well maybe not the money line. Don juan, you are onto something here. but screw the teaser crap, just take the 11 and
doliver517 says:
11/18/09 09:29PM
No such thing as a GOOD teaser bet. Maybe a GOOD "wing and a prayer bet"
tallguyindc says:
11/19/09 12:17PM
Teasers are stupid sucker bets. If you are teasing a game that is expected to have a very high total (ie this one), its a real sucker bet.

I did the exact math on teaser bets a few weeks ago. Don't have the figures in front of me, but you need to win something like 88% of the component bets in order to be profitable with teasers. Most of the time, you'll win about 85% of them. That will just leave you frustrated because the other 15% of the time, some random shit happened.

But the bottom line is that random shit happens at least 15% of the time in the NFL. If you aren't accounting for that....

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