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Posted Thursday, August 29, 2013 01:51 PM

New to the Forum- Hello and Good Luck to ALL

Hello all!

This will be my first forum where I come down out of the bleachers and become an active participant/contributor.  I discovered Covers back in Feb and spent the last 5 months watching, and learning the ropes in the Baskets and Bases forums.

Out of the gate you should know I dont have the time, desire, or the inclination to bash or slam anyone, nor do I kneel. Whats the point?

I'm a long time college football fan who got hooked the first time I ever attended a game (a UCLA-USC game in the mid 80's in a packed Rose Bowl with a lot on the line) and have been following it ever since.

I love this game. Ive probably lost more than Ive won overall...but in the last 20 yrs the other way around. I love the research, the digging, the discoveries, and the challenge. There's nothing like the thrill of the chase when it pays dividends.

My goal is to improve my profitablity relative to time spent earning it. Getting sharper and winning along the way is my primary goal this season.

I knew I hit the vein when I came across, and read from end to end, The Johnny Manziel "game, set ,match"  thread posted recently and discovered the intellect, passion and tenacity that represents this forum. Dayuum!! GREAT STUFF. (a special nod to the poster that used the Supreme Court 'Tarkanian Decision' to convey a point.)

It's great to see some of the quality posters from baseball over here... [More]


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